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Chapter 15: Ash meets the Leader of Team Revenge

In the Last chapter of The Journey of a Betrayed Master Book 1: The Master Tournament:

With Ash

But Mei then pushed Hilda from Ash and placed her lips on his.

Ash then used his tongue on Mei as Mei then moaned.

A few seconds later, Hilda, and Mei then smiled.

" So now it looks like you kissed another two girls" Hilda said as Ash chuckled.

" Yeah, lucky me then" Ash said as the two females then rested on Ash's shoulder.

Ash then smiled as he placed his arms around them both.

" We love you, Ash" the two females said.

" I love you both too" Ash said.

Unknown to them, The three females then smiled and gave each other thumbs up.

With Chris

" Beat me on a 6 on 6 Pokemon battle, Orre Region rules, then that will prove me wrong" the man said.

Chris then smirked.

" Deal" Chris said as Infernape and Pikachu took a battle stance.

" Wait before we battle" the man then pushed a button, and the ground then started glowing white as it started descending.

" We'll battle there" the man said.

After a while, Chris saw that he was in a different place.

The place he was brought to was wide and the ground turned into a battlefield for Pokemon.

" Now let the battle begin" the man announced as he threw two Poke Balls to the field.

With Alessandra

" Hah! So what if you defeated Team Cipher before? Team Cipher was weak, we are Team Cipher Neo! With our new leader we can defeat any of your Pokemon!" The Team Cipher Neo members bragged.

" What do you want? We defeated you twice! What's your plan this time!" Wes demanded.

The leader then gave a dark and sinister smirk.

" Since you're begging for answers, I'll tell you." The leader said as Wes growled.

" Team Cipher Neo not only wants to spread word about Shadow Pokemon, but we're planning on destroying this pathetic region" The leader said as everyone's eyes widened in horror.

" You plan on destroying the Orre Region?" Wes said in disbelief.

The leader and his group just laughed away.

After explaining everything to Alessandra.

Wes then gave a sigh.

" Rui already asked me this question and I'm telling you the exact answer I told her. I won't or never will be evil again. I want to protect my home region and save it from any evil organisation." Wes said as Alessandra nodded her head in understanding while Rui and Michael smiled that Wes would stay good.

" Wait what about you, Michael? You have a similar machine to Wes's" Alessandra stated.

" Oh, mine only can capture any Shadow Pokemon or Wild Pokemon, it doesn't work on anyone else's Pokemon" Michael said as Alessandra nodded her head.

" Alright well let's continue waiting until Chris comes back" Alessandra said as everyone just nodded.

With Eva

Eva was currently searching around the forest.

" Tch, I'm so hungry. I should headed back to the camp" Eva said as she was deep in the forest.

' What was that pink blur that I saw?' Eva thought as she then saw the same pink blur again.

' There it is!' Eva thought as she then started running towards the pink blur.

As Eva was running, she then saw light at the end.

After a while, Eva saw a cliff nearby and there was a waterfall below.

" Where am I?" Eva asked.

"( You're at the end at the west of Kiou Island)" A voice behind her responded.

Eva then looked behind her and to her shock she saw a gray, sylph-like Pokémon with a white chest and arms that resembles a dress. It has a headdress which consists of pink crystals, four short ones cresting along top pointing upward and two long ones on either side of its head pointing downward, with a diamond-cut centre piece framed by its slim gray ears. A smaller pink crystal is also embedded in the back of its head, and a gold nugget is embedded in its forehead. Its eyes are red with pink irises. A gold crescent circles its neck, with the ends joined by a rhomboid gem. Its lower body resembles a large oblong chunk of stone, with a large pink crystal protruding from it. And on her hand she was wearing a Diancite.

It was a Diancie.

"( Hello my name is Diancie, and Eva Rullet, you are my new trainer)"

Normal POV

This then caused Eva's mind to be blown, a Legendary Pokemon was actually saying that she was her new Pokemon Trainer.

" W-what are you saying?" Eva asked as she stuttered a bit.

Diancie then giggled as she then circles around Eva.

"( Like I said that you, Eva Rullet are going to be my new Pokemon Trainer)." Diancie said again.

" Me? Are you sure that it's not someone else with my name?" Eva asked as Diancie giggled.

"( Do you know the Chosen One, Ash Ketchum)?" Diancie asked.

" Yeah, I do" Eva responded.

"( Are you friends with him)?" Diancie asked.

" Yeah, I am" Eva responded.

"( Are you and Ash on the same team in the Pokemon Masters Tournament)?" Diancie asked.

" Yes" Eva responded again.

"( Then that already proves it. If you know our Chosen One then you are my new trainer)" Diancie replied.

" Really?" Eva asked.

"( Yeah, when everyone told me that Kyurem got caught by the Trainer that was supposed to capture him, what was his name again? Oh yeah, Victor Silvers. So I wanted to be caught by the Trainer that was suppose to catch me, and that's why I sent signals to you)" Diancie explained.

" Then may I ask, why was I chosen to be your new Pokemon Trainer?" Eva asked in curiosity.

"( Well, Lady Arceus said that every member of your team will have a Legendary in your team, some of them actually chose which trainer they wanted, while the other's was chosen by Lady Arceus. I was chosen by Lady Arceus to be your Pokemon)" Diancie explained.

" Hmm, but Arceus never told us anything about this to us" Eva said.

"( Well, Lady Arceus did say that she didn't want you to know about this yet, so she said to have it kept as a secret. So please don't tell the others about this)" Diancie pleaded as she clasp her hands together.

Eva then smiled.

" Of course I won't" Eva said honestly as Diancie smiled.

"( Thank you very much)!" Diancie said happily as she twirled around in happiness.

Eva smiled as well as she got a Poke Ball out and threw it at Diancie.

But Diancie then dodge the Poke Ball by twirling around.

Eva was then shocked by that, Diancie said that she was meant to capture her, then why did she dodge the Poke Ball?

"( It is because, I want you to catch me like a normal Wild Pokemon, we Legendary Pokemon have a reputation to hold)" Diancie stated.

Eva then nodded at what Diancie said and took out a Poke Ball from her belt.

" I choose you Aegislash!"

Aegislash's body is comprised of a golden sword with the blade pointing downwards. The edge of the blade is white and somewhat serrated near the tip. Its single eye, which is purple with a white, linear pupil, sits where the blade meets the hilt, where it is surrounded by black coloration. The handle is thick at its base, tapers as it progresses to the end, and is striated. Two cloth-like arms emerge from the sides of the hilt. Each arm is primarily black and ends in lavender, transitioned by a slight whorl between the two colours.

The Royal Sword Pokemon then gave a loud cry of his name.

Aegislash then looked at his opponent and got ready.

" Aegislash change your form and use Iron Head!"

Aegislash then changed its form and carried its sword with one of his hands and his body becomes surrounded by a white aura, making it look like the colour of black and white. Aegislash then charges at Diancie and slams himself at her.

Diancie then grunts in pain as the Super effective move had struck her directly.

Diancie was then surrounded by a pink aura as a storm of pointy rocks were then formed and in the air as she then swiped her right hand and the sharp rocks then headed towards Aegislash.

" Aegislash, change your forms again and use King's Shield!"

Aegislash then changed back to his original form and a silver barrier was then formed in front of Aegislash.

As the rocks reached Aegislash, the silver barrier protected Aegislash from the attack.

" Alright good job Aegislash!" Eva praised.

" Now change forms again and use Sacred Sword!"

Aegislash then changed into his Attack Form and was then surrounded by red aura and charged at Diancie.

Diancie then formed pointy rocks again and shot it at Aegislash.

Aegislash then dodged the rocks with ease with the red aura still surrounding Aegislash.

Aegislash was about to slam himself at Diancie again but Diancie's eyes then turned blue as Aegislash was then surrounded by blue aura.

" Aegislash, quickly change your form!" Eva cried out in worry.

But it was to no avail as Diancie then slammed Aegislash to the ground. But that was not all as Diancie's body was then surrounded by yellow aura and she then slammed her fist into the ground, creating cracks that was headed towards Aegislash.

