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Chapter 33

"Morgan, there's been a change, our target is on the move today," Emily whispered.

"What? Ok, what's the plan?"

"We find him and take him down," she answered, hoping Morgan wouldn't ask any more questions.

"Take him down? Princess we need to follow at least some of the rules."

She shook her head; "We'll take him into custody Morgan, I'm not planning on murdering anyone today. Just meet me here in an hour."

Not giving him a chance to reply she ended the call. Morgan on the other hand just stared at his phone with concern. She never said to keep it to myself, he thought hitting number three on his speed dial.

"Hotchner," answered the unit chief.

"Hotch we have a case," he pause for a second, "or big problem on our hands."

The older agent didn't ask any details, he trusted Morgan implicitly. Exchanging meeting points and times he promised to have the entire team at the location with in 45 minutes.

"Oh and Hotch, I'll call Emily," said the black man before hanging up.

Emily just let us help, he thought before calling the entire BAU.


The young agent woke up to an empty bed, "Em?" she called.

There was a voice coming from the bathroom, she's probably on her phone. Before the blonde could get out of bed to investigate Emily opened the door and joined her on the bed.

"Good morning beautiful," said the profiler planting a kiss on her sleepy lips.

"Em I'm so sorry about last night, I…" she was silenced by another kiss.

Cupping the blonde's cheek Emily pulled away, "don't worry Jen, it's ok. If you want we can talk about it tonight."

JJ could only nod resting her forehead against Emily's, "are you going out?" she asked noticing the brunette's attire.

"Yeah, I have to run some errands," giving her another kiss, "will you be ok by yourself? Do you want me to call Garcia?" asked the brunette taking a hold of the younger woman's hands.

"I'll be ok," she lied, feeling a little hurt. Normally Emily would've asked her if she wanted to come, maybe she's mad about last night.

In the time JJ had been living with her, Emily had learned to read the blonde's facial expressions perfectly. She saw the slight hurt and disappointment flash across blue eyes. But this was too important; I'll make it up to her later, with one last kiss the brunette left. It was almost ten and she had to make a phone call she couldn't risk JJ listening to. In the short walk to the garage she took the time to gather her thoughts and focus on the task ahead. Pulling out her phone she called Ollie.

"Emily, punctual as ever I see," joked the man.

"Hey, what have you got on Smith?" she asked skipping the pleasantries.

"He walked into a dingy apartment at about 10 last night, I had two sets on eyes on him all night, there hasn't been any movement since. I can't tell you he's packing. He is our typical target on the run, looking over his shoulder and all," he provided, seemingly satisfied with his intel.

"Perfect, we're moving in today. A colleague will join me in about thirty minutes, call me if he moves," she said ending the phone call.


"What's going on Morgan?" asked the resident genius, feeling very uncomfortable in Derek's home.

"Should we wait for Prentiss and JJ?" asked Rossi petting Clooney.

"We'll this is about them," he quickly got their attention, "Emily's had someone searching for John Smith," avoiding Hotch he continued, "She called me this morning saying she had a location. If this guy is anything like LaMontagne we'll need back up."

"Does she know you called us?" asked Dave draining the last bit of coffee in his mug.

"No, and knowing her she won't be happy when we show up, but something felt wrong about this whole thing, something's off with this guy. He disappears and then shows up again? The dust hasn't settled yet, we have a bolo out for him, and quiet honestly I don't think JayJe could handle if something happened to Prentiss," his rant cut short by a call coming through.

"Morgan," he answered.

"Princess, can you meet me at my apartment?" he paused to hear her response, "I want to go over everything before we head out."

The other three men hung onto every word Morgan was saying praying that Prentiss would agree, "sure see ya in ten."

"I'm glad you called Morgan," said the unit chief, "we all care about Jennifer, and since we are confessing secrets I have to admit I had someone searching for the two men as well."

The profilers were shocked at his admission, shocked but not surprised, "I have swat on standby as soon as we get a location we head in. I want him alive, no unnecessary risks," he ordered his team, knowing that every single member had a personal vendetta against John Smith.


"Miss Jennifer Jareau, I've been waiting for you to be alone."

The computer screens flashed an image of Emily leaving the apartment building without the blonde. He'd hacked into the CCTV systems of city and followed the brunette to the parking garage where she made the call to the man that'd been tailing him for almost a month.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, you think I'd let you find me?" he said out loud. He did leave a little surprise for the agents in that trashy apartment. He couldn't leave anything up for chance, so after Emily hung up with Ollie he killed him and the other two men with him, "it's almost too easy, Will just didn't know how to handle you." He'd always frowned upon on his brother's emotional nature, JJ had been expendable, he could have killed her at any time, but he didn't and now I have to clean up the mess.

There would be no torture in Jennifer Jareau's future, maybe a good beating for what she did to Will, but he'd killed her.

"Time to play," he said watching Emily walk into Morgan's apartment building knowing that the other profilers were there waiting for her.

The BAU would regret messing with the LaMontagne family, William had been weak, I taught him everything he knew.

Before leaving he sent a massive virus to Garcia's systems, we don't need anyone interfering.

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