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[Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria]

It was 11:55 and all the employees grabbed their belongings and walked out of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Some of the employees stopped to look at a sign on the door that read:

Soon to Return to Freddy's!

Foxy the Pirate and his companion Vixey!

Sail the Seven Sea's with two GREAT Pirates!


There was a picture of Foxy, repaired and remodeled, standing at the front of his ship with his hook held high in the air, smiling in triumph. And a Vixen was behind him smiling and had her hand, and hook, behind her back. The employees stared at the sign for a good 3 minutes shocked and a bit curious. Mr. Fazbear, the owner of the Pizzeria, walked out and saw them staring at the sign. He smiled and went over to the small audience.

"Isn't it exciting," asked Mr. Fazbear," Foxy is coming back along with another fox!" He nudged a male employee" a female fox."

"Sound's g-great sir," said the male employee nervously," uhh…you sure Foxy won't…malfunction again?"

"Don't worry we've fixed all the things wrong with Foxy," said Mr. Fazbear," We're still working on him actually. The engineers offered to stay overnight so that they can finish Foxy up faster."

As they were talking Mike drove up the parking lot and parked in front of the pizza place. Mr. Fazbear saw him and went over to greet him.

"Mikey boy, glad to see you," said Mr. Fazbear shaking his hand," Well…glad to see you again. You were fired a while back and now look…you're back."

"Glad to be back sir," said Mike as he saw the sign on the door," What's this sir?"

"Ah, we are bringing old Foxy back!" said Mr. Fazbear," and he has a new companion who should be arriving here tonight. She is being transported here" Mr. Fazbear looked at his watch" yeah she should be getting here any minute now." The employees looked at their watches, or phones, and saw that it was 12:01. They all suddenly rushed to their cars and drove off. Mr. Fazbear stayed there with Mike. Mike twiddled his thumbs knowing that he would have to go to his office as the animatronics were wandering around. The animatronics haven't been as aggressive to him for the past couple of months. They still scare him to death, but now it's just for fun. They learned that he was a human after he began to show them proof, but Mike was still scared. Mr. Fazbear patted his back.

"You don't have to worry about being alone tonight," said Mr. Fazbear," the engineer's are staying here to fix Foxy, so you'll have company."

"Thanks sir," said Mike as he walked into the pizza place," have a goodnight sir."

"You too buddy," said Mr. Fazbear," I'll wait here for Vixey, Foxy's partner."

"Alright sir," said Mike," see you around." And with that Mike went to his office, but he stopped to look at the new Foxy. The animatronics were surrounding the engineers as they worked on Foxy. They all looked at Mike as he walked in, and pointed at Foxy. Mike mouthed "I know" and walked towards Pirate Cove. An engineer saw him and waved.

"You the Night Guard here?" asked the engineer.

"Yeah," said Mike," that's me. How's he looking?"

"Looking pretty good," said the engineer as he finished putting his jaw back in place," these are interesting animatronics. They just got off the stage and went over here to watch."

"Yeah they are special to this place," said Mike," they are very interesting animatronics." Freddy looked at Mike and gave him a friendly punch to the arm making him move a good 3 feet. Mike looked at him and gave him a blank stare. They both looked back at Foxy. The engineers put a chip in the back of Foxy's head, and a glowing gold sphere in his chest. They closed his head and chest, and they all watched as he powered back up. His eyes were a bright gold and he sat up. He felt around his body and didn't feel any tears or metal being shown. He smiled and stood up on his two back legs and stretched. Chica watched in dreamily as he stood up tall and proud. She always liked him, but now she's in love. Bonnie saw her and couldn't help but smile. Freddy saw he r as well and just rolled his eyes. Foxy looked at his hand that weren't just a metal claw no more. He actually had fur over his hand, and he looked at his hook and swung it around. The engineer's were moving away dodging the swings. Foxy stopped and he turned around to see the most beautiful thing ever. He had a wide smile across his face. His whole ship was repainted and remodeled, and the walls were repainted and remodeled as well. He stood at the end of his ship and let out a triumphant "Aaaargh!" Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy stared at him and gave a small applause; they were smiling at his childish attitude. Foxy noticed them and smiled. He jumped down and went over to them and stood in front of the three. They all stared at him.

"Aye, what'ye think lad's," asked Foxy happily spinning so they could see all of him," how do I look? Not that bad right?" They all laughed and went over to admire him. Chica was the first one to Foxy's side. She got a closer look at him and smiled. She hugged him and laughed.

"You look GREAT Foxy," shouted Chica," I'm glad to have you back!"

Bonnie joined the hug and smiled.

"You do look good Foxy," said Bonnie," but still not as good as me."

Foxy just smiled and rolled his eyes. Freddy came up to him and put a hat on his head. It was a hat similar to Freddy's hat.

"Now what do you think," Freddy asked Bonnie," does he look better now?"

"Hmm…no," said Bonnie smiling," a hat won't make you guys look any better."

Freddy stared at her and took his hat off and dusted it off.

"Heh okay…whatever you say," said Freddy putting his hat back on.

The engineers packed all their tools and got ready to leave. It was 1:15.

"Yep they are interesting animatronics," said one of the engineers," being able to move and talk freely."

"Yeah they are cool guys," said Mike," can be scary at times, but cool."

"Hey guys Vixey should be coming right now," said an engineer to his co-workers," let's go get her, and set her up."

Foxy and the others looked at them confused. They were all about to ask "Who's Vixey" but Mike spoke up before they did.

"Vixey is your new companion Foxy," said Mike," she's outside right now. She will be your new partner."

Bonnie and Freddy looked at Foxy wide-eyed.

"Another one of you," said Freddy," that's great Foxy. Now you have a crew mate."

"Yeah I know," said Foxy in a regular voice instead of his pirate accent," another Fox…or Vixen. Oh…my…gosh…a VIXEN!" Foxy held his head in fear and excitement.


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