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Notting Hill


Her name is known all over the world, muggle world and the wizard world alike. My friend and I of course know her as well, but on a more personal note. Well actually, I knew her on a more personal note. I haven't seen her for 8 yrs after our graduation, but I have seen her on billboards, magazines, newspapers, anywhere you can think of. She's everywhere. If you ask me 10 yrs ago, if I thought that brainy, book - loving, studious and hard-working Hermione Granger would be a rich and famous actress, I would have laughed at your face. Well, I guess times change, people change. She is a celebrity, as Snape would say. Many people rarely remember her as the brainy, studious, hard-working girl, but as the beautiful, rich and famous actress. I preferred the brainy, studious, hard -working and beautiful girl instead. I would still picture her that way, the way she looked on graduation day, when she, to nobody's surprise, was the valedictorian of our class. She looked beautiful, and that's the way I would remember her now.

I live in a small muggle city by the name of Notting Hill. It close to the burrow and is a relatively quiet neighborhood. For my occupation, I own a book shop, specifically a travel book shop. I know, I know, Ron Weasly and books, those words were practically never used together in one sentence, except if Hermione is badgering me with studying back at Hogwarts. I understand that it would be a shock that I like books, but to tell you the truth, I have grown attached to books, all because of Hermione of course, who else?

After hearing her yelling at me to study and read in the 6th year, I decided to give it a try, and to my surprise books don't bite. I never told anyone though, not even Hermione, I had a reputation to maintain at school. After the 6th year, I would sneak in to the library between classes and read them in the common room at night. My favorite kinds of books where about distant places. I never went anywhere past England and I always wish I could travel. I got absorbed into those books, which eventually led me to own a small travel book shop. Of course, that revelation led to some shocks from my family and more teasing from Fred and George, but it was worth it.

My travel book shop is located at the end of a busy street, in which tiny stores would emerge in the early morning and disappear at night. My book shop wasn't the most profitable, but it earned enough to pay the bills and my living expenses. But one day, my life would change with a sound of a ring.