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The smirk that decorated the weapon master as she forked a piece of gooey cake into her mouth spoke mountains. She took her time to chew the morsel before she gave her scarlet locks a flick with her mailed hand. "Gray, that actually might work," Erza said with a sly smile. She swiveled from her stool at the bar to face Gray Fullbuster and his companion at their table a few feet away, balancing her cake on one knee.

The ice mage glanced in her direction, taken aback. He hadn't expected the Titania to be eavesdropping on his and Juvia's conversation. The water mage nodded her head vigorously, "Juvia agrees with Erza-san. Her darling Gray-sama is always so smart!" She eyed the icy male with adoration to which he grimaced uncomfortably in response.

"Of course it would work!" he challenged, earning him a warning glance from a pair of brown eyes that had been focused on the dessert that was trapped on the prongs of a fork. Gray knew better than to tempt Erza's temper.

"Put on your clothes," the sweet-tooth snapped. The ice mage glanced down and let out a gasp of surprise at his own exposed chest. He couldn't remember when he'd done that; Juvia was clutching his white overcoat and burying her nose into the collar. The liquid vixen was making soft moaning and whimpering noises as she embraced the smell. He couldn't bring himself to take the coat away from her; she seemed to be in a state of bliss. Erza gave him a taunting expression, lifting one eyebrow. A flush crept up his neck and spread across his cheeks.

Quickly Gray Fullbuster changed the focus back to the previous topic, "They would never agree to it."

"I think I can help," came a gentle voice from behind the counter. Mirajane was often admired for her pristine beauty and extremely powerful Satan Soul takeover magic by Sorcerer Magazine but often the tabloid overlooked how many turned to her for advice. Indeed, Fairy Tail was always turning to Mirajane for basic life lessons, something the barmaid was quite proud of. Her eyes closed as her lips broke into a huge smile causing laugh lines to wrinkle across her face.

"Oh?" Erza inquired, finishing the last bit of chocolate on her plate.

"Mm!" Mira chirped as she swept the dish away. "It could be a sweepstakes across the whole guild. I could easily rig the winner." She ran a dainty hand behind her head to straighten her long ivory hair. "Besides, I don't think the guild would mind. We're all waiting for it to happen, someone needs to just cut the few remaining strings," she added with a giggle. As she spoke, the S-Class wizard took out a damp cloth and began to wipe down the surface of the bar. "I'm thinking a week long, all inclusive resort and spa for two would be just the thing. By the time they return..." she trailed off, leaving her nakama's imagination to finish on their own.

"How would the sweepstakes work for that?" Gray asked, doubt lacing his tone.

Erza was beginning to catch on to the plan and was nodding with a focused look, causing her brow to stitch. "We could say it's a drawing, that master is happy that our guild has avoided doing major property damage for two weeks now. It's motivation to keep up the good work. Whomever has their name drawn wins two tickets. One for themselves and a partner of their choosing."

The water mage looked up from the jacket that was clutched to her face, eyes as big as saucers. "Ooh Juvia would love to win a romantic getaway for her Gray." She looked at said mage dreamily.

Erza frowned and her nose crinkled. "Oh Juvia, you wouldn't win," she tried to say as nice as she could but a fraction of annoyance slipped through her tone. "This is for Natsu and Lucy."

The rain woman's expression fell abruptly "Oh, Juvia was enjoying her Gray's coat." When her companions didn't respond she buried her face back into the fabric.

"Well that's no good," Gray began as if Juvia's interruption never occurred, "Natsu would take Happy without question. Lucy would probably take Natsu but there's always a chance that she'd take Levy."

"Easy fix!" chimed Mira, "the resort won't allow cats. Natsu won't be able to take Happy. Lucy would be his obvious choice."

Erza beamed at her companion, "Wonderful Mira! They're off on a mission for the next three days. That gives us plenty of time to converse with everyone and finalize things!"


"Shut up you stupid stripper!" The shout cascaded off the wall. Shortly after a ball of fire left a scorch mark on the wood beside the door. Natsu Dragneel stood toe to toe and face to face with Gray Fullbuster, puffing out his tanned chest to take up as much space as possible. Rosy hair stood in all directions off of the dragon slayer's head just as tense as he was. "Happy and I are winning this trip!"

"Hah, in your dreams flame brain!" the ice mage retorted, wisps of frost starting to coil around his wrists. A steely glow flashed across his deep blue eyes.

From across the room Erza watched her two team members, smirking subtlety towards Gray. Everyone in the guild was behaving just as they would any other day.

Layers of ice were beginning to creep across the floor, just as the Titania and takeover mage had instructed. Thanks to Juvia weaving barely a line of water to begin the path, Gray's ice was clear and would only go noticed if the lights hit it just right. To avoid any chance of Lucy detecting the trap, her best girl-friend Levy, had given her a book and was keeping her distracted. Even though her intelligence went overlooked, much to the celestial spirit mage's chagrin, Fairy Tail knew how clever she could be.

