The sound of basketballs bouncing on wooden gym floors and the squeak of basketball shoes were music to Kagami's ears. He ran, jumped and dunked, all in one single move. He grinned as his team scored two more points against the seniors. And this was done without the team play that he and Kuroko had. Why? Because Kuroko was not present.

"Yo! Bakagami! Can I join?" Kagami stiffened, and turned in mechanical-like motions towards the source of the voice.

"Ahomine?! Kise?! Midorima?! Murasakibara?! Akashi?! What are you guys doing here?! Shouldn't you be in your OWN schools?! Playing your OWN basketball practices?!" Kagami scowled. He was less than happy. The rest of Seirin groaned, whenever the Generation of Miracles were around, it only spelt trouble for them all.

"I simply want to see how Seirin is doing." Akashi said smoothly. "I certainly do not want to play Seirin when it is not at the top of its game."

"The same goes for me." Midorima said flippantly.

"Mah, mah, don't be upset, Kagamichii! We just wanna see Kurokochii and you-suu!"

"Well, then you will be disappointed, 'cause Kuroko's not here." His scowl deepened.

Akashi cocked his head, "Strange…It's not like Tetsuya to miss practice…"

"Hm? But I see him coming this way~ from the back door, look~!" Murasakibara pointed with his free hand.

"Well, HE'S LATE!" Riko exploded with all the ferocious intensity of a demon. A terrifying aura surrounded her. All the players who knew the danger backed away immediately.

"He's running. And he brought company!" Kagami exclaimed, being the only one to be able to see who was chasing his shadow. He frowned.

Kuroko sped through the front door, praying his thanks to God that it had been open. He skidded to a halt in front of the Seirin basketball team and the Generation of Miracles, panting for breath.

Kagami immediately rounded on him and demanded, "What happened, Kuroko? Why were you late for practice and why is Haizaki, of all people, chasing you?! In fact, what is he even doing at Seirin?!"

That caught everyone's attention quickly. "HAIZAKI?!" Hyuuga Junpei exclaimed. "That bastard is here?! And how on earth can you possibly know that, Kagami?!"

"He said…-pant- that he wanted to…-pant pant- welcome…-wheeze- the new guy of the GOM –pant-." Was Kuroko's reply.

In the background, Kise could be heard answering Hyuuga's question, "Oh, didn't you know? Kagami-chii has 4.0 vision-suu! Isn't that amazing-suu?!"

A collective "EEEEHHHHH?!" could be heard throughout the Seirin team.

"Well, I won't accept his praise anyway…" Kagami muttered, casting glances at his team, who were all staring at hi as if he was a creature who they had never seen before. "What did you say to him?"

"I told him to take his asinine, imbecilic ass and violent tendencies somewhere else."

Everyone sweatdropped at his bluntness.

"No wonder he's chasing you…" Kagami murmured.

"Don't worry, Tetsu! If he comes within a 5 metre radius of you, I'll beat his ass to a pulp! Like I did last time!" Aomine flexed his muscles.

"TETSUYAAA! Teme! Yaarroouu! Get back here!"

All motions in the gym halted as the occupants all stared at the maniacal boy whom they all consider a loony and a bit cuckoo in the head, with a few screws loose. Coupled with his insatiable thirst to hit people, he was one sick bastard.

Kuroko cringed at the sight of his impending doom. This was the only time where he allowed his poker face to slip. 'Oh no.'

But before Aomine can get in the way, someone beat him to it.

Kagami suddenly darted in front of his partner and there was a deafening sound of fist meeting hand, skin against skin.


Everyone held their breath and simply stared. Kagami glared at Haizaki, his crimson eyes aflame with anger.

Kuroko peeked out from Kagami's side, his slightly widened eyes the only indication of his surprise.

Kagami had his arm outstretched, his hand clasping around the fist that was Haizaki's, which was slowly tightening around aforementioned person's captured fist.

With a hiss, Haizaki snatched his fist back to his chest, subtly blowing on his reddened knuckles.

Riko gasped, a realization had hit her. This means that the impact of his fist upon Kagami's palm was enough to send Haizaki reeling back in pain! Does this mean that Kagami's has palms of steel or something? That's impossible!

"Were you tryin' to crush my hand or somethin', huh? Bastard!" Haizaki snarled.

Kagami simply raised a forked brow, "What makes you think I wasn't?"

