Elphieispopular: Thanks! You should TOTALLY read the School for Good and Evil. It's like one of the best books EVER! And have you read Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West yet? You should totally read it. (Heads up, Wicked: The Life and Tines of the Wicked Witch of the West, NOT APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 10! Lots of people die (including our beloved brainless prince *sheds a tear*) and... I'm spoiling it for you aren't I? I'll just let you read it yourself. Chapter 2 of Mother Meets Daughter everybody! *applause*

"Hey, Mona," Beatrix whispered to her later that night.

Mona replied with a good natured, "sleepy" grunt.

"Are you awake?"

"No." Mona replied.

"Oh... well good- hey!"

Mona chuckled, turning in her bed to face her roommate. "What is it Beatrix?"

Beatrix turned in her bed to face Mona. "When's the Trial by Tail?"

"Tomorrow at 4PM. Why?"

"Is there such a thing as a teleportation spell?"

"Yes why?"

"No reason." Beatrix replied, turning back over with a smile on her face. "Good night Mona!"

"Ummm... good night?"

The next day...

"Morning Beatrix!" Mona yawned when she woke up the next morning. "Beatrix?" Mona looked around. Beatrix's bed was made... but she wasn't in it... She's probably just out for her morning stroll. Or she's already in class... Wait... today's the Trial by Tail... there are no classes today! Mona thought to herself.

"YES! Now I can read without anybody bothering me all day!" Mona exclaimed out loud. She grabbed her book off of the nightstand and opened it to the page she was on.

Right as she was turning the page, Mona heard a huge BANG and screams.

She threw her book to the side, jumped out of her bead, and flung open the door.

She saw somebody's body on the floor outside her room. The body had blonde hair.

"Wait... Sophie?!"

I love doing this! Having you have to wait 'till the next chappies come out! Lol! I love watching my readers go "GASP! WHATS GOING ON?!" It's hilarious! Please don;t kill me!