Title: Death's Champion

Rating M: Violence, Profanity, Torture, and Lemons in the future

A/N: I've read quite a few Harry Potter fics on this site, and this story just popped into my head. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it. The first two chapters just explain what happened. Everything picks up with chapter 3. If anyone else likes the idea, feel free to use it, but let me know so I can read what you come up with. I just want to warn everyone from the get go that this is a SUPER Harry vs SUPER Voldemort fic. That means BOTH of them will be seriously OP. There will also be several cliches in this story. With over 700,000 HP fics on this site, sadly most stories will contain some cliches. It's my hope that I will be able to provide a new twist to these commonly used ideas.

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Chapter 1: The Story of What Happened pt1

Eighteen year old Harry James Potter sat patiently in front of his simmering potion, waiting to add the next batch of ingredients. As his eyes continued to look down upon the mixture in the black cauldron in front of him, his mind began to wander, and he thought about his past.

Unlike most children, Harry only knew peace for a short period of time. After the death of his loving parents, Albus too-many-fucking-names Dumbledore destroyed the last chance of him ever having a normal childhood, by placing him with his magic hating aunt, uncle and cousin.

The next ten years of Harry's life were not spent living, but trying to survive. His new family's hate for him was so great, their treatment of him would most likely make a Malfoy house elf envious of their own situation.

From the time he was five, Harry was expected to cook for the family, clean up after their messes, help with the gardening, and pretty much do all the work his lazy aunt should have been doing in his stead. In return for his prodigious efforts as the family's pseudo-slave, he was lucky to be given a cupboard under the stairs to sleep in, and the scraps of his fat family's meals to quench his ever present hunger.

After years of suffering through physical and mental abuse, of being called a freak and a waste of oxygen, Harry looked forward to leaving the confines of his "prison" and going to school. While not as brilliant as his future friend Hermione, Harry was far from being considered stupid and he was easily the brightest child in his own school.

When he brought home his first report card and proudly presented it to his uncle, he silently prayed his relatives would see that he wasn't a failure, and hoped they would finally give him the love and attention he so craved. His dreams were shattered once his uncle Vernon's face turned purple with rage, and he was accused of being a no good cheat for beating his precious Duddikin's scores. The beating that followed the yelling was easily one of the worst he ever suffered at the hands of his overweight guardian. To this day his back bore the scars he received from his uncle's belt.

Once his beating was complete, he was tossed back into his tiny room, and he silently cried through the pain of two broken ribs, a dislocated left shoulder and a back that was torn apart by the merciless strokes of his uncle's belt. If he could trace back the moment he stopped considering the Dursleys family and yearning for their attention, Harry knew it would be that day.

With his intentions in regard to his relatives firmly implanted in his young mind, Harry continued with his journey to survive the living hell he was forced to be in. Over the next six years, he tried to stay out of any trouble. He worked when he was told to, avoided his cousin and his gang whenever possible, and most of all, he continued to learn in secret. While he made sure to always keep his scores barely above passing, Harry absorbed the knowledge he was given like a sponge.

To avoid being caught in his cousin's favorite game, Harry hunting, the young boy spent all his time locked away in the school library. Over time he became a favorite of the old woman that ruled over the library, and often sought her help to understand material that was supposed to be years ahead of him. His desire to learn was so extensive, on the few days where his chores were limited and done quickly, he would often make his way to the public library near his house and continue with his self education.

By the time his eleventh birthday came around, Harry was secretly several terms into his secondary school studies. He knew his escape from the hell he was in could only occur once he was of legal age, and so he did everything he could think of to make sure his future would be better than his past or present.

It was the day after his birthday, that all his plans for the future came crashing to a stop. The arrival of an owl carrying a letter addressed to him rocked his world. When he read he was accepted into a school of Magic, Harry suddenly realized what all the strange occurrences throughout his life really meant. He...was a Wizard.

