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Pairings: SessxRin, InuxKag, MirxSan, and those who have already read this, you know. If not, I'm not telling.

Genre: Romance, Action

Rating: T

Spoilers/Setting: This is set for the end of the first anime at episode 167, manga chapter 355.

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Chapter 1. Evil Infant

It was another day in the search for the evil half-demon, Naraku. Sesshomaru and his three companions trudged along behind him as always. Jaken, ever blindly faithful to his cruel and rather sadistic demon lord, shadowed Sesshomaru's long, graceful stride with his short scuttling. Behind them, the young human girl Rin, innocent and more loving than anyone he had ever met, walked in-front of the two-headed demon dragon, Ah-Un, with reins in hand.

The empty, caving urge of hunger bit at little Rin's stomach. It had been morning since she had last eaten, and that was hours ago.

"Lord Sesshomaru, I am getting hungry. May I go find something to eat?" she said.

"Yes," Sesshomaru said simply. No more was necessary for the stoic demon lord to say, as he never bothered with pointless talking or uncertain decisions. Therefore it was rare that many heard his baritone, smooth, generally bored (unless if he was being threatening) voice. As long as one was not around when he smiled, then everything was fine.

Rin ran off into the forest in her daily pursuit of some grub, her aching tummy practically yelling at her to fill it. Mushrooms and berries were the usual options if there were no streams for fishing around, though Rin did not care as long as she could eat. The eight-year-old girl ran farther into the forest, scanning left and right at the tree trunks and bushes for any luck until she came to a small clearing.

What she found there was not food, unfortunately, but what looked like a baby swaddled in gray and white clothes. She stepped closer to find the infant had a head of white hair, and that it appeared to be sleeping. Feeling bad that someone would abandon a baby out in the middle of nowhere like this, Rin sat on her knees beside the child.


Lord Sesshomaru had continued walking even without Rin, though he had slowed his pace a great deal. The child tended to come running back after them anyway, so he had little to worry about.

Then, his nose caught that abhorrent stench of Naraku. Weeks and months pass before he could ever get another chance at finding the bastard or his incarnations. He did not have to pursue the smell, though, because an arrogant-looking boy with ragged white hair appeared before him.

"Sesshomaru, how nice it is to finally meet you," he said.

"Who are you?" Sesshomaru asked, his knuckles cracking as he readied himself to attack.

"I am Hakudoshi."

"What are you doing here?" he questioned, drawing his sword Tokijin. Thankfully, Sesshomaru was able to focus on this fight with Rin out of harm's way. Hakudoshi only gave a small laugh.

"Keeping you busy, of course."


Rin leaned over the baby to check for a heartbeat, making sure that it had not died yet. Two dull, purple eyes opened up to stare directly into Rin's surprised ones. Tiny arms too fast for their size reached out from under his robes to grab her shoulders, clasping tight.

She tried to scream but could only squirm, her voice lost as a probing coldness seared through her heart and soul.

"I will find the darkness in your heart, then you will obey me. With Sesshomaru's ward under our control, we can easily kill him once and for all." The small demon searched through her heart for darkness, yet found none. "Where is it? The only one that I wasn't able to control was that human girl Kagome and even she had darkness. But this girl has nothing!"

As the baby continued to explore in the depths of her soul, a pulling sensation came over Rin. The vision before her was an expanse of black, and it was cold like a winter night. Her mind moved her through the darkness to a distant scene. As she approached, it became clearer and clearer, revealing to her Lord Sesshomaru, Jaken, Ah-Un, and even all of Kagome and Inuyasha's group laying on the ground with lifeless eyes. In the center of it all, Naraku stood holding a completed Shikon Jewel.

Her consciousness was drawn back out of the infant's heart and saw into her own. Memory after memory passed by, feelings surging through like a flood until there was a void of emptiness, but not as cold and dark as the infant's. In it, she saw a red orb that looked like a liquid mist hovering there, light emitting from the inside. Then some of the wisps of the red mist seeped out slowly, sliding searing hot along her (imaginary?) arm and sinking through her skin. It invaded her body, pulsing through it like blood and making her aware of every inch of herself from the inside out. The red orb's mist felt like a plethora of misery, grief, pain, suffering, destruction, and every other horrible emotion packed into physical form.

It felt like it was Rin's fate.

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