It was a bright and awesome day. Tyler, the new student at Houston Pee University, had just joined the anime club. He was nervous. The young hipster was wearing three layers of thin button-up shirts, each with a progressive number of cats on them. He had black skinny skinny jeans on, because he wouldn't be caught dead in actual pants. Skinny jeans were all he would wear. Tyler wiggled his bottom in the doorway, trying to get the uncomfortable thong out of his buttocks. It was the only underwear he had that had been clean. The fedora on his head was set high, so that he could tip it at the appropriate time. "Well," he said "I should probably go in and stop standing in the doorway."

"No shit." said Josh, a boy standing behind the hipster who is named Tyler. "Get out of the way you brony."

So Tyler got out of the way.

Inside the anime, club... there were many otakus talking to each other about their favorite animes. Tyler was among his people and grinned with delight. But, since he knew nobody, Tyler stood awkwardly as All About that Bass played in the background very muffled like. He began to dance a little because he was all about that bass. And then he saw her. He swatted away the hearts, and a fly, around his head. "Go away!" he said.

The girl, with long blonde curls and a big pink bow, who reminded Josh of Paula from EarthBound, looked at the very handsome Tyler. "What?" she asked in a high pitched squeaky voice.

Tyler's eyes got REALLY big. He shook his head, almost loosing his fedora, and said "No! Not you! I was talking to the hearts, sorry m'lady. I didn't mean to offend you." He straightened the fedora that covered his short black hair.

She blushed and grinned and fluffed her pink poofy dress. "I'm Nui! I'm from Japan."

Tyler said "Wow! Do you like pocky?"

She would have answered, but she was getting distracted and a little aroused. Her eye that was not covered by her kanji eye patch was watching someone. He was a very tall man with short curly brown hair and wearing a t-shirt with Giygas on it. He was cool.

"That man over there sure is cool!" said the Japanese Nui.

Tyler frowned. He was upset she was not paying attention to him. He glared at the not handsome man named Josh, crossing his arms. Josh was not that handsome anyways. "Jerk." said Tyler.

Josh heard him from the other end of the twenty foot long room, and looked at him. Josh came over and said "Suck my dick."

Nui frowned. She was upset. "That's a mean word." she said.

"Dicks." said Josh, pulling a Mr. Saturn figure out of his ass.

The pretty girl made a face as Josh handed her the figure, and she threw it at his head and he fell over.

"Nice!" said Tyler.

Nui smiled back at Tyler, guilty that she had ever called the tall man cool. She grinned at the hipster boy in skinny jeans and said "Wanna see my swords?" It was a well known fact all Japanese people owned swords.

Tyler nodded and jumped up and down because he was so happy. "I would love to!"

"Let's go to my dorm!"

So that was the day Tyler, a poor college freshman, met the love of his life in anime club.