Unfortunately his uncle Vernon saw the letter before he could hide it, and tore it up right away. At first Harry thought his chance to learn Magic was lost to him, but over the next few days, their house was literally bombarded with owls carrying the same letter. To escape from the insanity that was plaguing their home, his aunt and uncle decided to go somewhere else for the rest of summer.

That's when Rubeus Hagrid made his way into his life. The first time he had seen the half giant break through the door of the shack his relatives were hiding in, Harry was utterly mesmerized by the size of the man. Well over eleven feet in height, the half giant had a red beard that hung down to his stomach and a thunderous laugh that could wake the dead.

His eventual rescue from his uncle and aunt by the large man, led Harry into Diagon alley, and heralded his return into the Wizarding world. It was during this time that he learned of the truth behind his parent's death, and how his survival allowed the Dark Lord's tyranny to finally come to an end.

While Harry was still uncomfortable with his newfound fame, the awe of returning to the Magical world more than made up for the unease he felt at being ogled by anyone who could recognize the lightning bolt scar on his head. By the time September 1st finally arrived, the young boy couldn't wait to begin his magical education, and with the assistance of a nice redheaded Wizarding family, he made his way onto the Hogwarts Express.

The Journey to his new school brought forth introductions to several people that would play a pivotal role in his new future. The first would be Draco Lucius Malfoy. A pureblood bigot, the blonde pounce was the only sprog of pureblood princess Narcissa Druella Malfoy nee Black, and formerly "Imperiused" Death Eater, Lucius Abraxus Malfoy.

Draco, the future Prince of Slytherin initially tried to make an overture of friendship towards young Harry, but his attitude and demeaning comments reminded Harry so much of his relatives, that it was easy for him to toss aside any chance at a friendship with the arrogant boy. While Harry and Draco failed to become friends on that trip, their first argument definitely led them to becoming arch rivals for the duration of their stay at Hogwarts.

The second important person that Harry would meet on the train, was Ronald Bilius Weasley. Born as the sixth and youngest son of the Weasley family, the redheaded boy was a jealous, insecure, insignificant prat, who somehow weaseled his way into becoming the first friend Harry had that was his own age, as well as the second member of a group that would go on to be called the Golden Trio.

If Harry knew then what he knew now, he would never have agreed to become best friends with the irritating redhead or even think to consider the boy's family as his own. The cost Harry paid for having the Weasleys in his life, was more than he was ever willing to pay.

The third and final important person Harry would meet on the train, while mentioned last, was in truth the one thing Harry held most dear from his association with the Magical world. Muggle born Witch Hermione Jean Granger was his best friend, confidant, rock, and the sister/family he always wished he had. Even though Hermione was just the first Magical person to come from her family, her intelligence and passion to learn Magic was so great, she eventually became known as the smartest witch of her age, as well as the third and final member of the Golden Trio.

Unlike most first years, the Boy Who Lived's first trip to Hogwarts set the tone for the rest of his stay in the Magical world. In a single train ride, he had found his best friend, his worst enemy, and the boy whose family would help to ruin his life. All things considered the happy go lucky lad who entered a new world, would soon learn that the world he entered wasn't the safest place for him to be.

Harry's first year at the school began with him continuing to hide his intellect and desire to learn from others. Since Hermione was a brilliant Witch and Ron was a lazy Wizard, to appease both of his new friends, he secretly kept his scores average on the theory while he allowed himself to excel on the practicals.

After an altercation with Malfoy during flying lessons, he was chosen to be on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, and became the youngest seeker in over a century. The high of falling in love with Quidditch came screeching to a halt, once Halloween rolled around, and Harry was forced to fight against a mountain troll to save Hermione's life.

The escapades for the three friends continued to snowball throughout the year, and soon the Golden Trio found themselves involved in numerous hallway skirmishes with Malfoy, death stares in class from Snape, rescuing of a baby dragon from Hagrid, and for Harry, a fight with a deadly wraith in the Forbidden Forest. The craziness that was the trio's first year culminated into a life or death showdown over the Philosopher's Stone against a Voldemort possessed Quirrel.

