NOTE: I do not own any of these Lion King 2 Simba's Pride characters. They belong to Walt Disney alone. I don't even own Tanabi. He's just a guy some people made up. And if some other writers own him then I am sorry I borrowed him without permission. Please let me use him.

A/N: If anyone was wondering I am trying to deal with issues that feature crazy brother and sister problems. I wish my big bro and I could get along. Maybe one day we will.

Summary: Tanabi and Kiara are at it again. Will these two ever learn?


That night in the den the royal family were close up together sleeping. Kiara was snuggled up near Simba's mane. Nala was on the other side of Kiara. Tanabi was on the other side of Simba. He was slightly snoring. The next morning Simba did his usual of going to the water hole. Nala left on a hunt with some friends a bit before sunrise. They wanted a quick start.

"Shut up, Kiara!" yelled Tanabi.

Simba nearly choked on his water hearing that. "You shut up, you slimy wart face!" retorted Kiara.

Simba was totally furious. He had enough of his maniac children. Simba climbed back up to Pride Rock and entered the den. Timon and Pumbaa were trying to normalize the situation.

"Kids, knock it off," said Timon.

"Yeah. Stop putting it on," said Pumbaa.

"Not what I meant," said Timon.

"Oh," said Pumbaa.

"Tell her to shut up," said Tanabi.

"No, tell HIM to shut up!" snapped Kiara.

"Be quiet!" Simba roared. The echo of the roar made everyone's ears hurt.

"Ouch! Dad, what's the deal?" said Tanabi.

"Be quiet, Tanabi! I'm sick of this," said Simba.

"Uh-oh. Daddy's angry," said Timon.

"Daddy, wait a minute. What's wrong?" asked Kiara.

"What's wrong? I can't believe you said that. You two have been fighting like lions and hyenas (cats and dogs) and I am tired of it," said Simba.

"Dad, relax," said Tanabi.

"No. I'm especially upset at you, Tanabi," said Simba.

"Me? What did I do?"

"Tanabi, you're a young teenager. Kiara is a kid. You should be know better," Simba scolded.

"I can't believe you're mad at me. She started it," said Tanabi.

"I don't care, Tanabi! You should still no better than this," said Simba.

"Well, maybe this is a little thing called favoritism," said Tanabi.

"Tanabi, I'm sick of this. Go out and cool off," said Simba.

"Fine!" snapped Tanabi. He rushed out.

"Oh, great," sighed Pumbaa.

"Kiara, you aren't completely isn't either. You go cool it, too," said Simba.

"Yes, Daddy," said Kiara, leaving the den.

"Whoa, Simba. What's with you?" said Timon.

"My kids are with me. That about sums it up," said Simba.