Mijikai: I'm going to try to post another!

Mamoru: another? Will you beable to update them all?

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Yami: She's insane!

Mijikai: How do you know I'm a she and not a he?

Yami: Because in your other fan fic you refered to yourself as she!

Mijikai: Okay, secrets out. I'm a boy at age 37.

Yami: Oh god! That's not right! (Goes off running)

Yugi: (Whispers) Are you really a boy at age 37?

Mijikai: (whispers back) No. I'm just trying to scare him.

Yugi: So your a girl.

Mijikai: Of course.

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Life in Reality

Chapter one

Name: Jounouchi, Katsuya

Age: Sixteen

Hobbies: baseball, kick boxing, and swimming

Guardian: None

Name: Honda, Hiroto

Age: Sixteen

Hobbies: Wreastling

Guardian: None

Name: Mazaki, Anzu

Age: Fifteen

Hobbies: Anything to do with dance

Gurdian: Mother

Name: Bakura, Ryou

Age: Fifteen

Hobbies: Cooking, gardening, studying, chess, and painting

Guardian: Older brother

Name: Bakura

Age: Seventeen

Hobbies: Unknown

Guardian: None

Name: Motoh, Yami

Age: Seventeen

Hobbies: Games

Guardian: Father

Name: Motoh, Yugi

Age: Twelve

Hobbies: Games

Guardian: Father


"Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddd cut! That's a wrap up!" called the director.

I came from the back and as usual, Yami is swarmed with reporters. Katsuya, Hiroto, Anzu, Bakura, and Ryou also swarmed with reporters. I didn't care. As long as I helped pop. I changed out of my uncomfortable actors clothes and put on my loose long sleeved shirt, and baggy, really baggy but not to baggy, gean pants. A silver chain hung from my side as held my deck. I went past the crowd and outside. You're probably wondering about me and Yami's realation ship. Right? Nothing like the episodes we cast in. No. He hates me being here, and in truth, I don't want to be here either. I wanted to help pop, and this was what I could do so far. I shoved my hands in my pockets and kicked a stone.

"I hate this," I muttered, and kicked another rock.

"Come on twerp. Time to go," came a deep soothing, sweet........not! More like baratone, annoying voice! Me and Yami, never close. I grumbled as I got into the car and slammed the door. Yami got in beside me adn started the car up.

"Pops going to kill you when he finds this in your car," I said as I lift up a pack of cigaretts.

"Are you crazy?" he asked with a growl. "Those are yours that you left in the car last week."

"So they are," and I plucked one out and lit it.

"Not. In. The. Car," he said through gritted teeth.

"Fine," and flicked it out of the window.

Yami grabbed the pack from my hand and threw it out his window.

"Hey! That was my last pack!" I shouted.

"Then buy more you idiot," he grunted.

Don't get the wrong idea about the cigaretts. I don't smoke. I have them to sell for money and to light a few in Yami's car to get him ticked. He drove into the parking lot and I ran up the stairs and got my key out and unlocked the door.

"Pop! Home!" I called.

Pop came from the kitchen and held out his arms. I ran into them.

"How was it squirt?"

"Fine, dull, same old."

Pop laughed and ruffled my hair. Yami came in with the mail and placed it on the table. Then gave pop a wave and left for his room. That's one thing we have in common. He care about pop. We know pop needs us both, so that's what keeps us from killing each other, but doesn't mean we won't annoy each other.


Didn't I tell you? Yami stomped over to me with rage written all over his face.

"Where did you hide my Dark Magician Card?" he growled.

I crossed my arms and stuck out my tounge.

"None of your buisness. "

"It should be since it's mine!"

"Well, I don't care!"

"You little brat!"

"Yami! Yugi!" Pop said sharply.

We stopped.

"Yugi give Yami his card."

I sighed and pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to him. He snatched it.

"Yugi. Yami. Why do you hate each other so much?"

We were silent. We knew the reason, just to embarrassed to tell pop. Yami hated me because I killed mom. I hated him because he treated me badly. My hand clenches.

"Nothing pop. Nothing," I mutter and went to my room.

I punched the wall.

"It's all my fault. All my fault. It was because of me that mom died. Me. If only I wasn't suppose to be born. She wouldn't have...."

In depression, dad fell behind in his work and we soon had to move to this appartment. Soon I hear the blasting music in Yami's room. I take a hammer and start wacking the wall. I endup with more holes, but I don't care. I just want him to SHUT UP!


Does he listen? No. Suddenly, I remembered the hole. I peaked inside and saw Yami sitting on his bed and wearing head phones. I get an idea, and took a pack from my drawer and lit one. I carefully lit it and held it through the hole. Yami didn't notice at first, then stopped, pulling his head phones down. He sniffed the room.

"Yugi!" he shouted, and went out the door.

Minutes later, I got a surprise. My door opened and dad looked furious.

"Yugi," he said in his cold ice voice.

That meant he was mad.

"Yami told me you're smoking, again. Is that true?"

"No!" I protest.

Then I realized he was looking at the lit cigarett. I quickly threw it out the window.

"Yugi," he said in his calm voice.

"I wasn't!"

"Don't lie."

"I wasn't pop! Honest!"

"You're grounded for a week. And another for lieing. Packs."

I handed him five packs that I was going to sell to an idiot for thirty nine dollers and forty cence.

"Now stay in your room. No TV, or cumputer."

My eyes widened.


"Yes," and left.

I started. But I need my cumputer. I was expecting an e-mail. TV. Heck I wouldn't care. But the cumputer is a different matter. Now I can't write my novel or write to my pen pal. Worse. Can't check my e-mail. Would if it came and there was a due date to send a reply? All my hard work for nothing! My anger rose and I punched the wall again. And again, not caring my knuckles bled.

"I hate you Yami! I hate you Pop! I hate everything!" I shouted.

Yami's head phone set was playing again so he didn't hear me, and pop was probably watching t.v so he wouldn't hear. I slid to my knees. Life sucks. Especially my life. I have no friends except for my pen pal. Maybe. But what hurt was that everything and everybody seems to hate or be angry with me. I'm like a nonentity to them. Could life get any worse? ******************************************************************

Mijikai: Here's a hint for the next chapter, (If people want me to go on) Yugi's question get's answered.

Yami: Wait.

Mijikai: What?

Yami: You're a girl!

Mijikai: Duh!

Yami: Are you 37? If you were you'd be one of those migit people.

Mijikai: Grrrrr!

Yami: What?

Yugi: I think she doesn't like being called short.

Yami: But she is!

Mijikai: You are dead!

Note: Actually, I don't mind. Yugi's on of my nickname's my frieds call me (actually Yug) and he's my favorite charater.