The final fight was almost too much for an eleven year old Harry to handle, but thanks to his mother's sacrifice, the protection she left him allowed him to persevere. Whatever Lily Potter had done for her son, it burned Quirrel alive the moment he touched Harry. The death of the Professor not only chucked the wraith form of Voldemort out of the castle, but it also led to the unfortunate destruction of the Philosopher's Stone. In the end, the Golden Trio's actions on behalf of the school, led to them receiving last minute House points and a Gryffindor victory for the House Cup.

Summer after first year was horrible for Harry. As soon as he entered Privet Drive, his things were confiscated and he was locked inside his room, only to be let out for the loo and to do his daily chores. After repeated attempts to contact his new friends, Harry was dejected by their lack of response. His problems were further compounded by the arrival of a house elf named Doby.

The crazy elf warned Harry about returning to Hogwarts for his second year and refused to take no for an answer. While the presence of the strange elf explained Harry's mail woes, he refused to heed the warning he was given, and continued to plan his return to the Magical school.

Fortunately for Harry, the rest of his summer was not wasted, due to the Weasley twins and Ron coming to his rescue. With the use of their dad's flying car, the three brothers broke through the bars on his bedroom window, and whisked him away to the Burrow until the start of school.

Second year started more lively than the first, with Harry and Ron missing the Hogwarts Express, only to show up to school while driving Mr. Weasley's flying car and crashing it into the Whomping Willow. The unfortunate stunt cost them both several weeks worth of detentions, and also fifty points apiece for the House Cup.

The new year also meant the presence of a new DADA teacher, and with Lockhart teaching, two things were easily evident...the female population would swoon in his presence, and that no one was going to learn defense that year.

The year took a drastic turn for the worse when the Chamber of Secrets was opened again. Between students turning up petrified, Harry learning he was a parselmouth, and the entire school calling him the next Dark Lord and the Heir of Slytherin, the Golden Trio worked frantically to solve the new mystery. By the time the year came to an end, Hermione's name was added to a long list of students that were petrified, leaving Ron and Harry to solve the mystery and save the day.

The situation eventually got so bad that Dumbledore was removed from the school, and a few days later the Heir took a student into the Chamber itself. Once the unpetrified members of the Trio realized Ron's little sister was the student taken, the duo used all of their skills to track down the hidden Chamber.

The unfortunate presence of Lockhart during their rescue, made an already bad situation even worse. In an effort to flee from his duties to the school, the cowardly DADA Professor used an ill advised attempt to Obliviate Harry and Ron about their knowledge of the Chamber, with Ron's broken wand. The resulting spell backfired on him, causing the ceiling in the Chamber to drop, and separating Harry from the other two and forcing him to continue on alone.

With Ginny's life on the line, young Harry soldiered through and upon entering the main hall of the Chamber, he was forced to once again face off against Voldemort. While still a shade, the young Voldemort was able to call upon Slytherin's monster, and used the massive snake to attack Harry.

Unfortunately the young lion only had Fawkes and the Sorting Hat to help him, but somehow Harry managed to pull out the Sword of Gryffindor from the hat and used it to kill the Basilik. Even as the monster's fangs pierced through his arm and the deadly poison from its bite began to flow through his body, Harry pushed aside his pain to save his best friend's sister.

In a last second burst of adrenaline, Harry grabbed the diary that allowed the shade of young Voldemort to possess Ginny and destroyed it by plunging a Basilik fang through it. In turn he was saved from his own brush with death by the freely given tears of Dumbledore's Phoenix. The year ended with the Golden Trio's actions once again leading to House points and a come from behind Gryffindor victory for the House Cup.

