Chapter 1

Light guitar music sounded on the outside stage of camabert academy as Angelina watched Marco play his guitar.

Angelina:Wow Marco, That was amazing! Marco: Thanks Angelina. Sitting next to the two was Alice, Angelina's best friend. Gracie, Angelina's rival, But also a friend. AZ, Marco's best friend and hip hop dancer, and Viki, The californian dancer.

The sound of Marco's guitar was interuppted by the sound of gunfire. The sound was coming from figures in Grey suits with a black strap on they're chests and holding in they're hands were MP40 Machine guns.

The figures fired at the stage, making the 6 mice get down under the table and using it as a shield.

Marco felt pain and he looked on his left shoulder and saw a bullet scrape. He suddenly felt woozy and couldn't stand up very well and suddenly fell to the ground.

Angelina: Marco! Angelina suddenly ran over to the injured mouse and held him in her hands, The others ran over and gasped.

Then suddenly, one of the figures came over to them and pointed it's gun at Angelina and was about to pull the trigger when a figure kicked the grey figure and sended him flying.

Then 4 others came to the scene. They all spoke in a japanese, french, african, russian and american accents

Red figure: Spirit of Japan, Battle fever Red!

Blue figure: Spirit of France, Battle fever Blue!

Black figure: Spirit of Kenya, Battle fever Black!

Orange figure: Spirit of cossack, Battle fever Orange!

Pink figure: Spirit of America, Battle fever Pink!

Battle fever Red: Countries around the world, Japan!

Battle fever Blue: France!

Battle fever Black: Africa!

Battle fever Orange: Russia!

Battle fever Pink: America!

Battle fever Red: Power Rangers... PRBF: Battle Fever!

Battle fever Red: Penta Staffs, Battle fever... Charge!

The 5 charged at the figures and used they're penta staffs to take them down untill there were only 5 left.

Red: You know what to do. Blue: Oui! Black: Nyido! Orange: Da! Pink: Yes!

PRBF: Penta-Star! The rangers threw the star and hit only three. Then The star transformed into a rocket launcher. Red: Battle fever Rocket launcher, Fire! The launcher launched two rockets and hit both of the grey figures, Making them explode.

Gracie suddenly blushed at Blue and fainted, Making Az catch her before she hit the ground.

Red: Was anyone injured? Angelina: It's Marco. Pink: I'm so sorry about your friend, But we'll fix him up. Pink pulled out a bandage wrap and wrapped it around the wound.

Black: He'll Be Out for a while, We'll protect you if they attack again.

Meanwhile, Somewhere on a ship was a figure talking to a grey figure.

? : You mean to tell me that you were beaten by Power rangers!?

Grey figure: Y-Yes sir, We didn't know they were there.

The figure turned around to reveal only a yellow eye as he pointed a gun at the grey figure.

? : This is for you're failure! His yellow eye shined as he killed the monster.

Chapter 2, Coming soon.