This caused smoke to cover the area as Eva was then forced to cover her eyes from the smoke.

Once the smoke had clear, Eva then saw Aegislash in his Defence Form and was covered with bruise marks all over his silver body.

" Good job Aegislash!" Eva praised.

Aegislash nodded as he was starting to change his form again.

Eva then looked at Diancie surrounded by yellow aura before looking back at Aegislash in horror.

" Aegislash, don't change your form!" Eva cried out.

But it was too late as Aegislash has finished changing into his Attack Form.

Cracks from the ground then headed towards Aegislash making the Royal Sword Pokemon to close his eyes as a small explosion then surrounded the place as Eva had to cover her eyes from the smoke.

Once the smoke had clear, Eva saw her Aegislash on the ground with swirls in his eyes, and Diancie still looking strong floating above him.

Eva smiled and took out Aegislash's Poke Ball and returned him, mumbling a few words of praise at the unconscious Pokemon before taking out another Poke Ball.

" Greninja time to battle!" Eva then threw her Poke Ball containing the Kalos Water Starter Pokemon as Greninja then appeared from the Poke Ball and gave a loud shout.

Greninja then got into his battle stance as soon as he saw his opponent.

" Greninja start it off with Hydro Pump!"

Greninja then jumped backwards as he then shot out a large torrent of water towards Diancie.

Diancie then dodged the attack with ease.

" Try it again, Greninja!" Eva called out.

Greninja nodded his head and shot out another torrent of water at Diancie once more.

But just like before, Diancie had dodge the attack with ease as she just twirls around, just like as she was dancing.

Eva then gritted her teeth, she has the clear advantage with Greninja being a Water Type but was also at a disadvantage with Greninja also being a Dark Type and Diancie being a Fairy Type.

Eva then shook her head, she needs to think confidently.

" Greninja use Water Shuriken!"

Greninja then shot out several shuriken's made out of water at Diancie.

Diancie then twirled around as she dodges the shuriken's.

" Well if that's the case use Aerial Ace!"

Greninja then had his arms wide as Greninja's hands then turned into a sharp blade that was white as Greninja ran at an unstoppable speed towards Diancie.

Diancie then grunted in pain as the attack had struck her directly.

" Now use Aerial Ace once again!" Eva instructed.

Greninja nodded his head as he was about to charge towards Diancie again.

But this time Diancie countered back, she was then surrounded by pink aura as a bright pink orb was being formed in her hands.

After she was done, she then shot it at Greninja, making the Water/Dark Type Pokemon to shout in pain and crash into a tree.

" Greninja!" Eva called out in worry.

Eva's worry then had stopped when Greninja then jumped back into the field.

Eva then noticed that Greninja has some bruises on his blue body.

" Greninja let's go in for the attack! Use Aerial Ace to move towards Diancie and then use Hydro Pump!"

Greninja then had his arms wide as Greninja's hands then turned into a sharp blade that was white as Greninja ran at an unstoppable speed towards Diancie.

And just when he was close enough, Greninja then shot out a powerful torrent of water at Diancie.

Diancie had no time to dodge the attack as she took the attack directly.

" Alright use Hydro Pump again!" Eva said

Greninja then shot a torrent of water at Diancie again.

Diancie however dodged it and shot out a pink orb from her hands at Greninja.

" Greninja quickly dodge it!" Eva called out in worry.

Fortunately, Greninja saw the attack coming at him as well and jumped upwards to dodge.

" Good job, Greninja!" Eva praised.

Diancie smiled as she notices the bond between Eva and her Greninja.

' Such a close bond. I'm happy to be with this trainer' Diancie thought.

But she decided to use this to her advantage as she was charging up a more powerful Moonblast.

Eva noticed this.

" Alright Greninja launch out your Hydro Cannon!"

Greninja nodded and looked at Diancie. Greninja then closed his and started concentrating.

As Greninja was concentrating, Diancie then launched out the pink orb at Greninja, and was heading towards the Ninja Pokemon at a very fast speed.

" Greninja stop charging the Hydro Cannon and dodge the attack!" Eva cried out in worry.

Greninja then opened his eyes to indeed see an attack coming at him.

Greninja then did a back flip as he dodged the attack.

But unfortunately Diancie had shot another one at him, right when he touched the ground again.

But this was a weaker one, so he was alright although it did hurt.

" Greninja are you alright?" Eva asked in concern.

Greninja nodded his head as he looked back at Diancie and saw that she was only breathing slightly.

" Greninja use Water Shuriken!" Eva called out.

Shuriken's were then headed for Diancie.

Diancie then dodges the shuriken's with much ease.

But then a torrent of water then shot at her once she had dodges all of the shuriken's.

Diancie then started to pant a bit more heavy as the fight was taking its toll on her.

She decided to end this as she then looked at Greninja and winked seductively at him.

Hearts then headed towards Greninja.

" Greninja dodge it!" Eva shouted.

But it was to no avail as Greninja then started looking at Diancie with hearts in his eyes, and drool was falling out from his mouth.

" Greninja!" Eva called out but it was to no avail.

"( Can you come over here, sweety)?" Diancie asked in her most seductive voice.

Greninja then felt his heart thumping out of his chest when he heard her speak.

"( Yes my darling)!" Greninja said as he hurriedly walks towards Diancie.

" Don't do it, Greninja!" Eva shouted.

But Greninja ignored his trainer's cries and walks closer to Diancie.

"( Good boy)" Diancie said seductively as she hovers closer to Greninja.

Diancie then places a kiss, Greninja then starts to glow red and a light yellow orb of energy flies from Greninja and into Diancie, draining all of Greninja's remaining energy.

This caused two different things.

For Diancie, some of the bruises disappeared and she was now breathing normally.

And for Greninja, he was lying on the ground, unconscious and had swirls in his eyes.

Eva sighed as she return the Ninja Pokemon back to his Poke Ball, muttering a few words of thanks to him.

Eva then got a quick look of Diancie.

She was covered with minimal bruises and was no longer breathing heavily.

She needed a Pokemon that was able to damage her, has a female gender and was able to take hits.

Eva then smirked as she had a Pokemon that fulfilled all of the conditions.

" Time to battle, Glaceon!" Eva said as she threw the Poke Ball that contains her starter.

Glaceon then gave a cry of her name as she looks at her trainer.

Glaceon then hopped into her arms with a cry of happiness as Eva smiled at her starter.

" Good to see you too Glaceon" Eva said as she patted her head.

Glaceon then gave a happy bark as she wagging her tail happily.

" Alright, let's win this Glaceon!" Eva said as Glaceon then got into her battle position and looks at Diancie with a determined look.

" Alright Glaceon start it off with Shadow Ball!" Glaceon then opens its mouth and forms a black and purple ball in front of her. Glaceon then shot it at Diancie.

Diancie then dodged the attack but part of the attack managed to hit her hand.

" Now quickly use Ice Beam!" A light blue ball forms at Glaceon's mouth. Multiple beams of the same colour are then shot from the ball at Diancie.

Diancie had no time to dodge as she was then sent flying to a tree.

" Now Poke Ball, let's go!" Eva then threw the red and white sphere at Diancie.

the ball then shook once, twice, thrice ( Holy Shit in the first ball?)

Before Diancie then broke free. ( Never mind)

Eva then cursed her luck.

" Glaceon use Ice Fang!" Glaceon then started running towards Diancie as she opens her mouth and cold aura surrounded her fangs.

But before she could reach Diancie, the Jewel Pokemon then shot a pink orb at Glaceon, making the Fresh Snow Pokemon cry out in pain and was then shot at the opposite direction.

" Glaceon counter it back with Return!"

Glaceon then ran towards Diancie and slams her body at her.

Diancie then flinched at the force of the attack. It had felt as it was a Double Edge instead of Return.

' Their bonds must be very close with each other' Diancie thought.

She then closed her eyes and concentrated.

