Looking for You

You know how there's that one person that you always know has changed your life in some dramatic way? That person that you know changed your life in some way so drastically that you could never forget. That person that you know has changed your life so mjch that you can't even imagine what life would be like without them? I have that person. And he was standing right in front of me.

I didn't think that I had been spotted yet. He was standing about 20 feet in front of me, talking with someone who I didn't quite recognize. Every time his tead turned even slightly I felt my face turn bright red. And it wasn't like I could get up and move; I was at a wedding and the precession had already begun. I covered my face with my hands and hoped that I wasn't spotted.

A slight sigh echoed through the church as the wedding march began. I looked in the back of the church and saw Piper walking down the aisle in one of the most gorgeous dresses I had ever seen. Piper normally tried to downplay her beauty, but not today. She was stunning. Jason stood at the aisle, a smile plastered on his face. He looked like the happiest man in the world. I couldn't help but smile for them.

The ceremony began, and the whole crowd cheered, despite its' small size. Piper and Jason had decided that they would have a large party but a very small, intimate ceremony with strictly their closest friends and family. They had also opted to not have any bridesmaids or groomsmen, as they had no idea whom they would choose. But even with their intimate ceremony, they still ended up added up to around 50 people. I wouldn't consider that small, but it was perfect for them.

Jason and Piper proceeded to have a very quick but sweet ceremony, with handwritten and tear-jerking vows. To my relief, it was over very quickly. I stood up, and began to attempt to dash off the beach, where the ceremony was held. The party was to be held that night and I needed to avoid him as long as possible.

"Annabeth! Wait!" I heard Piper called.

I quickly glanced around, hoping that he hadn't heard my name being called. Thankfully, he seemed to still be talking with that person whom I didn't recognize.

"Shh!" I said, motioning for Piper to hurry towards me.

"Where are you going?" She asked. "Don't tell me that you're leaving my wedding early."

"Please, Piper," I said. "You know I can barely look at his photo, much less see him in person or even talk to him! I just have to go, you're beautiful, I love you, but I really just have to leave."

"Annabeth! I'm the crazy love lady. You're the smart, level-headed girl. What's gotten into you? You can handle this!"

"He doesn't make me level-headed. He makes my heart hurt and I need to leave. I'll see you tonight."

I didn't give Piper a chance to reply as I dashed off the beach, leaving everyone behind me.