Darkness and a blinding headache. Those were the first things I noticed when I woke. As I opened my eyes to the sounds of cheering I wondered where I was and how I had come to be there. Eventually I climbed to my feet, shaking my head in an effort to clear it as I looked in one direction then the next as I tried to figure out why I was standing on an asphalt road. But all I knew, all I could remember was a blinding light and then nothing.

"Am I dreaming?" I wondered out loud as I took a step and as I did I heard footsteps. Stopping I focused on the footsteps and as I did I discovered two things; they were too heavy and loud to be footsteps and that they were getting closer. As I stood there, not sure what I should do, they got closer and closer and then something raced around the corner. At the last second I realized that I was looking at a dragon that was rushing straight for me and as I stared in shock I saw someone, a young guy sitting on top of a saddle. Knowing it would be smart to move out of his and his dragon's path I took a step only for a massive and overwhelming pain in my head to distract me and as I stood there, my eyes clenching shut as I groaned aloud he called out to me. But I didn't move and at the last possible moment his dragon leapt into the air and I felt the breeze as it just missed me. The moment it hit the ground on all fours it kept going for a few seconds before the dragon skidded to a halt.

"For dragon's sake what are you doing on the racetrack?!" The rider yelled at me as he stormed over and I opened my eyes for a moment, gasping from the pain of my headache and I finally got a good look at him as he narrowed his eyes at me. Taking in his pure white hair and grey eyes at were currently glaring at me I slowly blinked as I attempted to clear my head. "Well?" He asked with a growl this time and I opened my mouth to answer him but all that emerged was a pained groan as my head throbbed. Then as I stood there I began to weave on the spot and as he stared at me my eyes rolled up inside my head and with a dull thud I ended up in a heap on the ground. Blinking the rider just glanced down at me before shaking his head and walking away from my motionless form. But as he headed for his dragon he was surprised when he dragon walked past him and wandered over to me. "What is it girl?" He asked her as he followed and as he did he saw the dragon stop once she reached my unconscious body. To his surprise she nudged my head and after a moment he heard me groan and slightly shift my head. After I did his dragon looked at him and he stared at her, instantly knowing what she wanted. "Wait you want to bring her with us?" He asked his dragon who gave him a slight nod and he frowned. "But we don't even know her!" He replied but she kept staring at him and he finally gritted his teeth. "Scales. Okay fine. Then I guess we're stuck with her." He complained as he knelt beside me. Less than a minute later they raced to their crew's hideout with me slumped out cold over the saddle.