Diancie was then surrounded by a pink aura as a storm of pointy rocks were then formed and in the air as she then swiped her right hand and the sharp rocks then headed towards Glaceon.

" Glaceon hurry and dodge it!" Eva cried in worry.

Glaceon managed to dodge most of the pointy rocks but the rest managed to land several direct hits on her.

Eva had a good look of her Pokemon. Glaceon had several bruises and was breathing heavily.

" Glaceon use Ice Beam again!" A light blue ball forms at Glaceon's mouth. Multiple beams of the same colour are then shot from the ball at Diancie.

Diancie then counters it as she shot a pink orb from her hands.

The two attacks then collided and created a small explosion.

" Glaceon end this with Last Resort!" Glaceon then charged at Diancie as a powerful white aura surrounded her.

Diancie then shot out her Diamond Storm, but Glaceon managed to destroy it and continues her run towards Diancie.

Diancie already knowing what would happen to her, had her eyes close shut.

Glaceon then slams herself as Diancie then shouts in pain as Diancie fell to the ground with barely enough energy to fight back.

" Poke Ball, I choose you!" Eva then threw the Poke Ball at Diancie.

The ball then started shaking once, twice, thrice, and clicked, signalling a successful capture.

Eva then smiles as she hugs her Glaceon in thanks.

" Thank you Glaceon, you were amazing" Eva praised as Glaceon then gives a tired bark in response.

" Return and take some rest, you deserved it" Eva said as a red beam of light then touches Glaceon and sends her back into her Poke Ball.

Eva then picked up her newly caught Diancie's Poke Ball and smiled.

She could and would be useful in the Pokemon Masters Tournament.

Eva then looked up into the sky and noticed that the sun was starting to rise.

She felt tired and hungry from this, and when she reaches camp, she was going to eat and then have a long and nice rest.

Eva then sighed as she then started walking towards the forest and to the camp.

With Alessandra

Alessandra and the group then went back to the Research Lab, wanting to tell Prof. Krane about the situation.

" I see, so Team Cipher returns and they had already begun their Shadow Pokemon plan and they plan on destroying the Orre Region? This is really a turn of events." Prof. Krane stated as he had his hand under his chin.

" What do you mean Professor?" Michael asked.

" I mean for three years Team Cipher had not made a move and needed a scientist to complete their ultimate Shadow Pokemon, and now they return after 5 Years with another Shadow Pokemon plan so we don't know what they have in store for us" Prof. Krane explained.

The others then let the information sink in them.

Wes was then the first to answer.

" But even though all that, I'm going to kick their ass!" Wes declared boldly.

" Me too!" Michael added.

But Prof. Krane shook his head in disapproval.

" No as much as you two are the strongest trainers of Orre, have you forgotten about Evice or Nascour?" Prof. Krane said as Wes slightly flinched.

" Or even Ardos, Eldes and Greevil" Prof. Krane said as Michael flinched this time.

" Both of you barely managed to defeat these people, so don't think that you're the best just yet. We need more people to fight with us and experienced as well" Prof. Krane said.

Everyone then wondered about it, while Rui just rolled her eyes in annoyance.

" Don't you guys know that we already have two of those people?" Rui asked.

" Do we?" Wes asked.

" Who is it?" Michael asked.

" I would like to know as well" Prof. Krane added.

Rui then face palmed.

" Boys" Rui mumbled.

" It's Alessandra and Chris!" Rui said as everyone then made an 'o' face.

Even Alessandra was shocked.

" Me?"

" Wait but we don't even know how strong they are!" Wes argued.

Rui then rolled her eyes.

" Have you forgotten that Chris almost beat you and Alessandra took out those Cipher Members" Rui countered back.

Wes then grumbled as he knew he had lost the fight.

Prof. Krane then looked around.

" Wait where is Chris?" Prof. Krane asked.

" He's still in the chamber" Michael replied.

" Yeah and I'm going back, I'm worried that he comes out and noticed that we're gone" Alessandra said.

But then a man then ran into the room.

" Prof. Krane" the man said.

" What is it?" Prof. Krane asked.

" Some of the researchers has saw a few Team Cipher Members head into the forest" the man replied.

Everyone's eyes then widened in shock.

" Hurry to the forest!" Prof. Krane shouted and everyone nodded.

Once everyone had reached the forest, they all saw a few Cipher Members in front of them and in the middle was a man that Michael thought he would not see again.

The man had light blue hair, and was wearing sunglasses. He was also wearing a red and black robe that has the Team Cipher logo on it, he also had a red cape.

" Ardos!" Michael shouted.

The man revealed as Ardos then smirked.

" Ah, the brat that spoiled our plans five years ago" Ardos growled.

" What are you doing here Ardos?" Michael asked through a growl.

Ardos then had a dark smirk on his face as he looked at Michael.

" We came here for the Nagura Treasure, when I heard that a Nagura was back, I was almost certain that he would take his belongings" Ardos explained with a dark smile.

" You are not going to get what you want!" Alessandra shouted as she took out her Poke Ball.

" Get rid of them" Ardos said as the researches of the Research Lab attacked the grunts while two people walked up beside him.

The first was a female that looked around the age of 18. She has black hair and green hazel eyes, she was currently wearing a blue shirt that had the Cipher logo and a pink skirt.

The second was a male and was no older than 23. He has red hair and brown droopy eyes, he was currently wearing a red leather jacket and a white shirt inside that had the Cipher logo. He was also wearing blue jeans.

" Jasmine, Jack. are you two ready to battle?" Ardos asked as the two nodded their heads.

" Good now let this battle commence" Ardos said as the three then threw their Poke Balls with Alessandra, Wes and Michael doing the same.

This was a battle in front of the Nagura Chamber's.

With Chris

Chris's Infernape and Pikachu both looked at their opponents

The first was a three-headed, draconic Pokémon with six thin, black wings on its back each of which ends in two points. On its neck is a fuchsia-coloured collar which surrounds its head. The main head is dark blue and its eyes are black with fuchsia pupils. Its hands are also black and harbour a head in each one; these heads are similarly blue with black eyes. There are small collars on the inside of its hands. On its abdomen are two overall-like fuchsia stripes. Its feet appear atrophied, having no claws or defined soles and two or three small toes. Its tail also sports a fuchsia stripe with a black tuft on the end of it.

It was a Hydreigon.

The second was a set of Diglett triplets sharing a single body. Each head has brown skin, black eyes, and a large, round, pink nose.

It was a Dugtrio.

Chris then gritted his teeth, this was not a good match up by type.

" Infernape, Pikachu return. I'll use you two at a different time" Chris said as he returned his two Pokemon.

The man then looked at Chris with a bored look on his face.

" At least you know your Pokémon's Type Disadvantage. Oh wait Nagura's knows this. Never mind" the man said

Chris then growled at the comment.

" Lapras, Pidgeot time to battle!" Chris then threw two Poke Balls into the field and both Lapras and Pidgeot appeared from their Poke Balls.

" Lapras use Ice Beam on Dugtrio and Pidgeot use Air Slash on Hydreigon!"

A light blue ball forms at Lapras's mouth. Multiple beams of the same colour are then shot from the ball at Dugtrio.

Pidgeot then started slashing the air, sending several invisible blades at Hydreigon.

" Dugtrio use Dig to avoid it and Hydreigon dodge the attack!"

Dugtrio then burrowed his way underground, dodging the Ice Attack, but Lapras then started shooting the attack on the ground turning the field into ice.

" What?" The man said in shock.

Hydreigon however was not having the best of luck as he was unable to dodge every blade.

" Hydreigon Draco Meteor!" the man called out.

Hydreigon then flew upwards as it gave a loud roar as a sphere of bright orange energy forms inside of Hydreigon's mouth and it fired it into the sky, where it explodes and releases several spheres of energy that rain downs on Lapras and Pidgeot.

" Pidgeot use Double Team to dodge and Lapras use Blizzard on all of those meteors!" Chris called out.

Pidgeot then started creating illusions of himself as the meteors then started destroying one illusion after another.

