Hello everybody! iNsAn3 Cr3aTuR3 here, and with a small update. So as ye all know, school is rough on me right now, and all the work, and stuff, BUT I wanted to inform you that the Fnaf: Foxy in Love 18plus Edition is already posted and had begun. So all of you who wanted and have been begging for the Foxy in Love Rated M Version, it is now published on my profile! If it doesn't show up now, then it will show up soon. So if you want to see those extra loving scenes, another words sex, then go on ahead to my profile and check it out. The scenes will come very soon, just you wait, I am not just putting the sex scenes in, I am adding and extending more to the story to bring more excitement, and I have fixed all of my grammar issues! Example! Anybody remember the scene where "Golden Freddy *pooped* up in front of Mike?" Well it's fixed now, and now says it like a normal person, and is now *popped* up, and with much more better quality stuff added in. If ye want to read Foxy in Love again, and experience the story much better than the last, not because of the sex scenes, but because of the extended storyline for better understanding, and more action, and better grammar, then please go check it out again. It will stay the same for the most part, it's just adding more backstory to it, for more excitement. So go check it out, don't worry, I didn't stop Legend's Reborn, I just wanted to get the "Foxy in Love" M version started for you guys. Hope you enjoy the rated M version, and the rest of "Legend's Reborn" and the other stories I have in store for you all! Alright, so I need to go to sleep now, I love you all for your support, goodnight to everyone. Peace!

P.S. The Five Night's at Freddy's Movie better be awesome, and not kill the story!

P.P.S. Can't wait for Five Night;s at Freddy's 4 to come out!

P.P.P.S. …..

P.P.P.P.S I need to sleep

Why am I still talking, okay goodbye everyone. I love you all, Peace, and goodnight!