"Stop...it." I gasped as Moordryd held me against him. Don't know why I bothered as he leant close, bringing my injured hand close to his mouth and I shuddered as his warm tongue flicked over my knuckles. "Ahhh..."

"You know you're really cute when you lose control. All I'm doing is nursing your hand." Moordryd chuckled, watching with a slight smirk as a tiny smile appeareed on my lips. Secretly Moordryd was glad to see that his idea had calmed me down though seeing me acting all hot and bothered was actually pretty interesting.

Then Moordryd smiled having just thought of another fun idea and when I felt him unclench my fist I opened my eyes, only to see one of my fingers slowly disappear into his mouth. I blinked, eyes wide for a few seconds as his tongue curled around before he slolwy drew it into his mouth.

"Wait...why are you doing...mm." I whispered as a pleasant feeling flowed through my stomach. "That's...actually kinda...nice." I muttered as I watched him start on the next finger, licking the tip before he sucked on the finger itself. "Don't know...why I like that."

"Because it feels good?" Moordryd asked, pausing to stare into my eyes and I nodded, tilting my head back as he pressed my palm against his open mouth. Rolling his eyes at the pair of us, Quiksilva went to get a drink from the nearby water trough confused as to why I was being so strange. I didn't even notice, too busy enjoying Moordryd taking care of my injuries and when I suddenly groaned he blinked. "Heh you're pretty funny sometimes. Getting a little turned on aren't you?"

"No I'm not, Paynn." I growled unable to hide the blush that appeared though I couldn't really explain why I was enjoying having my fingers licked. "I'm just...feeling weird from my training." I muttered and Moordryd let out a laugh before he nibbled the tips of my fingers obviously not buying my weak explanation.

Not like I did either and it wasn't long until his nursing skills evolved and I ended up on my back, one of his arms wrapped around my waist and his other hand slowly rubbing up and down my hips as he kissed me. Both breathing a little hard, I let out a groan as Moordryd's teeth nipped my bottom lip leaving it stinging. Though the pain soon vanished when his tongue flicked across it, deftly soothing the mark.

Instinctly I reached up cupping his chin and pulling his face towards mine I kissed him, wrapping one leg around his waist. Forgetting that sound travels I groaned, eyes closing as the hand Moordryd had on my hip reached my shirt undoing the first two buttons of my shirt. Opening it Moordryd leant close and licked my collarbone before he sucked on my exposed skin, leaving me gasping. When I wrapped my other leg around his waist he pinned me to the floor and very slowly ground his hips against mine.

I groaned, my own hips rising up to meet his and in seconds we were grinding against each other our voices rising and falling as we kissed and nipped at each others mouths. His jaw dropping, Quiksilva watched as his rider and her boyfriend groaned tangled up on the floor.

Rayne what are you doing, he asked forgetting that I couldn't understand him when I wasn't wearing my armor. He tried letting out a growl but we didn't react too focused on each other to listen and he snorted.

"Rayne, are you in here? Did you read the...journal?" Parmon asked only to pause in the doorway, mirroring my dragon's jaw drop when he found both Moordryd and I rolling around on the floor kissing. "Maybe not." He coughed just as Artha walked in and after staring at us Artha burst out laughing.

"Huh?" Moordryd muttered, looking up for a moment only to see we had an audience. "Oh perfect timing." He grumbled as I opened my eyes, my face turning bright red a moment later.

"This isn't what it looks like." I stammered as Moordryd climbed to his feet, giving Artha a glare as he helped me up. "Not one word." I growled as Artha opened his mouth.

"I was going to ask if you were okay. But seeing you two on the floor..." Artha grinned and I glared, storming past him and Parmon.

"Great going, stablebrat." Moordryd muttered as he pushed past, catching up to me a few seconds later. "Just ignore them." He said as he threaded his fingers through mine and I stopped, leaning against his side. "I didn't go too far did I?"

"No I'm just annoyed that Artha and Parmon..walked in on us. How did we get on the floor anyway?" I asked and Moordryd laughed, giving my cheek a kiss.

"Hmm I don't really know. But I wasn't complaining." Moordryd answered, cupping my chin and rubbing his thumb across it. "Come to think of it neither were you." He added, giving me a slow kiss.

"I've been thinking about something. Where are the other two gauntlets?" I asked Moordryd as we sat together in the stables and he shrugged, earning himself a frown. "You're a lot of help today."

"Hey be grateful I'm being nice. You did slap me." Moordryd replied, slowly wrapping my hand in a bandage and I sighed. "Egghead has his gauntlet but no medallion. I have my matching pair and so do you and the stablebrat. So far no one's found the other two."

"Then maybe now's the time we should be searching for them." I answered as he finished wrapping my hand and he blinked, turning his head to face mine. "I'm being serious." I added, trying to stop myself from getting angry with him again.

"Why do we need the other boosters anyway? We're doing fine on our own." Moordryd said, brushing a kiss against my neck and I rolled my eyes.

"I know but against Armeggaddon...we could use the help." I said as Moordryd's arms wrapped around my waist and I leant against him, silently glad he'd forgiven me. For a while we sat together in silence and that gave me time to realize something else. "I never did read that journal." I sighed and he leant over, his eyebrow raised.

"Are you scared or something? Its just a diary." Moordryd commented as I stared at the far wall. When I didn't answer him straight away he stared at my face. "Then don't read it."