Lapras however just shot out snowflakes from her mouth and into the sky.

The snowflakes then started causing the meteor to slow down and crashed to the ground, damaging no one.

But the impact from the fall managed to cause a small earthquake that caused Dugtrio to rise up in pain.

It has also destroyed the ice on the field.

" Now Lapras end that Dugtrio's misery with Blizzard!"

Lapras then shot a powerful snowflake at Dugtrio making the Ground Type Pokemon faint as he has swirl in his eyes.

The man then sighed as he returned his Dugtrio to his Poke Ball.

" I choose you Darmanitan!"

A red, squat ape-like Pokémon then appeared. It has long, bushy flame eyebrows that curl at the base, and round, black-ringed eyes. The upper portion of its tan face is separated from the lower portion by a diagonal red stripe, and its large mouth sports spiked teeth. All these facial features give the impression of a manic or angered expression. Its head has no discernible neck to distinguish it from the rest of the body and its rounded back, which culminates in a stubby tail. It has long arms with spiky hair fringes on the wrists and large tan hands, with a similar arrangement for its hind limbs.

It was a Darmanitan.

Chris then cursed himself. this was not good for him.

" Pidgeot aim for that Darmanitan and use Brave Bird! Lapras use Ice Beam on that Hydreigon!"

Pidgeot then flies straight into the air and his body becomes surrounded in red fire, it then flies straight at Darmanitan and the fire around his body turns into a light blue, and charges into Darmanitan.

A light blue ball forms at Lapras's mouth. Multiple beams of the same colour are then shot from the ball at Hydreigon.

" Darmanitan catch that bird! Hydreigon counter back with a hot Flamethrower!"

Darmanitan then looked at Pidgeot and stretched out his arms wide and when Pidgeot was already close he had caught Pidgeot's wings which shocked Chris and Pidgeot.

Hydreigon then shot out red-orange flames from his mouth, pushing the Ice Beam back and landed a direct hit on the Transportation Pokemon.

" Darmanitan use Flare Blitz on Pidgeot!"

Darmanitan's body becomes surrounded in a light blue flame and it then shoots himself like a missile at Pidgeot, slamming into the Bird Pokemon. As it fired himself at Pidgeot, a stream of light blue flame was left behind him.

Pidgeot then cried in pain as it was then pushed back all the in front of Chris.

" Pidgeot, Lapras are you two alright?" Chris asked in worry.

Both Pokemon then nodded their heads.

Chris then noticed that his Pidgeot's wings were burnt.

" Pidgeot you need some rest" Chris said as he returned his Bird Pokemon to his Poke Ball.

Chris then had to think.

' Lapras can take on both Darmanitan and Hydreigon. But who else should I use?' Chris thought before taking out a Poke Ball from his belt.

" I choose you Pikachu!"

Chris's Electric Type then appeared on his four legs and sparks were then being emitted in his red cheeks.

" Lapras use Hydro Pump on Darmanitan and Pikachu use Thunderbolt on the Hydro Pump!"

Lapras then shot out a powerful torrent of water at Darmanitan and Pikachu then shot out electricity from his body and shot it at the water.

The Hydro Pump attack was then being surrounded by sparks of electricity from Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack.

The man then looked on emotionless as the attack neared his Darmanitan.

" Darmanitan push the water away with your Thunder Punch!"

Darmanitan's fist was then coated in electricity as he then punched the water, the water was then punched in half.

" What?!" Chris said in shock.

" Darmanitan use Protect! Hydreigon use Earthquake!"

A green barrier then surrounded Darmanitan while Hydreigon came crashing down before he stomped the ground creating a powerful earthquake.

Lapras and Pikachu shouted in pain from the attack.

" Pikachu! Lapras! Are you two alright?" Chris asked in concern.

Both Pokemon then turned to him and nodded their heads.

Chris noticed that Pikachu's yellow body was covered with bruises while Lapras had it worse, burn marks and bruises were all over her beautiful body.

Chris then noticed that his Hydreigon was slightly panting while his Darmanitan was perfectly fine.

' Need to take out that Hydreigon, now' Chris thought.

" Lapras Blizzard at Hydreigon!" Chris said.

Lapras then shot out snowflakes from her mouth and it was all towards Hydreigon.

" Hydreigon dodge it!" the man said.

As Hydreigon dodged all of the snowflakes, Hydreigon saw Chris's Pikachu's body was surrounded by golden electricity, its body looks black and white while covered in electricity. Pikachu then tackles Hydreigon, making the Hydreigon cry out i pain.

" Darmanitan help Hydreigon out use Hammer Arm on that Pikachu!"

One of Darmanitan's hands was then surrounded by a bright light as it then runs towards Pikachu.

But before that Lapras then shot out a torrent of water at Darmanitan, causing the Fire Type Pokemon to cry in pain.

The man then saw that his Darmanitan was heavily bruised and his Hydreigon was already unconscious and had swirls in his eyes.

And before he could return his Hydreigon, A thunderbolt then struck Darmanitan causing the Blazing Pokemon to shout out and faint beside his partner.

The man then looked up and saw Chris had a smirk on his face and his Pikachu and Lapras breathing heavily but with a smile on their faces as well.

The man then returned his two fallen Pokemon, mumbling a few words of thanks to them.

Chris was then breathing heavily, this battle was intense.

' I defeated half of his team. I know that dad always said not to be over confident during battle but I think I can beat him' Chris thought as he grip his hands tight.

He then noticed that his two Pokemon were on the verge of fainting.

" Are you two alright? Can you still battle?" Chris asked.

Both Pokemon looked at him with a smile, showing that they can still battle.

Chris nodded his head showing that he understood.

The man then looked at Chris and smiled.

' That boy sure has grown up' the man thought before taking out two Poke Balls.

" I'm impressed with how this battle has gone so far, you are a strong trainer after all" the man said.

" But this battle is not over yet. so far I have used my weakest and now it's time for you to meet me elites" The man then threw the two Poke Balls that he was holding into the field.

A large, bulky, ape-like bipedal Pokémon appeared from his Poke Ball. Most of its fur is brown, along with the semi-circle patterning encircling its eyes. Its face, chest, hands, and feet are lighter in colour. Its brows are thick and jutting. It has a white collar of fur around its neck, extending toward the top of its head in a small tuft. It also has a large, pink, pig-like nose.

It was a Slaking.

The second however was a white bipedal Pokémon with a lower body resembling a slim gown with a green underside. It has long, slender, white legs underneath the gown, and green hair that curls down the sides of its head. There are spikes on the side of its face, resembling a masquerade mask. It has green arms and long, slender fingers that resemble gloves. A red fin-like horn extends from its chest, and a shorter, more rounded horn extends from the back. A band of green on its chest extends to the centremost horn and connects to its sleeve-like arms.

It was a Gardevoir.

" These two have always won their battle that only Charles and Heather seen my final Pokemon before" the man said

Chris then adjusted his cap, the real battle starts now.

" Pikachu use Thunderbolt on Slaking! Lapras use Hydro Pump on Gardevoir!"

Pikachu then shot out electricity from his body at Slaking.

Lapras then shot out a torrent of water at Gardevoir.

" Slaking use Bulk Up to protect Gardevoir! Gardevoir use Skill Swap!"

Slaking then got in front of Gardevoir and then flexes his arms and his body was then surrounded by a crimson aura.

The attacks then struck him directly but he paid no attention to it.

Gardevoir then raised her hands and she and Slaking then glowed bright.

Yellow orbs then flies from both of them and into one another.

The Skill Swap was successful.

Chris then gritted his teeth in anger.

' Damn it'

" Time for some revenge. Slaking use your Earthquake on Pikachu and Lapras!"

Slaking then jumped up in the air and slams in the ground.

Pikachu, Lapras and Gardevoir all shouted in pain.

Chris then flinched as he saw his Pikachu barely able to stand, his Lapras was slightly better and the Gardevoir was barely hurt at all.

Chris then raised his hands as his cap covered his eyes.

" I forfeit Pikachu" Chris said as Pikachu and the man then looked at him with a shocked look.

