Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Claudia Grant, Sammie Porter, Vanessa Leeds, Kim Young, Admiral Gloval, General Maistroff, General Reinhardt, Max, Miriya, and Dana Sterling, Vince, Jean, and Bowie Grant and all other characters named in the original Robotech cartoon/books/comics/etc belong to their respective owners: Harmony Gold, Tatsunoko, whoever else, etc. I don't own them nor claim to own them so don't sue me because I don't have any money anyways, all you'll get is to inherit my huge amount of credit card debt.

I write this story because I always wondered about what happened after Khyron destroyed the SDF-1 and SDF-2 and was not all that thrilled with how Jack McKinney portrayed Rick and Lisa's relationship in "The Zendtraedi Rebellion" and I am also eternally against the demise of Claudia and the Terrible Trio in episode 36. I tend to prefer the Robotech handling of Rick and Lisa's relationship to that of the Macross handling of the Hikaru and Misa relationship, but I prefer the Macross handling of the survivability of Claudia and the Trio. So as a fan, I think anyone can exercise their artistic license and create a mesh of the two.

It only takes a few sentences before you can tell who my favorite characters are and that I have a major dislike for Minmei. However, I know that Minmei is portrayed rather unfairly in Robotech as opposed to her original character in Macross (although she was a brat in DYRL), so I try, I really really do try, and give her the benefit of the doubt, although it's very difficult for me!

My writing style is very meticulous because I like to pay attention to detail, to the point where you can mentally imagine the scene in your head, so that is why the chapters will be very long, but hopefully readers won't mind the length. The chapters and timeline aren't particularly continuous, more like, this is a series of random snapshots in the days in the life of the our favorite Robotech characters in the aftermath of the destruction of the SDF-1 and SDF-2. The main purpose is to develop the romantic relationship between Rick and Lisa. We don't get to see this develop n The Zentraedi Rebellion, instead we are told, boom, they are a couple but we see them fighting with each other half the time, which really didn't sit well with me. So I take this as my opportunity to counter that. As for specific perfect details on ranks, military topics, timeline, veritech mechanics and other such topics that people love to debate and analyze, but I don't particularly pay attention to that here. I am a character writer, more interested in the relationships and insight into the characters and what they are thinking. I really don't have any interest in writing a whole chapter dedicated to the flight markings, insignia, and theory of how a veritech or Phalanx should operate in combat. The mecha stuff is just not "my cup of tea" so to speak. That is left to other writers who do call those topics their cup of tea.