Haizaki let out a feral growl, "Don't interfere ya shithead!"

Kagami growled back like the ferocious creature that he embodied, "I will interfere as much as I need to, until you leave Kuroko alone!"

With that, Kagami used his palm to hit Haizaki's chest, sending him flying backwards and crumbling to the ground.

The silence was deafening.

Kagami stood over Haizaki's prone form, saying "Leave him alone, Haizaki!"

Haizaki used his strong arms to support himself as he swiped Kagami's feet out from under him, making Kagami fall onto his back.

"Ugh!" He grunted.

"HE INSULTED ME! I SWEAR I WILL PUNCH HIS LIGHTS OUT!" Haizaki roared, getting to his feet.

"Not if I have anything to say about it!" Kagami pushed off from the ground, twisting in mid-air and landing a kick on Haizaki's face in one fluid motion.


Haizaki gave a grunt of pain as Kagami's shoe impacted with his face. He tumbled to the ground, skidded on the wooden floors, and laid still, face downwards upon the gym floors.

Seirin stared, mouths agape in shock. Haizaki was unconscious on their gym floors, and the reality of it was that Kagami put him there, by using some complex martial arts move…

Kagami turned to Kuroko, "Are you all right, Kuroko?"

"Yes, Kagami-kun. Thank you." The slight tremor in his voice showed that he was slightly shaken by what he had seen, despite his neutral expression.

"That…was…AMAZING!" Seirin exclaimed.

Everyone crowded around Kagami.

"Where did you learn those cool moves, Kaga-chin?" The Red-head just became that much more interesting in Murasakibara's eyes.

"Kagami-chii! You are incredible-suu!" Kise had stars in his eyes.

"That was impressive, Taiga." Akashi nodded acknowledgingly.

"That was…okay…" Midorima pushed up his glasses and faced to the side, unwilling to let anyone see his reddening face while inside, he was 'kya-ing' like a fangirl, all the while thinking…'Cool! Super Cool!'

"I must say, yer pretty tough, Bakagami. But I didn't get to hit him! Unfair!" Aomine griped, keeping a pissed off expression, although internally, he was sqealing…er…I mean freaking out over the fact that Kagami was able to fight, and able to look god damn hot while doing it too.

"That was a beautiful fighting style Kagami-kun." Kuroko cheeks were slightly flushed although his facial expression did not change.

"You stood up for your partner, good for ya!" Takao grinned as he slapped Kagami in the back.

"Hah, I always knew you had something special, Kagami." Kiyoshi ruffled his Kouhai's hair.

"Err…thanks…Kiyoshi-Senpai." Kagami blushed a bit, and this made the GOM go 'Kyuunnn~ So Cute!'.

Riko was drooling as she reassessed Kagami's skills and factoring in this new-found ability of his, before she shook herself and berated herself to get serious. Still, His stats just became higher than before, when she assessed him a day ago!

"Kagami!" She bellowed. "You dunce! How can you start a fight here of all places!"

"Sorry, Kantoku." Kagami winced. "But he threatened to hit Kuroko. I can't just stand by and let him get hit!"

-15 minutes later…-

A groan from the ground halted all conversation. Everyone turned simultaneously to face Haizaki, who was just regaining consciousness. He turned his body around, rubbing his giant head bump and nursing his bruised cheek and possibly dislocated jaw. His chest ached like never before. He looked up to see Kagami standing over him, face set into a frown –when is it never? (GOM: When he is smiling!) - with his arms crossed.

Immediately, a look of dread, horror and something akin to fear flashed across the Ex-Miracle's face, before finally settling on annoyed.

"Don't even think about it, Haizaki." Kagami warned. "Kendo, Judo, Jeet Kune Do. 10 Dan in all!

Do you really want to fight me?"

(Note: Haizaki woke up quickly because Kagami purposely did not hit him too hard. He did not want to accidentally kill him. And he did not want to get in trouble for injuring another basketball player. So, he did not hit him so hard, just hard enough to render him unconscious and teach him a lesson)

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Next up:

"Yay! We are going on holiday-suu!"

"It's a training camp, Ryouta."

"I'm glad you are able to come with us, Kagami-kun."

"Kaga-chin~ Aka-chin said to train by practicing this sport first~"

"Oi! Bakagami! I challenge you!"

"You're on, Ahomine!"

"Kagami! Just what on earth did you spend your childhood doing-nanodayo!"