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Chapter 3: The Confrontation

Killian followed Gold into the back of the pawnshop.

They had a venture in the woods, tracking the Snow Queen's movements.

The crocodile wanted to trap her in the hat, but it wasn't time yet.

Killian was more concerned that Gold was going to use the hat on Emma and Elsa than the Snow Queen. The guardian of the hat, or whoever he was, said that Gold needed a lot of magic. Killian knew that no one was more powerful than Emma; she just hadn't tapped into her potential yet.

Killian knew that Gold knew Emma's potential. After all, true love was the most powerful magic of all.

It was only a matter of time before he went after Emma despite holding her over Killian's head.

"Is that all for today, crocodile?" Killian sighed.

Gold smirked. "Not quite."

The bell on the front door jingled, before the door practically slammed shut.

Before Gold could respond to the disturbance, Emma appeared in the room.

"Miss Swan." Gold's voice was laced with false pleasure.

Killian's heart stuttered at the sight of her. True, he was avoiding her, but Gods did he miss her.

"What can I do for you today?" Gold asked.

"Let Killian go." Emma glared.

Gold glanced at Killian, hatred in his eyes. "The Captain seems perfectly free to me."

"He told me everything." Emma said.

None of them heard the bell jingle as Emma spoke.

"You gave Belle a fake dagger." Emma continued. "You lied to her, and the rest of us. You took Killian's hand back and you manipulated him into becoming your lapdog. All you do is lie to everyone and manipulate everything so that you reap the benefits. So what's the deal this time?"

"The hat." Killian nodded at the wizard's hat on the table.

Gold glared at him murderously.

"The hat absorbs magic users." Killian explained. "The crocodile is trying to gather enough power to break the Dark One curse, but still keep his power."

"You mean get rid of the dagger's hold on him?" Emma asked.

"I think that's exactly what he means." Belle said from the doorway, startling the others.

She looked beyond hurt and betrayed, eyes shining with tears. "Rumple, is all of that true?"

"Belle..." Gold started.

Belle stepped back. "Is it true?" She pulled the dagger Gold gave her from her purse. "This is fake?"

Gold swallowed, lips thinning.

"Emma, Killian." Belle spoke to them, but her eyes remained on her husband. "Please, excuse us. My husband and I need to have a long talk."

Neither said anything as Emma grabbed his hook and dragged him out of there.

They didn't speak until they were outside of Killian's room at Granny's.

"If the crocodile keeps that hat, you and Elsa are in danger." Killian said.

"We'll be careful." Emma reassured him. "But I doubt he'll do anything with it now that Belle knows."

"Never underestimate him, love." Killian finally made eye contact with her, blue eyes full of fear for her.

"I know." Emma breathed, leaning closer to him. "You don't have to worry about me."

"I'll never stop worrying about you."

Emma smiled. How had she ever lived without this man in her life?

Their lips met halfway.

She pulled him close, his arms instinctively going around her, much like they had the night of their date.

The kiss stirred the ever present fire in both of them.

Killian pulled away first, forehead against hers. "Swan."

Emma waved her hand, magically opening the door. "Get inside pirate."

"So, you pillage and plunder on the second date?" Killian chuckled.

Emma smiled coyly, pushing him back into the room. "You've no idea."

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