"Mm, actually Natsu," Mira piped up, grinning and holding a large fishbowl filled with tiny sheets of paper folded in half, "if you win, Happy can't come. The resort is quite strict about furry things."

"Oi?" the fire mage replied, taking a step away from his rival. "Happy can't-"

"It's not like you're going to win, flame brain. Shut up so Mira can draw the winner." Natsu flashed a poisonous look at Gray, his emerald eyes glinting as if sparks were going through the irises but said nothing. The gaze turned soft as he faced the barmaid, arms crossing over his chest.

Dramatically, the ivory-haired mage lifted her arm and plunged it into the bowl, effectively silencing the chatter murmuring through the hall. She swirled around for a few moments before clutching onto a name. The time it took to withdraw was achingly long. "And the lucky mage is..." she paused for effect, "Natsu Dragneel!"

"Oi! Happy! You hear that? We get to go on vacation!" the Salamander cheered, pumping his fist into the air. His sharp canine teeth biting into his lip from the force of his smile.

Floating beside Natsu, the blue haired feline's face fell. His ears slowly drooped. "I can't come..." Tears began to mist in his ebony eyes.

"O-oi that's right..." He gazed over his guild, his family. "If Happy can't go, I don't want to win. Mira, draw a different name."

Carla, a dainty and stubborn white exceed, had been sitting on the table top in front of Wendy, her dearest friend, the sky dragon slayer. Their table consisted also of Gajeel, the iron dragon slayer with piercings crowding his skin. Gajeel's cat companion, the scarred Pantherlily, was sitting in Levy's lap, her small hands stroking his fur. Gajeel never let Levy out of his site, though would swear it was a coincidence that he was always with the tiny script mage if asked.

Beside the scribe was Lucy, pouring over a book, her brow scrunched together in concentration. She was absolutely gorgeous, her hair was silk, blonde and never disheveled. She was shapely: her tummy flat but her bosom and hips flared just right. And right now she was completely enticed with what she was doing, which was probably why she didn't notice the black ice the made a beeline for their table.

Carla's eyes went wide and flashed with panic. She didn't think before she spoke, "No!" Everyone turned to look at her, even Lucy glanced up. It was rare for the cat to get so worked up.

"W-what I mean is," she stammered, swishing her tail. "Natsu, you should go. Happy can have a vacation here, with me."

The sapphire exceed perked up. "Aye?" Disbelief injected the tone.

"Yes," Carla began, deciding her plan of action on the spot, "If Natsu goes to this resort we could spend the whole week together. We could, uhm, fish! You could stay with me. And Wendy, of course," she didn't want Happy too excited.

"Ayyyyeeee Sir!" the cat spread his wings and zoomed over beside Carla. "Go Natsu!" his tone had changed to almost pleading.

The white exceed exhaled a puff of air and grinned proudly. She'd just saved everyone's plan. If all went accordingly, it would be worth spending a week entertaining Happy.

The pink haired male scratched the back of his head. "Well, alright but without Happy who shou-" Right on cue Juvia came crashing into Natsu, sending flasks of ale spinning in every direction.

"Oh no! Mira-san, Juvia is so sorry! Juvia isn't meant to be a waitress, she's too clumsy! Oh, Natsu-san!" she gasped, but it was too late.

The dragon slayer was sliding across the ice on the floor, his arms flailing as he tried to keep his balance. "O-oi!"

During the fray, Mira flashed the water mage a quick thumbs up. Gray caught her eye and nodded approvingly, causing a red blush on the tips of the rain woman's cheeks.

"OOMPH!" grunted Natsu as his belly caught the corner of the table, knocking the wind out of him and sending Lucy's book skyrocketing across the room.

"Natsu!" she huffed with annoyance, "what in all the spirits are you doin-" the way he stared into her eyes made her breath catch in her throat.

"Lucy!" Natsu grinned, "You're my best friend! Of course! I'll take you!" It was like a light bulb had switched on. All at the same time, Fairy Tail swallowed their sighs of relief. So far so good.

"W-what about the book, Levy?" Lucy asked the girl beside her.

"Don't worry about it! You deserve a nice vacation. Go have fun!" the scribe insisted.

"Mm! Go get packed, your train leaves first thing in the morning!" Mirajane shoved the tickets in their hands and began to usher them toward the door.

They left the guild hall to a chorus of congratulations and farewells. As the summer night air hit them, Natsu's stomach dropped and his face turned a shade of green. "Train?" he grimaced.

Lucy grinned encouragement at him. "The ride will be worth it!"

If only they knew...


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