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Chapter 10: Song

Basketballs. He was running in fields of basketballs. He took one and bounced it off the floor. He laughed and started to play a one-man game, when suddenly, a basketball bounced off his head harder than it should. As he rubbed his head, the ball rolled by his feet and said, "Hey, Taiga." Huh, he didn't know basketballs could talk… "Wake up, Tai-"

"-ga!" The voice brought him back to reality.

"Huh?" Kagami Taiga lifted his head from the papers, drool dripping from the corners of his mouth.

He blinked blearily as a hazy figure walked up to him. He blinked a few more times and his glazed eyes drifted from the figure's torso to its face. His blurry vision cleared and the colours focused to reveal his sister's face, staring down at him with a frown, hands on her hips.

He blinked again and yawned cutely, stretching as he did so. "Tomoko?" He rubbed the crusts from his eyes. "What are you –yawn- doing here?"

His sister clicked her tongue in annoyance, retorting, "What are you doing studying, Taiga? Exams have already ended, hello?"

His eyes flicked to his papers, "Oh, this? Nah…I'm just memorizing the script for the movie."

Tomoko sighed, "No, Taiga, nuh uh. No can do. You have to relax. The holidays have started! You have plenty of time later to memorise your lines. Right now, you have to let off some steam."

She tapped her finger on her chin as she brainstormed an idea for her brother to do. Meanwhile, Taiga's head flopped back down onto his desk.

His eyes were just about to slide shut when a cry woke him up again. "AHA!" Tomoko snapped her fingers as a lightbulb seemingly appeared over her head. "I got it!"

She grabbed his phone that was sitting innocently on the table, ignoring his cry of "Hey!" and started texting, shoving her head phones down from her head to rest on her neck and shoulders.

"I will text your friends –cough- to have a basketball game with you, and then, later, you guys are totally gonna have a sleepover!" She squealed.

Kagami perked up at the mention of basketball, but groaned and buried his head in his arms at the mention of sleepover.

"Sis…!" He whined and pouted. His sister ignored him in favour of texting furiously on his phone.

Seconds later, several pings signaled that he had received messages.

'Wow, a basketball game and a sleepover with Kagami-chii? How could I refuse-suu!'

'Interesting, I will be there. By the way, the lucky item for leos are a microphone, nanodayo.'

'Osu, I'll be there…'

'I'm eager to play with you and have a sleepover at your house, Kagami-kun. Thank you.'

'A sleepover? How quaint. Of course I will be there, Taiga.'

'Eh? A sleepover with Kaga-chin? Sure~'

"Right," Tomoko declared, snapping the red cell phone shut. "They all agreed, so let's get you ready."

With that, she pulled her brother from his seat, hunched over the desk, and dragged him to the bathroom, and throwing him inside with a cry of "wash up!"

With that done, she went to pack his bag for the game later.

Whilst Kagami was sleepily washing his face, Tomoko quickly made a snack for him and when he came out, She shoved the bag in his face, before pushing him out the door chanting, "Go, go, go!" Kagami sighed, his sister was simply too impatient.

"Hey guys!" Kagami called

"Kaga-chin/Kagami/-chii/-kun/Taiga" came the greetings.

"Right," Tomoko said, after handing her brother off to his friends. "Have fun,y'all. Bye~" With that, she swept out of the court.

"Wait, Tomoko!" Kagami called fruitlessly.

He sighed before turning to his friends. "Wanna play?"

"Oh, Yes-suu~ I wanna be on Kagami-chii's team-suu~"

"No, Baka-Kise-kun. I should be on his team, I am his shadow."

"K-Kagami-cchiii! Kuroko-chii's so meeaannn!" Crocodile-tears ran down Kise's cheeks.

After ten minutes of arguments, the teams were: Akashi, Midorima, and Murasakibara vs Kuroko, Kagami and Aomine; with Kise as the referee for the first round.

They got onto their respective sides of the court, before Kise blew the whistle and the game began.

This was the first time Kagami has played with the rest of the GOM in a team and he had to admit, it was exhilarating. Sweat poured down his body in rivulets, the adrenaline had his hard pumping and all the while, he had a gigantic smile on his face.

To the others, Kagami's smile was angelic and god sent. Just seeing him smile made it worthwhile to travel all the way here. They couldn't help but smile too.

The first game ended in a tie, and then they had a member change with Kise switching with Akashi. The whistle blew again and the second round commenced, dragging on into the evening.

Kagami toweled his hair as he stepped out of the shower, seeing his friends all gathered in front of the television. He grinned, he just had an idea.

"Hey, guys," He called. As one they turned to him.

"How about some Karaoke?" he smirked.

Kise jumped up, "Ooh, ooh, you have a karaoke set here, Kagami-chii?"

He nodded.

"Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt." Akashi mused.

The others all agreed and with that, Kagami set up the Karaoke station.

He got out two mikes and turned to them, "Solo, duo, trio or what?"

They turned to look at each other, before Kuroko spoke up. "How about a Solo each first?"

They all turned to each other before Kise piped up, "I know, Disney songs! Let's all sing Disney songs so we are on a level playing field?"

Despite some reluctance (mainly from Aomine), it was decided that the theme would be Disney songs.

"I want to go first-suu!" Kise declared.

"No." He was promptly shot down by Akashi. As Kise moped in his 'emo' corner, Akashi took the microphone. "I will go first."

The song started and surprisingly, he chose the song from Mulan.

"Look at me…I will never pass for a perfect bride…or a perfect daughter…"

He was surprisingly good.

When he finished, he was rewarded to several applauds. He simply smiled and turned to Kagami. "Why don't you go next, Taiga?"

Surprised, Kagami took the microphone. "O-ok…"

He spent a few minutes picking his song, before taking his place in front of the screen.

A Scottish folk song started to play and they knew what was gonna go on.

"When the cold winds are a-calling, and the sky is clear and bright, misty mountains beckon and lead me out, into the light…!"

Wow. Kagami was good. Not just good, great! His voice carried a lilting tone and was mellifluous. It was enchanting and entrancing.

Kuroko's blank eyes gained a spark of interest.

Kise's eyes widened impossibly.

Aomine's jaw dropped.

Midorima paused in taping his hand.

Akashi leaned forward, closer.

Murasakibara stared, chips forgotten.

They couldn't believe their ears if they weren't witnessing such a spectacle with their own eyes. Kagami Taiga just became all the more enticing to them in their books.

"Chase the wind and touch the sky~"

Kagami ended the song on a soft note.

He turned to them with a gentle smile and they gaped, mentally tacking on 'singing' to his repertoire of growing hidden talents.

"Wow…" Murasakibara murmured, summing up and voicing all their thoughts at that moment.

It was several hours later when they finally settled in for the night, Kagami already sound asleep like a baby, that the rest of the GOM all wondered as they watched their red-headed angel sleep. 'What other talents does he have hidden up his sleeve?'

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