" Pikachu is too hurt, I'm not going to risk him at all " Chris said as he picked up Pikachu who was still angry for being forfeited but was also happy that his trainer cared for him.

Chris then returned his yellow companion back to his Poke Ball and took out another.

" Time to battle again Pidgeot!" Chris then threw the Poke Ball to the field.

Chris's Flying Type the appeared in the field with a loud squawk.

" Slaking use Hyper Beam on Pidgeot, Gardevoir use Focus Blast on Lapras!"

Slaking then shot out an orange beam from his mouth at Pidgeot.

Gardevoir just concentrated as a ball of energy was being formed in her arms, once she was done, a sphere of energy made out of concentration was formed in Gardevoir's hands, before she launched it at Lapras.

" Pidgeot, Lapras dodge it!" Chris called out in worry.

Pidgeot managed to dodge the Hyper Beam, but part of the attack managed to hit Pidgeot's wing causing the Bird Pokemon to crash to the ground.

Lapras managed to avoid the attack by countering the Focus Blast with an Ice Beam.

The two attacks looked like it was an even match but then the Focus Blast pushed the Ice Beam back.

" Lapras!" Chris shouted in worry.

The Focus Blast then landed a direct hit on Lapras, but Lapras still able to stay conscious.

Chris then saw that Lapras was fighting to stay conscious.

" Lapras if you can't fight anymore, just give up. I won't be mad or disappointed at you, you did your very best!" Chris shouted at the Transportation Pokemon.

' No, if you didn't help me when I was sick, I would have died and wouldn't be here, I promise that I will help you be the best. And I will!' Lapras thought determinedly.

Lapras then gave a cry as she then shot a torrent of water at herself.

" Lapras!" Chris shouted in worry.

the man then shook his head in disappointment.

" Your own Pokemon that attacked herself means you pushed her too far. Tsk, what kind of a trainer are you?" The man said.

But unknown to everyone, Lapras was healing herself with her ability.

Lapras then gave the most beautiful cry ever as she was shining brightly with no bruise on her body at all.

Everyone's eyes then widened their eyes in shock.

" What?!" the man said in shock.

Chris was the most shocked, he always thought her ability was Shell Armour an ability that prevent critical hits but her apparent ability was Water Absorb.

Chris then looked as Lapras gave a happy cry as Chris ran to his Lapras and hugged her.

" I'm sorry for ever doubting you, Lapras" Chris said.

" Do you still want to battle with me?" Chris asked.

Lapras nodded her head.

The man then smirked as he gripped his hands together in excitement.

He had felt this feeling before, the feeling he had when he battled Charles. The feeling that he felt was the feeling of fighting the strongest of trainer's.

" Well this battle is really heating up, eh?" the man said.

" Yeah your right" Chris responded.

" Well anyways, it's your turn" the man said.

" Pidgeot Brave Bird the Slaking! Lapras Hydro Pump the Gardevoir!"

Pidgeot then flies straight into the air and his body becomes surrounded in red fire, it then flies straight at Slaking and the fire around his body turns into a light blue, and charges into Slaking.

Lapras then shot out a more powerful torrent of water at Gardevoir who could nothing since she now had the Truant ability.

Both Pokemon of the man then grunted in pain.

While Chris's Pidgeot was breathing heavily, Lapras was perfectly fine.

The man's hair then covered his eyes.

" Gardevoir tactic 39, are you up for it?" The man asked.

Gardevoir nodded.

" Alright Gardevoir use Destiny Bond on Lapras!"

Gardevoir's eyes then turned purple as did Lapras.

" Now Slaking use Giga Impact at Gardevoir!"

Slaking then shot himself in the air and was surrounded by an invisible energy. A bright light of yellow light appears in front of its face and it then shoot itself towards Liepard and an orb of light purple energy with spiralling light yellow streaks around it appear around Slaking's body and slams into Gardevoir with great force.

This caused Gardevoir to fall to the ground, unconscious.

Chris's eyes widened in shock as he saw his Lapras crying out in pain before the Transportation Pokemon fell to the ground unconscious with swirls in her eyes.

" Pidgeot quick use Brave Bird on Slaking!"

Pidgeot then flies straight into the air and his body becomes surrounded in red fire, it then flies straight at Slaking and the fire around his body turns into a light blue, and charges into Slaking.

Slaking then grunted in pain.

" Now start using Air Slash on Slaking!"

Pidgeot then started slashing the air, sending invisible blades of air at Slaking.

Slaking managed to withstand all of the blades from Pidgeot.

" Now use Hurricane!"

Pidgeot then started flapping his large wings creating a hurricane in the field that was aiming for Slaking.

Slaking just took the attack with almost no problem at all as the hurricane started turning him around before he crashed to the ground.

Pidgeot then started breathing even more heavily as he had send three attacks in a row.

" Slaking end that Pidgeot's misery with a powerful Hyper Beam!"

Slaking then shot a quick and powerful orange beam from his mouth at the unsuspecting Bird Pokemon.

Pidgeot then cried in pain as he then fainted to the ground with swirls in his eyes.

Chris's eyes widened in shock before walking to his two Pokemon and thanked them.

Chris then returned his two fallen Pokemon before sucking in some air and started breathing it out.

Chris then took his cap off and threw it to the ground showing the world his blue onyx eyes and spiky hair.

Chris then took out two Poke Balls from his belt and smiled.

" Time for the real battle to begin!"" Chris said with an excited grin on his face.

With Ash

Ash then started waking up, last night he was brought here by the three girls that he had given his heart to, to kiss another two girls that he has also given his heart to.

Ash then noticed that there was weight on his body, he then noticed that five girls were on top of him.

Among those five girls are Amanda, Iris, Serena, Hilda and Mei.

Ash was very sure that he slept with just Hilda and Mei. He then thought that the latter three joined them when they were asleep.

Ash decided to wake the females up as he had woke up as well.

And just when they had awoken from their slumber, Ash had kissed all of their foreheads causing the females to blush.

Ash smiled as the girls managed to shrug off their blush and all kissed Ash on his cheek, and this time Ash had to blush.

The girls all noticed this and giggled as they then ran off to the camp.

Ash then shrugged as the five were now his girlfriends so he thought it was normal, he then started running to the camp as well.

As he had reached the camp he saw everyone already awake and Gary cooking some breakfast.

As he greeted everyone a good morning he then saw Eva appearing from the forest looking tired.

After Eva had told them what she the events that happened to her last night, everyone started asking her questions.

" Wow so you met Diancie on the island just like I did with Kyurem?" Victor asked in amazement as Kyurem was talking with Diancie, while eating their breakfast.

" Yeah and she was very hard to beat in a fight" Eva admitted.

" Well what can you expect from a Legendary Pokemon?" Arctic said.

" Yeah but how did you manage to fare, after not being able to eat dinner yesterday and you didn't even sleep considering you have dark eye circles" Mike said in worry.

Eva then waved it off as she continues to eat her food.

But amongst everyone Paul was the most worried about Eva.

He thought that she would have returned after a few minutes in the least but he was wrong.

Paul then had lost his appetite to eat as he thought about it.

Arceus then stood up.

" Alright after eating we're going to continue training as usual but I'm sure Eva would like to take a rest for the day, am I right?" Arceus asked.

Eva nodded her head and finished the last bite of her food her before walking to her camp.

Paul saw this and frowned.

Luciana noticed this and gave him a reassuring smile.

Paul smiled at her back and the group then started walking to the training ground.

But among the group that was working hard were Gary and Melanie.

The two were currently in the rock field.

And in front of Gary was his Darmanitan, but his Darmanitan was bigger than most and his right eye had a large scar on it.

And in front of Melanie was a large, sea lion-like Pokémon with a layer of blubber under its skin. It is primarily blue, with thin, white rings around its neck and lines on its fan-like tailfin. There are two long, ivory tusks in its upper jaw. It has a round snout and yellow eyes, and large tufts of white fur about its face and neck. Its four short legs have long flippers instead of feet.

