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Chapter 1: The Truth

Killian pulled Emma away from David and Elsa, leading her into her office.

Emma arched a brow, smiling despite her confusion, as Killian shut the door.

"You know, we can always have alone time on our next date." Emma smirked.

"Swan, there's something I have to tell you." Killian sighed, avoiding her gaze.

Emma's face fell, brow furrowing in concern. "Is this about your hand? About whatever deal you made with Gold?"

"Always so perceptive." Killian tried to smile, but couldn't.

"Well, you and I both know that Gold isn't one to give handouts."

Killian nodded. He swallowed thickly, still unable to look at her. "I wanted everything to be perfect for our date. Myself included. I was a fool, Emma."

Her breath caught at her name, a sense of foreboding coming over her.

"He told me that the price would be that the hand would make me the pirate I once was." Killian continued. "On our date, I thought it was my hand that grabbed Scarlet, and later...I found him breaking into the library and punched him. Threatened him if he told anyone. I went to the Dark One to remove my hand, but he refused, and I got angry and stabbed him. I was afraid of what I was becoming. Afterwards, he roped me into helping him commit...I honestly don't know if it was murder."

"Wait, hold on, Gold killed someone?" Emma interrupted.

"I don't know." Killian said. "He...I think he trapped the man inside of a hat. I don't know if the man is all right."

"And you helped him?" Emma felt a sense of betrayal. She finally found a man that she could trust, a man that she thought changed...

"I thought I was cursed." Killian's words interrupted her thoughts. "I only wanted to get rid of my hand. I didn't want to keep it if it would bring harm to you, or Henry, or your parents and their lad." His eyes watered, knowing that he was losing her the more he talked. "Rumplestiltskin removed my hand, and told me that it wasn't cursed. That it was all me. He also has a video tape of me committing the crime, not him. He owns me, Emma."

Emma turned away from him, silently fuming at both Killian and Gold. "How did this happen anyway? How did you get Gold to make a deal with you in the first place?"

"I figured out that Belle has a fake dagger." Killian said. "I threatened to tell her. Now, I've dug my own grave. He has evidence and you against me..."

"Me?" Emma turned back to him. "What does that mean?"

"The tape wasn't all he used to ensure my services."

"He threatened me." Emma stated, some of her anger at Killian diminishing. "Killian, why are you telling me all of this?"

Finally, he looked up at her and met her eyes.

Her heart broke a little at seeing so much pain and sadness and defeat in his eyes.

"I learned from Zelena, that secrets can come out in the worst ways." Killian said. "I knew that if I didn't say anything now, that it would be worse in the long run. I had to tell you, even if it meant losing you."

"Losing me?"

Killian's gaze dropped. "I haven't changed Emma. The hand wasn't cursed, and I acted like the pirate I used to be. You deserve better."

"Killian, you have changed." Emma stepped towards him.

He stepped back. "No, love, I haven't. I'm the same worthless pirate that I always was." He moved around her, towards the other door of her office, leaving quickly.

Emma watched him leave, her heart in her throat.

David opened the other door, concern in his features. "Is everything all right?"

"No." Emma sighed. "It's not."

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