To whomever may be reading this:

My name is Steve. I'm new to this strange, but captivating landscape. I have decided to keep a record of my findings for anyone who may also be trying to explore this land. My other reason case...I don't make it… Then, at least my stories can live on through you, noble reader.

Day 1

I have finally made it into the vast land that everyone has been telling me about. Its landscape varies greatly: mountains, lakes, rivers, sand, jungles, deserts… All of these land were basically right next to each other. It would boggle the mind of any sane human being. But somehow, this crazy mashup of biomes doesn't seem to bother me one bit. I'm teeming with excitement, craving the ability to freely explore this virgin, untouched land.

I don't have very many survival skills, but there's one thing I do know: I need to collect some wood. Without wood, I can't build a house to call my own. Without wood, one can't heat up food in a furnace, build a crafting table, a ladder, or even a measly wooden tool.

Besides, everyone needs a house.

After walking around for a while, I spot an empty clearing surrounded by spruce trees. It is quiet and still, except for the occasional nomatic cow. I know that this is the perfect place to start building my sanctuary.

I don't know very much about architecture or how to use building tools. Simply, I just punch a few trees and craft them into wooden blocks. The process is slow at first, but after a while, I start to get the hang of it.

Before I know it, the sun is starting to set. I know that I must hurry and build this house before nightfall. I only have the walls up and I still have more work to do. My house is most noticeably lacking a door and roof. Without those two things, I'm a bonafide gonner.

The sun is receding behind the horizon line, blanketing the land around me in darkness. I struggle to see what I'm doing, and without a single torch, my struggle worsens. The fear of being attacked fuels my work. I desperately want to finish constructing my home before…

My ears catch the faint, grim moaning of a zombie. I have heard many stories, and from what I have remembered hearing, zombies were the least threatening monster to be attacked by. They are slow, but also relentless. Regardless, I was totally defenseless in this feral wilderness and had to focus on one thing at a time.

After a while, my house is complete. It's not much to look at; its basically a shabby rectangle. It was so simple that even a meager toddle could have built it. But for the time being, it would have to do.