It was a Walrein.

The two then started their practice battle.

After a while, the field looked like it was destroyed, there were holes in most parts of the field.

But the two Pokemon were still able to battle but they were also covered in bruises.

Both Gary and Melanie had smirks on their face.

The battle was about to be over very soon.

" Darmanitan use Hammer Arm!"

One of Darmanitan's hands was then surrounded by a bright light as it then runs towards Walrein.

Melanie didn't say anything as her long black hair covered her eyes.

As Darmanitan neared Walrein, Melanie then looked up.

" Dodge it, Walrein!" Walrein then jumped off to the side completely dodging the attack from Darmanitan.

" Now Walrein end the match with a Hydro Pump!"

Walrein then shot out a torrent of water at Darmanitan causing the Blazing Pokemon to cry out in pain as he crashed into a rock.

But he was still able to stay conscious and glare at Walrein.

But then both Darmanitan and Walrein were then hit by a red beam of light, being returned back to their Poke Balls.

Both Gary and Melanie then smiled as they walked to the centre of the field and shook hands.

" That was a good battle" Gary said as Melanie smiled and nodded her head in agreement.

" It was but..." Melanie started.

" But?" Gary asked.

" We better hope that Arceus would not kill us" Melanie joked as Gary was confused at first before he paled and looked at the field, only to notice it destroyed and completely wrecked.

And before Melanie knew it, she was being carried, bridal style by Gary who was starting to run.

" What are you doing you idiot?" Melanie asked as her face was red in embarrassment.

" I'm trying to save our butts before Arceus kill us" Gary responded but he then tripped on a rock and he dropped Melanie on the ground while he fell as well.

Melanie then got up and rubbed her aching head.

She then noticed that Gary on top of her.

She then blushed at the position that they were currently both in.

Gary seemed to have noticed this as well and blushed a deep crimson red.

But both of them didn't even bother to move it felt...amazing to them.

For Melanie, she had never been up close with a male before so this was a new experience to her.

Meanwhile for Gary, he had been close with females before but never this close like he was in right now. He said that he liked Alessandra but she already like Chris so he has no chance anyways.

Gary then felt himself leaning forward to Melanie as Melanie started leaning towards Gay as well.

But their moment was ruined as they heard whistling and a flash of light behind them.

They looked behind and saw both Arctic and Nicolas standing behind them with matching smirks on their faces. And Arctic was holding a camera in his hand.

" Wow, were we interrupting something?" Arctic said as he smirked as Gary and Melanie got off each other and had blushes on their faces that they would make tomatoes jealous.

" N-n-no w-we were-" Melanie stuttered but was unable to create a full sentence due to the blush on her face.

" We were only trying to uh-" Gary was unable to finish his sentence as Nicolas held out his hands in front of him.

" No we get it" Nicolas said as the two then looked shocked.

" you do?" they both asked.

" Yeah, you two like each other and want to express it like this" Nicolas replied as the two then blushed furiously at that.

But before they could protest, Arctic had already started talking.

" Don't worry about it, we'll just tell Ash about this, nothing more alright" Arctic said as the two then quickly ran off.

The two then looked at each other and sighed.

They just hope something good can come out from this.

With Ash

Ash and Pikachu were currently in the ice field with three members of Team Goddess.

The three were Candice, Korrina and Lyra.

In front of Ash was his Alakazam, but this Alakazam was different.

It has a large white beard and its moustache becomes larger and white. The armour-like sections become bulkier, with its upper body section becoming slightly shorter to reveal its thin stomach. The head becomes diamond-shaped. It keeps its four ear-like spikes, and gains a large, oval, red organ in the centre of its forehead. Its lower legs become longer and slimmer and its feet become skinnier and resemble talons. It gains three additional spoons, which it levitates in the air.

It was a Mega Alakazam.

The other females had different Pokemon with them.

For Korrina was her trusty Lucario.

But hers was also Mega Evolved.

In front of Candice was a large, bipedal creature covered in shaggy, white fur. It has pale purple eyes with bushy eyebrows and long strands of fur covering its mouth. Two tufts of longer fur grow on both its back and chest, with the chest fur being longer on the female. Its hands, feet, and tail are dark green and spiky, similar to the foliage of an evergreen tree. On its back are four green spikes that resemble pinecones.

It was an Abomasnow.

And in front of Lyra was a white, avian Pokémon with an ovoid body. While its feet are small and situated closely together, its wings are broad and triangular. Red and blue triangular markings over its underside, and it has a short tail consisting of three feathers. On the back of its head are three spikes: a red tipped on the right, a blue tipped one on the left, and a pure white one in the middle. It has a relatively flat face and small, black eyes.

It was a Togekiss.

All three Pokemon were looking at Alakazam who has his eyes closed.

" Mega Lucario use Aura Sphere!"

" Abomasnow use Ice Beam!"

" Togekiss use Aura Sphere as well!"

Both Mega Lucario and Togekiss started concentrating before a blue ball of energy started growing in their hands and mouth respectively. The two then launched it at Mega Alakazam.

A light blue ball forms at Abomasnow's mouth. Multiple beams of the same colour are then shot from the ball at Mega Alakazam.

Ash did neither look up nor say anything as Mega Alakazam teleported away from the attacks by using his psychic energy and teleport behind the three Pokemon.

" Mega Alakazam use Focus Blast on Abomasnow!" Ash said as he finally looked up.

Mega Alakazam then started concentrated as a ball of energy was being formed in his arms, and once he was done, a sphere of energy made out of concentration was formed in Mega Alakazam's hands, before he launched it at Abomasnow.

" Mega Lucario protect Abomasnow by countering back with Aura Sphere!"

Before the Focus Blast even got close to Abomasnow, Mega Lucario shot out a blue sphere of energy at the incoming attack.

The two attacks then collided causing an explosion in the middle of the field.

Once the smoke had cleared, the ice was starting to break but was still able to hold the weight of all the Pokemon.

But the more important to know was Lucario was covered in bruises while Mega Alakazam was still meditating with no damage at all.

" Togekiss use Sky Attack!"

" Abomasnow use Seed Bomb!"

Togekiss was then surrounded by an orange aura and shot herself in the air before she started flying straight at Mega Alakazam.

Abomasnow then sucked in some air before shooting out a large and thick seed into the air, and the seed was starting to drop straight down at Mega Alakazam.

" Mega Alakazam use Psychic on the seed and shoot it at Togekiss!"

Mega Alakazam's eyes then turned blue as the seed on top of Mega Alakazam was surrounded by blue aura and was then shot at Togekiss's direction.

" Now Abomasnow!" Candice shouted.

Abomasnow then appeared behind Mega Alakazam and his fist was surrounded by orange aura and slams his fist at Mega Alakazam.

Mega Alakazam was then sent flying into the air and Mega Alakazam had also lost his control of the seed.

But it was not done as Togekiss struck Mega Alakazam directly from the attack and Mega Alakazam was then crashing to the ground.

" Mega Alakazam use Psychic on Togekiss!"

Mega Alakazam's eyes then glowed blue and so did Togekiss.

" Togekiss try and break free!" Lyra cried.

But it was to no avail as Mega Alakazam then started controlling Togekiss and placed her under Mega Alakazam.

As the two fell Mega Alakazam left untouched but Togekiss was unconscious and had swirls in her eyes.

" Togekiss!" Lyra cried as she ran to her Pokemon.

" Are you okay?" Lyra asked in concern.

"( I-I-I'm fine)" Togekiss said shakily.

Lyra then smiled as she thanked Togekiss for her hard work and returned her back to her Poke Ball.

Ash smiled as he saw the interaction between Lyra and her Pokemon.

But he then snapped his attention back to the battle.

" Lucario use Dark Pulse!"

" Abomasnow use Hyper Beam!"

Lucario then shot out negative energy pulse at Mega Alakazam.

Abomasnow then shot out an orange beam from his mouth and shot it at Mega Alakazam.

Ash smirked as he saw the two attacks neared Mega Alakazam.

