So... This is my like... I have no idea. Well, all we know is that its a fanfiction! :-D So yeah... This is a crossover between the School for Good and Evil and Wicked. My two favorite books. What do you think? Should I rewrite this one and make it in book verse? Or should I just keep it in musical verse? I think that I'm just gonna keep it in musical verse. Now, *drum roll* without further adieu *starts singing after ever after by Paint on YouTube*... *clears throat* MOTHER MEETS DAUGHTER!

In The School for Girl...

"MONA!" Beatrix screamed from their dorm. "Get over here! Kill the spider!"

"Beatrix!" Mona yelled back. "You need to learn how to live with it! It's a spider for crying out loud! Just pick it up and throw it out the window!"

"MONA!" Beatrix screamed in horror. "Don't be so stupified! I would NEVER pick up a dirty little, horrendible little, revolting little-"

"Aright! Aright! I get it!" Mona yelled in annoyance. "I'll get the stupid spider..." Mona sighed irritably. She walked over to the spider lying on Beatrix's bed, picked it up by it's leg, and threw it out the window.

"There. It's gone. Happy now?" Mona asked in annoyance.

"Very!" Beatrix replied. "Now, Mona. We need to-"

"No. Beatrice."

"No what my dear Mona?" Beatrix asked in an innocent tone with a smirk on her face.

"You are not giving me a makeover," Mona stated. "Or going to try and turn my skin to a regular color. I'm used to being green. It comes with the background!"

"Of what?" Beatrix sneered. "Your mother?"

"Well yeah! Seeing as how she's dead thanks to your mother!"

"It was NOT thanks to my mother that your mother is dead! Its her own fault for being the Wicked Witch of the West!" As soon as Beatrix had said that her hand flew to her mouth. "Oh! Mona! I'm so sorry!"

"You know what? Don't apologize! Its not my fault that your mother was a brainless fool!" Mona retorted with meaning. "Just leave me alone."

"O-ok..." Beatrix sighed finally. "Mona?"


"Would you ever want to go back to Oz?"

"Of course I would." Mona replied finally. "All I would want to go there for is to see if my mother is still alive."

Sorry for such a short chapter! I'll make more that are longer!