NOTE: I do not own any of these Lion King 2 Simba's Pride characters. They belong to Walt Disney alone. I don't even own Tanabi. He's just a guy some people made up. And if some other writers own him then I am sorry I borrowed him without permission. Please let me use him.

Summary: After all the Tanabi rumors I've heard I've decided to do a Lion King 2 fiction about what it would be like if Kiara really did have an older brother. Well, here it is and check it out. Please review!


Simba and Nala are mates now and they have two cubs. Tanabi is their oldest. He's not exactly a cub. He's a teenaged lion (you know. When cub Simba was walking with Timon and Pumbaa in the Lion King he changed into a teenaged lion before a full grown one. That's how Tanabi looks). Tanabi's small portion of mane is bright red. And they also have Kiara. She is their young cub girl.

It is a warm morning in Pride Rock (as always) and Nala and Simba were lying together at the edge of the rock watching the sunrise. It looked like a mix of oranges and yellows and a touch of red. The sunrise was a magnificent sight.

"Isn't beautiful, Simba?" said Nala.

"Yeah. Watching it with you only makes it better," said Simba, turning to his mate.

As the two young lions were cozying up that's when they heard it. "Shut up, Kiara!" Tanabi yelled.

"You shut up, butt head!" Kiara yelled back.

"Oh, great," sighed Simba.

"Simba, I handled the last two. This one is yours," said Nala.

"Thanks. Don't I just love being king?" said Simba jokingly sarcastic.

The king went into Pride Rock's den and saw his two kids arguing as always. They were facing off. Tanabi was knelt down to Kiara's level.

"You are such a brat," he said.

"YOU have awful breath," Kiara retorted.

"Oh, yeah? Well, you're an ugly-" Tanabi started.

Simba roared (not his usual roar. It was just enough to get their attention) then. His two adolescents looked at him. "What's this all about?" asked Simba.

"She started it, Dad," said Tanabi.

"I did not, Daddy. He started it AGAIN," said Kiara, eying Tanabi.

"Hush it up, you two. I don't want to hear this anymore. Now why don't you two go enjoy each other's company for a change?" said Simba.

"It's hard to enjoy any company with this little squirt around," said Tanabi.

"Enough, Tanabi," scolded Simba, which is something he usually doesn't do. "Now both of you go on. I better not hear one sound from either of you as you're leaving out, either."

"Okay," sighed Kiara.

"Fine," grumbled Tanabi.

"And, Tanabi, keep an eye on your sister," added Simba.

"Dad," Tanabi started to whine. Simba gave him an aggravated look that read, "Don't mess with me, kid." "Uh, nothing." With that the brother and sister jetted out of the den.