" Mega Alakazam use Teleport to escape!" Mega Alakazam then nodded as he teleported away from the attacks by using his psychic energy and teleport behind the three Pokemon again.

" Mega Alakazam use Energy Blast!"

Mega Alakazam's body was then surrounded by orange aura as a powerful orange sphere was created before the sphere then shot out two beams at both Mega Lucario and Abomasnow.

Both Pokemon then cried in pain as they were sent flying.

" Mega Alakazam end it with Typhoon Blast!"

Mega Alakazam then closed his eyes as strong winds started appearing in the skies.

Mega Alakazam then opened his eyes and the sky started raining and Mega Alakazam then started creating a sphere of water and wind and shot it at the two Pokemon that were on the ground.

Both Pokemon were wide eyed as the attack neared them.

An explosion then could be seen as the rain then started clearing up.

" Mega Lucario/Abomasnow!" Both Korrina and Candice shouted out worried, respectively.

As the smoke has disappeared everyone then saw Lucario returning to his original form with swirls in his eyes and Abomasnow with swirls in his eyes as well.

The two girls sighed as they thanked their fallen Pokemon and returned them to their Poke Balls.

Mega Alakazam then reverted back to his normal form and teleported beside Ash.

" Good job, Alakazam" Ash praised as Alakazam smiled at the praise.

Alakazam remembered the day when he was caught by Ash.

He was a small Abra when he met Ash. He was in the desert taking a nap, when a horde of Dugtrio and Trapinch's surrounded him and because of their ability Arena Trap, he was unable to teleport away.

But then Ash suddenly arrived and managed to defeat all of them easily with the Pokemon he had with him. He wanted to be strong just like how his Pokemon was, so he joined.

And from then on, he had evolved twice into an Alakazam.

He was now very strong but not strong enough to be in Ash's Elite Team but was strong enough to be the Leader of his second team.

He will always stay loyal to Ash and help him no matter what, even if Ash turned evil somehow, he would still help Ash.

Ash then walked to the girls and smiled at them.

" Hey that was a good fight" Ash said honestly but this didn't make the girls smile at all.

" We were facing you three on one and we still lost" Lyra said sadly.

" That and we didn't even damage your Alakazam a lot" Korrina added making it worse.

Ash, only knowing one thing to do brought the three girls closer to him.

The girls then blushed at the contact.

" You three did your hardest and that should be what really matters" Ash whispered to their ears.

To finish things up, Ash placed a kiss to girl's foreheads, causing them to blush crimson red, and faint to the ground.

Pikachu laughed at the three females before running up Ash's broad shoulder.

Argo saw the whole scene and walked over to him.

" Was that necessary?" Argo asked as he raised an eyebrow.

Ash shrugged and the two then started walking to camp.

" hey Ash can I ask you a question?" Argo asked.

" Sure" Ash replied.

" How do you manage to change your Pokemon all the time? Last time you didn't have your Alakazam and today you have him?" Argo asked.

Ash smiled as he took out his Pokegear.

" You see Bill managed to make it so that my Pokegear able to send in my Poke Balls from my home to where I am" Ash replied

" Now that's really cool" Argo replied as they reached the camp.

Ash then felt a presence of dark aura behind him.

He then looked at the back and saw a shadowy figure running at the opposite end of the woods.

" Hey stop!" Ash shouted as he started running to catch the shadowy figure.

As Ash started chasing the man, he felt something familiar about him.

Ash then noticed that the man had brought them to a small clearing.

" Hmm, so you are still alive, Ash Ketchum" the man said as Ash's eyes widened in shock.

" How do you know me?" Ash asked in shock.

The man then chuckled as he started to turn around.

Ash's eyes then widened in shock, as the man turned around he has a good look at the man.

The man has Greyish Blue hair that reaches his shoulder, he has light green coloured eyes. He is wearing a cloak that has the symbol of Team Revenge.

But more importantly, Ash couldn't care less, he knows who this man was.

Ash had fought him when he was younger in the Sinnoh League Semi Finals.

This man was none other than Tobias.

Pokemon Dialogue

Christopher Dragkrow: Alright then cliffhanger to end this story, hoped that you all enjoyed reading this story just as much as I did writing this.

Ash Ketchum: Yeah such a shame that we couldn't see more of this

Christopher Dragkrow: But who said this is the end? This is just the beginning and the sequel of this story will tell everything else of it.

Ash Ketchum: So technically this is not the end

Christopher Dragkrow: Exactly.

Ash Ketchum: Great

Christopher Dragkrow: Alright, anyways thank you to all the people who enjoy reading this story. This maybe the end right now but the next part of the story will be back.

Both of them: See you all in the sequel " The Journey of a Betrayed Master Book 2: Rising of Master's"

All of Have a good one everyone

-Christopher Dragkrow signing out

Note : I'm sure you're all wondering how easy it is to defeat Dugtrio but his Stats on HP is 35 and Special Defence is 70 while Lapras Special Attack is 85 and Blizzard's power is 120.

Here are the Pokemon Team of the characters of this story:

Ash's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Pikachu, Venasaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Butterfree, Alakazam, Pidgeot, Primeape, Snorlax, Lapras

Johto : Meganium, Feraligator, Donphan

Hoenn : Sceptile

Sinnoh : Garchomp, Gliscor, Lucario, Infernape, Torterra

Unova : Krookodile, Serperior, Zoroark

Kalos : Currently unknown

Future Pokemon : Two Legendary Pokemon and all of his previous Pokemon

Gary's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Blastoise, Dragonite

Johto : Umbreon

Hoenn : Salamance

Sinnoh : Electrivire

Unova : Darmanitan

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : A Legendary Pokemon

Paul's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Nidoking, Dragonite

Johto : Tyranitar, Ursaring

Hoenn : Salamance

Sinnoh : Electrivire

Unova : None

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : A Legendary Pokemon

Arctic's Pokemon Team

Kanto : IceBurn the Charizard, Cold the Pikachu, Frost the Ninetails

Johto : None

Hoenn : None

Sinnoh : Glacier the Garchomp, Ice the Glaceon, Winter the Lucario

Unova : None

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : Hail the Espeon, Ryu the Shadow Mew

Chris's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Pidgeot, Pikachu, Lapras

Johto : None

Hoenn : None

Sinnoh : Lucario, Infernape, Garchomp, ?

Unova : None

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : A Treeko that will evolve into a Sceptile, a temporary Aerodactyl.

Mike's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Hitmonlee

Johto : Houndoom

Hoenn : Flygon

Sinnoh : Infernape, Lucario, Rhyperior

Unova : None

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : Medicham, Deoxys

Victor's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Dragonite

Johto : Umbreon

Hoenn : Blaziken, Metagross

Sinnoh : Lucario, Electrivire

Unova : Kyurem

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : Barbaracle

Eva's Pokemon Team

Kanto : None

Johto : None

Hoenn : None

Sinnoh : Glaceon, Gallade

Unova : None

Kalos : Diancie, Aegislash, Greninja, Talonflame, Aurorus

Future Pokemon : Mawile

Alessandra's Pokemon Team

Kanto : None

Johto : None

Hoenn : Blade the Sceptile, Wind the Altaria, Melody the Milotic

Sinnoh : IceLady the Glaceon

Unova : Lilly the Stoutland, Ace the Meinshao

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : Keldeo, An Eevee that will evolve into a Sylveon, A Shinx that will evolve into a Luxray

Argo's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Charizard, Scyther, Hitmonchan, Shiny Gengar

Johto : None

Hoenn : None

Sinnoh : Lucario

Unova : Samurott

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : Luxray, Palkia

Nicolas's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Charizard, Vaporeon

Johto : None

Hoenn : Gardevoir

Sinnoh : Staraptor, Lucario

Unova : Zoroark

Kalos : None

Future Pokemon : Glalie, Yveltal

Luciana's Pokemon Team

Kanto : Jolteon

Johto : None

Hoenn : Salamance, Absol, Milotic

Sinnoh : Gallade

Unova : None

Kalos : Delphox

Future Pokemon : Xerneas, ?

