Oh dear, I had this one in my doc manager but completely forgot to post it! D: This is the last one of 2015! This one was a lot of fun to write, haha.

Day 4: fired up

a dragon well trained

Sweat dripped down Natsu's chin, landing softly on the earth below.

His body moved by itself, following choreographed movements as if they were his second nature. Left, right, duck, punch. Left, right, duck, punch.

"Fire dragon's flaming fist!" he roared as he launched himself into the air.

His lungs were burning, his muscles contracting with every miniscule movement, his whole body aching under the strain he put it through.

How long had he been training?

Slowing to a halt after a particularly hard punch against a poor, unsuspecting tree at the edge of his little clearing, Natsu took in a deep breath, shivering in delight as the fresh breeze cooled his heated body. A dirty hand ruffled through his wet hair, decorating it with little wood splinters.

He better hurry and dry off before picking up Lucy. He had a feeling, by the way the sunlight filtered lowly through the trees, that he had once again lost himself in his training.

She'd probably be waiting.

Not like they had arranged a time, but there rarely was a day he wouldn't show up at her door sooner or later. And today definitely was later.

If he didn't hurry, their food would get cold too - and now that was just unacceptable.

Natsu turned, heading back towards his cottage. But he only made it a few steps before stopping in his tracks.

Seems like Lucy had beaten him to it.

Because there she was, halfway down the path to his home. And she hadn't seen him yet. A mischievous smirk curled Natsu's lips, senses still heightened from his training and adrenaline boiling in his blood. Careful to make little sounds, he tiptoed towards the path.

Once there, his feet made little scrunching sounds on the gravel, and he knew he had to act fast. She was only a few steps away.

Lucy stopped walking.

Natsu launched.

She screamed when he scooped her up and started running, an evil cackle on his lips with every step he took. Her kicking died down after the initial shock, and she chose to reprimand him with angry grumbling instead. He only let her back down after he had rounded the whole clearing once, setting her onto the ground at the edge of the forest.

"Ew, Natsu, you're all sticky!" were the first words Lucy spoke to him that day, glaring up into his eyes from her spot on the soft grass.

Natsu grinned as he crouched beside her, the predatory stance as dangerous as the twinkle to his eyes. Her gaze dropped slowly, sliding along his body like honey. He watched her quietly, letting her proceed her silent assessment. The blush coating her cheeks was almost invisible, but he caught it nonetheless.

Then, she cleared her throat.

"Happy's inside?"

"Ah, no. I was gonna get you so I told him to go ahead to the guild and order food for the three of us." He sounded non-chalant, but he had never been happier they were alone for the moment. Well– maybe not never. There had been many moments they had shared that belonged only to the two of them.

Lucy seemed to process the information he had given her, and then, slowly, a small grin spread across her face. "Good."

"Oho?" He quirked a brow, leaning closer towards her. He was well aware of how low his trousers hung on his hips, or how her gaze had heated up the longer it had lingered on his bare, sweaty torso, still hot from training. Natsu grinned.

Lucy tentatively lifted a hand, but halted it inches from his chest. Her nose wrinkled.

"So much sweat…"

"You never mind it when we're in bed. You know, when I make you scream my name, or ahh! yes, just like that!" he mimicked with a grin, knowing his teasing would egg her on.

"That's because then I'm sweaty too!" she screeched, face a bright red.

"Well–" His grin turned dark. "That can be changed."

Dropping from his crouch and letting his knees hit the earth, Natsu crawled forward, making her inch away the more he invaded her personal space. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't see to where he was herding her - which was right against the nearest treetrunk.

She realized too late, when the back of her head bumped against it.

And then, before she knew it, Natsu had pressed her against the wood, his whole body flush against hers as he pushed between her legs.

His thick, musky scent mingled with hers, and Natsu released a satisfied growl, rubbing his body along hers. He knew she would protest, but he also knew just how to silence her concerns.

Sinking his teeth into the soft flesh where her neck met her shoulder, Natsu started nibbling and sucking on her quickly heatening skin.

And indeed, the hands that had been pushing against his chest softened, choosing instead to travel upwards and rub along the underside of his jaw.

A hum of approval left him, and he was caught by surprise when she yanked him up to pull him into a fervent kiss.

Playtime was over.

She had wanted this all along. He had seen it in her eyes and the little comments she had made, just as she had seen in his. Now their little game had gotten them right where they wanted to be.

Now, this kind of training – it had quickly become Natsu's favourite.

There had been many a practice, and now every movement and touch felt as familiar as his attacks, the delicious ache of his muscles a foreboding of victory, her cries his battle song.

Hands dragging over her breasts, kneading them through the material of her low-cut red top, Natsu began his advance. The familiar tingle of adrenaline rushed through his blood, only now it was tinged by lust and desire. He didn't want to compete and destroy. He wanted to win together with her, to have her fall apart so he could build her back up until she screamed his name.

"Mmh, Lucy," he hummed, right hand pushing up her skirt and rubbing along her inner thigh cheekily close to where he knew she wanted it to be. "I'm gonna make you all fired up."

