"HIIII! Kagami-chii! Kuroko-chii! Aomine-chii! " Kise Ryouta, copycat player of the Generation of Miracles cried enthusiastically after spotting the other three in a corner of Maji Burger.

There was supposed to be a meeting. A meeting of the Generation Of Miracles. It was a week after the Winter Cup in which Seirin had managed to defeat Rakuzan, the final Miracle member Akashi Seijuurou, and clinch the Champion title. Kagami Taiga, the redhead ace of Seirin had managed to earn not only the respect of the GOM members, but became a member of the Generation of Miracles himself. To say that he had felt immensely proud was an understatement. To say that Kuroko Tetsuya, phantom sixth man of the Generation Of Miracles had never felt more satisfied was spot on.

The summon by Akashi Seijuurou, captain and leader of the Generation of Miracles went something like this:

To: Kise Ryouta; Midorima Shintaro; Aomine Daiki; Murasakibara Atsushi; Kuroko Tetsuya; Kagami Taiga

Message: Let's have a GOM meeting three days from now at Maji Burger near Seirin High. Be there at noon and please do not be late.

Eversince Akashi had gotten his true personality back, he had been kinder, but still commanded the same authority.

"I did not expect you two to be earlier than me, Kagami-chii, Aomine-chii! " Kise exclaimed as he slid in beside Kuroko, and swiftly proceeded to smother him. "Kuroko-chii! I missed you - suu! " "Kise-kun, you are suffocating me." Came Kuroko's steady monotonous voice.

"Ahh! Gomen ne, Kuroko-chii! "

"Dai jou bu." He replied.

At that moment, the door swung open with a ring of the bell and a tall green-head, and a giant purple-head entered.

"Are ~ Kaga-chin, Kuro-chin, Kise-chin and Mine-chin, you are all here already ~?" A lazy voice belonging to the one and only Murasakibara Atsushi rang out.

"Obviously they have learnt from past experiences, the consequences of being late-nanodayo." A stoic voice said, as Midorima Shintaro pushed up his glasses with his bandaged hand.

"Mah, mah, Midorima-chii. " Kise said airily. "Akashi-chii changed! He won't stab us like before-suu!"

"I can, however, still mete out an appropriate punishment, can I not?"

"A-Akashi-chii! When did you get here-suu?"

"Just now. Let's get down to business. "

By now, the entire eatery is aware of the presence of the legendary group of prodigies. This led to hushed whispers amongst groups and even giggling and some sighs of infatuation.

Eversince the end of Winter Cup, the GOM had officially reformed and are even better than before. Both in personality and skills. Thus, they became a national sensation, especially after the news that a the GOM have a new member. The news went viral and the GOM gained national recognition and became more popular than they had been in middle school. There had been rumors that the news had even spread overseas to countries like America.

Kagami, whose hearing is actually better than what people presume, squirmed imperceptibly in his seat when he caught snippets of conversation.

"Ne, ne... Kise-kun... So handsome!"

"Aomine...So hot! Kyaa! "

"I heard...Kagami Taiga...GOM... Kuroko... phantom... OMG!"

He shifted in his seat, tuned out the squealing sounds of fan girls and returned to the situation at hand.

"First of all, " Akashi began as he rested his elbows on the table top and steepled his fingers together.

" I would like to officially welcome Taiga into our little group. He has definitely earned it. Now, Taiga, would you please tell us more about yourself? So we can know you better? "

Kagami fidgeted in his seat, and took a deep breath, before casting a quick glance around the restaurant.

Kise leaned forward eagerly, Aomine stopped looking bored, Murasakibara stopped eating his snacks, Kuroko turned toward his partner, while Midorima stopped fiddling with his lucky item ( a recorder -the musical instrument ). All their attention were totally focused on Kagami.

"Uhh... " Kagami began. "Well, I was born and lived in Japan until I was four. Due to my father's job, I had to move with him to America. When I had begun to learn to walk at the age of 2, I also started to learn Mar-..." he suddenly paused and glared at something no one else could see.

Kuroko tilted his head, "what's wrong, Kagami-kun? "

Kagami replied, "Uh... can we... uh...talk about this later? This is not the ideal place to talk about my life."

"Ideal? Wow, big words Bakagami. And...Oi! Whaddya mean, not ideal a place ta talk, huh?

"Shaddup, Ahomine!" A tick appeared on Kagami's forehead. "And I mean it's because the Paparrazzi are here, spying on us!" His voice suddenly dropped to a harsh whisper.

"Eh?" Kise blinked. "Where, Kagami-chii? " He turned his head around to look.

"Idiot!" Kagami hissed. "Don't look around! They may see you! They are hiding behind this plants."

"Heh ~ I don't see 'em, Kaga-chin~ are you lying~?" The purple-haired giant glanced around the restaurant in torpor.

"Of course you can't see them, Murasakibara. They are not the Papparazi for nothing-nanodayo." Midorima pushed up his glasses.

"That's interesting, Taiga. But unless you can come up with some proof of evidence -"

"AHHHH! " A shout rang through the eatery. "Hidemoto! You ass! You freaking stepped on my hand!"

A man with sunglasses on shot up and out from behind the potted plants.

Another man, previously well-concealed, stood up after him.

"Well, it's your fault! If you hadn't put the listening device so far from the GOM's table, then I wouldn't have to strain to hear what they were saying. Then maybe, I won't step on yer bloody hand!

His face was purple with rage and his slicked back black hair was in disarray.

There was a deafening silence. All eyes were on them. The two men seemed to realize their mistake.

"SHIT! We have been discovered! Let's scram, Shima! "

"Dammit! "

They hightailed it out of the eating joint, dragging their equipment in their wake.

Everyone resumed eating.

The GOM all turned from the scene to stare at their new member in utter stunned disbelief.

Kagami, who was in the process of crushing the aforementioned listening device in his hand, was smiling smugly.

He looked up to see the GOM staring at him in shock and wonder. (Kise was gawking )

He shrugged his shoulders, oblivious. "What?!" He demanded.

"H-how did you-" Kise began.

"Oh, that?" Kagami shrugged easily.

He continued, "I have 4.0 vision."

OK!^^ for those who did not understand the vision thing, it simply means that his vision is like that of Superman's. Very very sharp. Reference: Tantei Gakuen Q; YouTube, episode 2. Kinta. Alright, I look forward to positive reviews!^^ 5 reviews and follows and favourites, and I may update!^^ Feel free to pitch in as well!^^ I would Love to hear your ideas! ^^ Thanks!