Pairings of the story:

Ash x Harem

Paul x Eva(OC) x Luciana(OC)

Gary x Melanie(OC)

Arctic(OC) x Lucario(Winter)

Christopher(OC) x Alessandra(OC)

Mike(OC) x Relen(OC)

Victor x Ursula

Argo x Clair

Nicolas x Leona(OC)

Story Recommendation

The Dragon and the Mermaids

By Plasnix112

Summary:Let's try this, all the women of Fairy Tail are in Mermaid Heel, Natsu, a courier, has a chance encounter with these Mermaids...I think we see where this is going. NatsuxHarem.

The Knight and her Guardian Dragon

By Maximillian Havisham

Summary: "If I gave you possession of my heart, would you trust me with yours?" NaZa Story. The birth of the relationship between Titania & Salamander and what the future holds.

Valentine's and Cigarettes

By Black Zephyr

Summary: A pack of unopened magic cigarettes could bring a lot of things into your life. For him, it was a source of relief; an outlet for stress due the misfortune and loneliness he had to endure on that single day...and surprisingly, those thirteen sticks of short happiness granted him the fortune of meeting an unexpected girl.

Time is the Path to Strength

BY Repiece

Summary: Zeref sends Natsu back in time to grow stronger in order to defeat him and protect his friends who died during the fight with him. Now Natsu has to relive his battles, but this time as a much stronger mage. Time Travel Fic NatsuxHarem

Crimson Reaper

By missing nin

Summary: In the heat of the moment Natsu does what he's failed to do countless times, confess to Lucy ; Given an ultimatum, he waits for her answer, but what follows causes Natsu to fall into despair and pain, dwindling his humanity and giving birth to the crimson reaper.


By SmoKyWeeDz

Summary: Natsu betrayed by his own guildmates, gets trained by Kaguya and gains The Rinnegan and Sharingan while taking up the alias 'Tobi' and joining Sabertooth. NatsuxHarem, BadassNatsu, GodlyNatsu.

Fairy Tail: The Cold Side of the Flame

By HeartlessAngel96

Summary: Natsu has sacrificed himself at Tenrou Island to save his friends from the Dragon of Apacolyspe, Acnologia. Seven years later, the Grand Magic Games are around the corner and and two new guilds, Phoenix Wing and Crimson Claw are going to show off the strength. A source of dark magic is felt there ever year, but why does it feel as if this power is so...familiar?(first fanfic)

Eye of the Black Dragon

By snakeboy33

Summary: Instead of being raised by Igneel, Natsu is raised by Acnologia. How will the world take it, as the Chaos Dragon Slayer emerges. Could be called OOC, but maybe not entirely.

Natsu's Past and Future

By Chloe2135

Summary: Natsu had a difficult past. He hides his pain with a smile. He went on a mission which went wrong. 2 yrs later he comes back from that mission and acts as if nothing happened but in facts a lot has happened.

The Salamander Rises

By Kerbros69

Summary: What if Natsu meets someone who not only changes his life but the entire magical world? A Smarter, stronger, darker Natsu. Can he survive in this new world with his guild, new nakama and love? NatsuxHarem, Big crossover.


By fujin of shadows

Summary: Formely known and the re write of Secrets of the Aura Guardian. Secrets, they are very delicate, some secrets are dangerous, some our harmless, some are the keys to success and love. Ash has some secrets that are all of those.. Ashxoc one sided Ashxharem.

Pokemon Colosseum Battle

By 0999Silv

Summary: Ash gose to Orre for another adventure. Only one problem. He, Team Rocket, and another trainer are sent five years into the past. Now he, and a certain trainer named Wes must help each other in this time. COMPLETE!

Fighting Alone


Summary: Ash is left alone when training for his match with Volkner. Will Ash overcome the new challenges? Will he fail on this challenge or will this make him stronger than ever? Possible romance later probably with Cynthia or harem.

Without Any Meaning

By vsizzel

Summary: Ash betrayed by his friends now doesn't have any meaning in life. He walks on the world without any meaning, doesn't care about anything,and hoping one day he would move on to the next life. Can anyone save him? AshxHarem

Kanto's Champion

By vsizzel

Summary: Feeling betrayed by his friends and family. Ash runs away from home, and disappears from the world. Fives years later Ash appears, only this time he's the Kanto's new Champion. Pairing undecided.

the betrayal

By Beastmode456

Summary: Ash was betrayed by those he held closest to his heart it will take three people to get him back to how he was but who are they.


By black angel 2011

Summary: when you lose the one you love through disaster when all hope is as fragile as glass, the world thinks he is dead and everything isn't what it seems. this is what Ash has to deal with, Ash soon finds himself falling in love once again to a beautiful young woman by the name of Hilda. AshXHilda please R&R

Too Far Away

By Fairycoordinator

Summary: Clemont loves Serena... but it seems Serena loves someone else. Suddenly, they're caught in more than a love triangle as all of Ash's friends are gathered for a special couples Contest in Kalos.. what will go down as emotions run high and old flames reignite?

Rise of a Legend

By Dragon Soul94

Summary: Betrayed by his and family, Ash Ketchum runs away with all his Pokémon. Years pass and due to an upcoming tournament Ash returns to the league as the Champion of Kalos. As he battles his way to the top along with his new friends and family, will he forgive his old one? And with a new darkness rising unlike the world has ever faced will they survive or fall to the shadows? Ash/Harem

Search For Power

By Xtreme Gamer

Summary: After a devestating loss in the Sinnoh League Ash learns of a new region with a more challenging League. Can he win here, and what lessons will he learn along the way? Eventual AshXOC

Ash's Journey Through Hoenn

By Knight of Kanto

Summary: After parting from Brock and Misty, Ash has an epiphany. Months later he journey's to Hoenn taking his first steps on the path to be the Pokémon Master he had always dreamt of being.

Awakening Chronicles: Kanto

By ThomasLight

Summary: After four years of being in a coma, Ash finally awakens and faces a challenge into a familiar yet dangerous world. He must be ready to become the best. No pairings yet.

Dragon's Heart

By Anabelle Blake

Summary: How could a simple mission lead to so much more? Natsu and the gang go on a mission to help a town and end up bringing back new members for FairyTail! Rated M for eventual lemons, adult language and situations. Those who dare, come read. No set updating schedule!

Pokemon Champions of Kanto

By FreezeHaxz

Summary: Red, the young boy from Pallet Town, faces the pressure of stopping Team Rocket along with another organization that holds strong ties with him personally. Red's career as a trainer leads him to find secrets of his family, of his past, and the path he must walk. Red didn't decide to part of any of this yet faith seems to bring him back to where trouble brews.

The Road to be a Pokemon Master: Kanto Arc

By FanaticLAguy06

Summary: Join Ash on his journey to be a Pokemon Master. Accompanied by Serena, he will travel to many different regions on his quest to be the best and meet amazing friends and Pokemon along the way. (AU features slightly more mature and smarter Ash. Amourshipping with slight hints at other ships)

Smoldering Ember

By DomYang

Summary: Framed for a crime he did not commit, a Dragonslayer is left and forgotten by the ones he cherished before vanishing as they did. A forgotten fugitive with a new purpose, along with a new guild of close friends, Crime Sorcière's mission is to ensure that Fiore remains safe for all. But what happens when remnants of the past resurface and seek redemption? What of the future? (OOC)

A New World

By fantasy1290

Summary: What's it like finding out most of your life has all been just a dream and now you've finally died? Ask Ash who has to deal with that...and be reborn in a totally new world where Pokemon now look almost human but the same Pokemon powers. Loosely based on moemon or anthros. Ash/eventual harem.

The Lost Master

By Iama2p

Summary: Seven years after Ashs defeat in Sinnoh, the Champion Cynthia is ruthlessly crushed in a battle for the title of Pokémon Master. The new Champion refuses to release his name to the press, but his cold attitude soon shocks the Pokémon world as he begins to rebuild the Pokémon League.