Her soft, mocking laugh confused him for a moment – but then the tips of his fingers touched the soaked fabric of her cotton panties.

"No need," she chuckled, lustful eyes pulling him in, "I'm already fired up. So…"

She moved surprisingly fast, then. One hand gripped his scarf, pulling him so very close as she leaned against the tree trunk, while the other gripped his hand between her thighs, guiding it to the hem of her panties decidedly. What a formidable foe she was.

With a grunt against her mouth, Natsu pushed his hand beneath the material, fingers travelling over the soft, shaven hill of her core before he encountered a few single curls, and then, finally, the heat he had been so impatient to reach. Dipping his fingers into her wet folds, rubbing along them as a blissful sigh escaped Lucy's lips, Natsu continued carefully choreographed movements, spurring her on by hitting all the right spots. His tongue teased her plump lips as his fingers spread her lower ones to shove his middle finger into her almost roughly.

Lucy keened, beginning to rub her hips against his hand as she bit his bottom lip.

The trees rustled above them, sunlight filtering through the leaves. And eventhough they did not reach them, there in the shade, low on the grond and sheltered by the large tree above them, the air around the pair was sweltering hot.

They did not need the sun. They created their own heat as they moved against each other, Lucy gasping as Natsu's movements turned rougher, more impatient and needy.

"Ah! Ohgod, Natsu!" Lucy cried, shoved against the rough bark of the tree with every forceful thrust of his hand. Two fingers reached deeply into her as he sheated them to his knuckles, pumping harshly. His gaze was fixed on her face: her open mouth, her half-lidded eyes that rolled back in pleasure, widening every time he curled his fingers.

Did she even know how pretty she was when he ravished her?

His length was straining inside his pants, hardening with every one of her moans, with every clench of her core around his fingers.

"You're greedy today, aren't you?" she panted, voice shaky. Natsu chuckled, nipping at her bottom lip and rubbing against a spot deep inside that would drive her crazy. And indeed, she mewled and jerked beneath him, eyes fierce and hot as she opened them to stare at him. "Then take me, right now."

Natsu grinned darkly, pulling at her top and bra until one breast bounced free.

"We gotta hurry, or the food will get cold."

"Really? You're thinking about food even now?" Challenging eyes fixed themselves on his face, trying to remain stern despite the pleasure that shot up her spine with every move of his fingers inside her. Her voice became thin, struggling past the lust that surged through her as she bit back a moan. When she managed to word her next question, it sounded almost ironic. "Is food more important than my pleasure?"

"Hell no. Never said that. I just meant…" he leaned closer to her ear, curling his fingers until she bucked her hips against his hand repeatedly in her desperation. "That I'm gonna make you cum fast and hard."

His voice sounded far too casual, and Lucy swallowed.

"Then what are you waiting for?" she whined in anticipation.

Growling, Natsu pushed her past the tree and into the mossy ground just beside it. His fingers continued stroking along her walls, slick sounds filling the air around them with every pump of his fingers.

"Hnghh!" Lucy cried through grit teeth, an impatient hand tugging at the waistband of his pants. "Natsu, I can't wait! I need you!"

Her hand slipped beneath the fabric that constricted him so painfully, wrapping around his length greedily as she freed him. Natsu pulled his pants further down his hips while she was busy stroking him to his full potential, and he had to grit his teeth to stop himself from thrusting into her hand like an animal. He was so hard already, but she managed to further his desire, her touches so soft yet firm, pressing down onto the spot she knew he loved.

"Fuck," he growled, "I'm gonna take you so hard you'll see stars."

Lucy's eyes blazed, his promise only further spurring her on.

His pants never made it past his knees.

Gripping her wrists and securing them in the moss above her head, Natsu leaned over her. Both their eyes were fixed on his throbbing length, that stood proud and tall between them, touching his abdomen as it bobbed impatiently.

"Ready, Lucy?" he rasped as he lowered himself, one hand grabbing his erection to guide himself to her entrance.

"What do you think," Lucy hissed, lifting her hips and wrapping her legs around him. She had not a single ounce of patience left, and Natsu knew it wouldn't take much today to push her over the edge.

Their victory was near, and Natsu couldn't wait to shout it for everyone to hear.

She was his, and he was hers. No fight could compare to the feeling that coarsed through him now, as he sheathed himself inside her and his name tumbled from her lips in a happy sigh.

The feeling of ecstasy, of exhilaration and love, they were achingly similar to what he felt in a good battle. But they were not the same, couldn't come close, to what he felt for the woman beneath him. He felt ecstasy not from power, but from the way her lips quivered, felt exhilaration not from competition, but from unity, from her smile alone, felt love–

Hell, he felt love for every last, little thing about her.

It was the same as the love for his friends, the love that drove him during fights, but it went deeper, grew larger, was almost unfathomable the more he sought to define it.

The way he loved Lucy was unique. It was only for her.

Groaning, he pushed her into the earth, picking up a torturous rhythm.

Out, in, gyrate. Out, in, gyrate.

God, it felt so good.

And before he knew it, as his hips worked mercilessly and sweat dropped down his jaw, the words came tumbling out of his mouth.

