Hello all! I have reached that stage in watching Once Upon a Time that I have admitted defeat in the fact that I will never get over Neal's death. So I decided to do my own sort of therapy and write an AU fiction. I have a lot of plans, plans that you might not like; However, I want to let you all know something. I am indeed a Captain Swan shipper so even though this is going to be Swan Thief centric, know that it is just me letting out feels. Now that we have this settled, let's get to the story. Enjoy!


The haunting green fog made its way to the boarders of the town, rolling over the buildings and trees just like the first curse had. Goodbyes were being said and tears were being shed. The Charmings were inwardly distraught. How could they say goodbye to their daughter again, let alone their grandson? Emma and Regina had just finished talking when Emma looked over at Neal. Her brow furrowed as she look from him to her son.

"Wait. Hold on a second." Emma took a step closer to Neal and blinked. "He wasn't affected by the curse before. He should be able to come with us."

Neal looked up in surprise as he made his way slowly to her.

"Emma. You could start over with Henry. You could have a life you always wanted." Neal stated, feeling unworthy of the thought of even going with her.

"But Henry wouldn't have his father. He wouldn't know and I probably wouldn't even know how good of a man you are. After everything you've been through Neal, you deserve this."

Regina looked between the two of them and quickly glanced at the foggy curse coming towards them.

"Well make up your mind quickly because we don't have long"

"Please Dad, come with us." Henry took his father's hand as he pleaded.

"Neal. We are a family. You have to come with us. We love you, Neal. We need you." Emma took his other hand in hers.

Neal smiled and nodded, tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

"Emma, you need to go now." Regina's voice was quick and demanding as the fog was drawing closer to them.

"Take care of Henry." Regina said quietly.

"Take care of yourself, Regina. You deserve happiness. Go find it. "Emma smiled through her tears as the small family hurriedly got into the yellow bug.

Hook watched them from a distance. Even though Emma chose Neal to accompany her, he knew that he couldn't give up on her, or Henry, and for Milah, certainly not Baelfire. If the time came that the people of the enchanted forest were to need their savior again, he would find them. He would bring them home, but for now, he needed to let them go.

The yellow bug containing the family of three drove across the town line as the fog covered the remainder of Storybrook.

So, what do you think? If you are wondering, Outlaw Queen will be in my story. I love it too much to take it out. I always appreciate reviews; it lets me know how I can improve and all that jazz. I don't know how to words so I may need help. I'll see you in the next chapter! Toodles! ~Kierstyn