The summer after second year started off much better than the year before, but it ended on a horrible note. After blowing up his uncle Vernon's sister in a fit of rage, Harry made his way to the Leaky Cauldron, where he eventually met the Minister of Magic and learned that Sirius Orion Black, the right hand of the Dark Lord Voldemort and the secret keeper that betrayed his parents to their deaths, had escaped from Azkaban and was now looking to kill him to avenge his fallen master.

Third year began with another near death experience for Harry, when Dementors boarded the Hogwarts Express, and one of them nearly kissed Harry and ripped out his soul. After a fortunate rescue from the new DADA teacher, Remus John Lupin, Harry once again found himself stuck in the school infirmary.

As the year continued Harry was nearly killed by Dementors interfering during a Quidditch game and the mystery surrounding Sirius Black was taken up to be solved by the Golden Trio. During the course of their investigation, they learned that Professor Lupin was once best friends with Harry's father, Black, and Pettigrew, that the quartet formed the famous pranking group that the Weasley twins tried to emulate, that Harry's father was a Stag animagus, and by the time the year finally came to an end, they learned that everything they had been told about Sirius Black was a lie.

Sirius never betrayed the Potters, because he was never their secret keeper. That honor had gone to Pettigrew, and the rat had shown his true colors by selling out Harry's parents to Voldemort, and then setting up Sirius to take the fall. With the entire Wizarding world agreeing Sirius was at fault, he was thrown into Azkaban without even receiving a proper trial.

After learning the truth behind the Potter's betrayal, the Golden Trio tried to help Sirius prove his innocence by capturing Pettigrew. But their efforts were foiled by the arrival of Snape and the full moon turning Lupin into a werewolf. In the resulting mayhem, Pettigrew somehow managed to escape and Sirius was caught by the Ministry.

With Sirius once again in custody, Fudge refused to believe in his innocence and ordered the immediate death of Harry's godfather. It was only through luck, and Hermione's fortunate access to a time turner, that the pair was able to rescue Sirius and allow him to escape before Minister Fudge could return with some Dementors. At the closing feast, Gryffindor once again won the House cup, but this time there were no last minute points to help them.

Summer after third year was painful for Harry, because he missed his godfather dearly. After learning the truth about the man's innocence, he dreamt of escaping the Dursleys and living with someone who actually wanted to raise him. Unfortunately his godfather's convict status and Dumbledore's inability to let him leave Privet Drive, prevented him from doing so.

By the time fourth year started, the Death Eater attack on the Quidditch World Cup was the talk of the school. But that news was quickly overshadowed by the announcement of the Triwizard Tournament.

Since the tournament was only open to students who were of age, Harry was hoping he would finally have a danger free year at school. Unfortunately he was wrong. Once the Champions were announced during the Halloween feast, that singular day continued to terrorize Harry's life, and he suddenly found himself named as the fourth Champion.

Despite his best efforts to convince the staff and the students that he did not put his name into the cup, Harry was forced to compete in the tournament due to a binding Magical contract. As with years past, the students of Hogwarts were quick to blame Harry for ruining the tournament, and once again the teachers did nothing to help the situation. During this time the trio was briefly broken up due to Ron's jealousy, but unlike the others, Hermione stood by Harry through all of it.

Through the course of the year, Harry learned about the first task from Hagrid, out flew a dragon to retrieve a golden egg, once again became friends with Ron, solved the mystery behind the second task, went to the Yule ball with fellow Gryffindor Parvati Patil, swam through the Black lake to retrieve his on again/off again mate Ron, and finally ended the third task by agreeing to become Co-Champions with Cedric Diggory.

The moment the two Champions touched the cup, they were expecting to return to their awaiting fans, but instead they were portkeyed to a graveyard in Little Harrington. Over the next hour Harry was forced to endure watching the death of Cedric, the resurrection of Voldemort, and the arrival of his Death Eaters. After being crucioed several times by the newly revived Dark Lord, Harry eventually dueled the man, and in a stroke of luck he managed to get to the portkey and used it to take him and Cedric's body back to Hogwarts.