"Fire dragon's hip thrust!" he roared as he buried himself to the hilt, brows furrowed from the pleasure that spilled over him.

Beneath him, Lucy bit her tongue.

He slowed to a halt as he realized he had just spoken these words out loud, horror gripping him. He was so dead. Lucy had never been supposed to know he had made up his own little names for his favourite moves. Dear god, he'd never see the end of her teasing now.

"Fire dragon's…hip thrust.." she echoed, blinking up at him in disbelief.

For a moment, she seemed torn between offense and amusement, but then the corners of her mouth twitched, an evil grin settling on her face.

"You know you just ruined the mood, right?"

Natsu pondered his options. He settled for direct attack.

"Or did I," he retorted as cockily as possible, trying to overplay his embarassment. "I'm just calling it what it is."

"Do you…" Lucy began, biting her lip. She looked as if she was about to burst into laughter. "Do you always do this?"

"Maybe," he grinned sheepishly, moving his hips to remind her they had been busy with something far more pleasant seconds ago.

"I see…" she pondered, the cheeky glint to her eyes telling him she was probably filing away this information for later. "Well, then… give me another one of those hip thrusts, fire dragon."

Biting back a laugh, Natsu complied gladly, pulling out of her almost completely before thrusting back in in one strong, fluid motion that pushed the air out of both their lungs. They moaned in unison, new pleasure igniting between them.

Natsu grasped her thighs, pushing her legs up against her chest. She was so damn tight that way, he could have come right then and there.

But as fast as he wanted to make this, Lucy's pleasure always came first. Even before food, as she had so offendedly questioned. He grinned despite his strain, angling her upwards a little to pound even deeper into her hot core. She clenched deliciously around him, as if she never wanted to let him go. Yet he pulled back, again and again, only to drive back in with full force.

Choked, high-pitched sounds escaped her with every move of his strong hips, and his fingers pressed so hard into her flesh that he thought they might leave dents on her perfect, creamy skin.

"Shit!" he rasped, letting go of her legs so she could spread them for him. The heels of her feet dug into the small of his back as she pulled him close, and he leaned down for a kiss. His lips slanted messily over hers as their bodies rocked together, and Lucy gasped for breath when he finally released her. She blinked up at him hazily, a smile ghosting across her lips.

"Say it again."

His eyes widened. "You mean…?"

She nodded, cheeks blushing. "It was kinda cute, you know," she admitted, biting her lip.

Damn, how could he resist that?

With a happy grin, he sat back up, preparing for his next move. Lucy's eyes never left his face.

"Fire dragon's…" he started, eyes on his throbbing length resting at her entrance, coated in her juices. Raw desire gripped him, darkening his voice as he drove into her with a hoarse cry. "–hip thrust!"

Lucy's body reeled beneath him, her hands clawing at the grass as he pistonied into her with enough force to lift her hips off the ground. His large hands gripped her waist, holding her there as he found her sweet spot.

"Ahh!" she cried, ripping out a handful of grassblades she sent flying over her body as she reached for him. Her hand settled on his lower belly, feeling the rhythmical contractions of his pectoral muscles. "Yes! Natsu! Just like that!"

"Touch yourself," he snarled, feeling himself loose his grip on reality. "Touch yourself for me!"

Without questioning him, her hand slipped from his hot skin to her thighs, where she rubbed circles against her clit as he continued to fuck her senseless.

He hoped he had been true to his word, and she was seing stars. Damn, he knew he was. And from the look on her face, distorted in pleasure, he was quite confident she did too.

She'd probably be sore tomorrow, every step she'd take a reminder of what he had done to her here on the forest floor.

That thought was enough to topple him off the edge he had been balancing on.

"Lucy," he wheezed in warning, "I'm cumming. Shit, I'm–"

His words were stifled in a guttural groan, and he barely noticed her joining in with a cry of her own. His seed spilled deeply into her, filling her every crevice, making her his, his alone, his to touch and love and fuck and–

His brain short-circuited, leaving him hanging in a moment of pure, thoughtless bliss.

And then he broke down on top of her, chest heaving as reality settled back in around him.

The smell of moss, the heat of their lovemaking, the soft earth, the wind rustling through the treetops… they were all things he experienced all anew. The scent and feel of Lucy.

Sucking in a deep breath, Natsu lifted himself up on one elbow, fighting exhaustion to look down at her expectantly. And he wasn't disappointed.

Her eyes slowly opened, a drowsy, satisfied look welcoming him.

"Hey," she mumbled, a shaky hand brushing the hair from his forehead. Wood splinters rained down on her breasts, and she giggled tiredly.

"I was wrong," he answered with about as much energy, ignoring the confused furrow to her brows. "I said you didn't mind the sweat when we're in bed. Seems like you don't mind it anywhere, as long as you can scream my name."

His lazy grin turned cocky, and Lucy smacked his head.

"Shut up, fire dragon."

"I have some more, you know."

"I didn't ask you for a single one, so don't even–"

"Fire dragon's scalding fingers. Fire dragon's lightning rod. Fire dragon's flaming tongue. Fire dragon's iron–

"Natsu, let's just leave!"