Upon his arrival, he immediately told Dumbledore and Fudge what happened at the cemetery, and while the headmaster didn't doubt his story, the Minister refused to believe a word he said. The year ended with Gryffindor once again in the lead for the House Cup, but with the death of a beloved student, and the threat of the Dark Lord's return, no cup was awarded, and no one gave a damn.

The summer after fourth year was brutal for Harry, and thanks to Dumbledore he was once again on his own. After repeated attempts to contact Ron, Sirius, and Remus, Harry was hurt when he learned the headmaster had prevented anyone from writing him, in fear that the letters would be traced back to Privet Drive by the Death Eaters. Luckily Hermione refused to heed the headmaster's instructions, and through letters and phone calls, his best friend continued to support him as much as possible.

Harry's troubles after the tournament were compounded, when he was forced to defend himself and his cousin against two "rogue" Dementors that somehow appeared at Privet Drive. His use of magic was instantly recognized by the Ministry and he was ordered to appear in court to determine whether his wand would be snapped.

The court date was his first contact with the anyone over the summer, and thankfully the charges were dismissed once it was proven he didn't violate the Statute of Secrecy by performing magic in front of a squib and his cousin.

When September 1st arrived again, the Golden Trio finally returned to Hogwarts for their fifth year, and Harry was made aware of the smear campaign the Ministry had run against him and Dumbledore over the summer. With Rita Skeeter leading the charge, the sheep that made up the magical community were quite ready to accept that the headmaster had gone senile and that the Boy Who Lived was nothing more than an attention seeking brat that was lying about the Dark Lord's return.

Once the new year started, Harry was quick to have his run in with the Ministry appointed DADA teacher, Delores Jane Umbridge. Between detentions writing "I will not tell lies" with a blood quill, painful dreams from Voldemort through his cursed scar, and running the Defense Association secretly from Umbridge and her Inquisition Squad, Harry and his friends were kept busy.

As with the rest of his time at Hogwarts, Harry's fifth year ended with a bang. After receiving a "vision" that his godfather was being tortured at the Ministry by Voldemort and his Death Eaters, Harry along with several of his friends went to go rescue him. Their rescue attempt turned into a trap set by Voldemort, and in an intense fight for their lives, Harry and company rescued the prophecy the Death Eaters were searching for and managed to hold off Voldemort's inner circle long enough for the Order to arrive.

The resulting battle between the two groups was vicious, and Harry watched in fear as his godfather fought against his cousin and Voldemort's top Death Eater, Bellatrix Lestrange. Despite being an expert dueler, Sirius took the fight lightly, and in a fluke accident the stunner that hit him sent him through the Veil and cost him his life. Harry was furious with Sirius' death and in a fit of rage, he followed Bella into the Ministry antrum only to find that Voldemort had joined the fight. Before he could even begin to attack the man who had ruined his life, Dumbledore arrived and dueled the Dark Lord himself.

The incredible feats of magic that the two Wizards were able to accomplish, made Harry realize how ill prepared he was to face a Wizard as powerful as Voldemort, and how lucky he had been to survive the times that he had. The duel between the two powerhouses lasted long enough for the Minister and the Aurors to arrive and see for themselves that Voldemort had returned.

When the fight finally ended, the headmaster escorted Harry back to his office, and told him the truth behind why he was targeted by the Dark Lord. After hearing the prophecy, Harry was furious at how little Dumbledore had done to help him become ready to face his supposed destiny. His anger only grew when he realized that the lack of information directly led to him falling into Voldemort's trap and resulted in the death of his godfather.

By the time the closing feast arrived that year, the school was made aware of Voldemort's return, and once again the House Cup went Gryffindor. Much like the year before, the mood throughout the school was somber, and the winner wasn't announced, and once again no one gave a damn.