"But I need to. I need to know if the Shadow Booster really murdered Bianca. I mean, I don't want to believe it but..." I trailed off when Moordryd climbed to his feet.

"Then I'll go back with you to the compound. Maybe then I'll get some peace." Moordryd told me and I growled, ignoring his offer of help climbing to my feet on my own. "I was just kidding." He muttered as I crossed my arms, giving him an eyeroll.

"Come on, Paynn in the butt. I'm going back to retrieve that journal, with or without you." I told him as I called for Quiksilva who almost bowled me over. I let out a giggle as he licked my face then magging me, started to walk towards the doorway leaving Moordryd to catch up. As soon as he'd saddled Decepshun and climbed onto her back we both gave him a grin before Quiksilva took off running, leaving both dragon and rider to hurry after us.

"Will you slow down?" Moordryd called out but I just laughed and urged Quiksilva on, leaving them in the dust. By the time Moordryd and Decepshun returned to the compound they found us standing together and Moordryd rolled his eyes, clearly not happy at being beaten by me. "You couldn't beat me in a race." He snorted and Quiksilva just chuckled, making me frown at the pair of them.

"Maybe because I've never raced. If I did you wouldn't be laughing quite so much. Anyway I'm going to get that journal now. Meet me in the stables in about five minutes." I replied heading back to my room before Moordryd could answer. Rolling his eyes he led Decepshun and Quiksilva towards the stables, wondering just what secrets the journal would reveal.

Once I returned to my room I moved towards the bed, finding the journal half hidden under a blanket. I was all set to pick it up when something made me hesitate and I froze, my fingers almost brushing the cover.

What if its true and the Shadow Booster did murder Bianca? That would mean that Armeggaddon was telling the truth and I...get a grip on yourself girl, I scolded myself as I grabbed the journal and holding it against my side I headed outside.

Leaning against the stable wall, Moordryd waited a little impatiently for Rayne to return.

"I hope she didn't wimp out and not bring the journal." He muttered only to hear a cough and he turned, giving me a slightly amused smirk as I walked towards him.

"You're lucky I don't whack you with this, Paynn." I growled as I stomped past him, pulling out a sleeping blanket. Spreading it out on the floor beside Quiksilva, who let out a laugh, I sat down. "Well?" I said giving him a raised eyebrow and he grinned as he sat beside me.

"Okay so what's in it?" Moordryd asked as I gripped the cover and I turned my head slightly, giving him a frown. "Well open it." He added and I rolled my eyes as I slowly turned the cover.

As I stared at the first page I froze, unable to believe that I was reading about my predosessor and Moordryd saw my hand shake just for a moment before I looked up.

"Bianca's talking about the day she found her gauntlet. The day she was chosen to be a booster." I whispered and he grinned, seeing my face light up. "I'll read it out aloud."

Giving the pages a quick scan I began to read it and even Quiksilva and Decepshun wandered over, both interested in what I had to stay.

First entry: I found the missing gauntlet, the one the Dragon Priests told me about. But even with it I still can't activate it if I don't find the medallion that matches the indent. The only lead I have is a cave deep within the wastelands. To find it I'll have to face countless Hydrags and maybe even the elusive Muhorta. Still if the Dragon Priests were telling me the truth, and why would they lie, I just might be the chosen Light Booster.

Second entry: I woke to find myself in a dark and bitterly cold cave. I remember searching the nearby area and then the ground suddenly gave way. Hurricayne let out a roar before we both fell and woke up here...wherever here is. I scratched my leg pretty badly when I fell and it stings but I can walk and with my dragon's help I know I'm going to be okay.

Third entry; There's a weird glow coming from somewhere nearby. I can see what looks like a bright light and despite Hurricayne trying to pull me back I know its important. Maybe its the medallion that I've been searching for but I won't know until I keep pressing on.

Fourth entry; Something weird happened. When I touched the medallion I saw...what looked like a vision. I was standing there, Hurricayne beside me but he was glowing pure white and someone was standing beside him. I couldn't see their face but...something tells me it was me. When the light faded I reached for the medallion and without hesitating I placed it into the indent then...

Fifth entry; I'm the Light Booster...I still can't believe it but I was chosen. I have to tell the Dragon Priests the news. But first I should hide the gauntlet under my jacket sleeve so no one else knows. Even Hurricayne seems different now...when his form changed I almost didn't recognize him until he snorted, nuzzling my leg. Then I got the biggest shock of my life, okay second I suppose, when I heard his voice in my head. With the medallion safely tucked away inside my jacket and the gauntlet concealed we headed back to tell the Dragon Priests that they were right.

Sixth entry: After transforming for the Dragon Priests they told me to seek out the Dragon Booster. I mentioned the Shadow Booster and I was told to avoid him despite him being one of the Boosters of legend. Despite their warning I went looking for the Shadow Booster and...I found him.

Seventh entry; I woke to find myself being watched over by Hurricayne and...the Shadow Booster. When I tried to move my leg throbbed and I cried out...I'm not sure why but I must have passed out because I heard footsteps and Hurricayne's growl. Then a voice, speaking softly to my dragon and his growl quietened. Opening my eyes I saw a young man kneeling beside me and I froze as his eyes focused on me, almost glowing underneath the helmet he wore. I tried to move away when he reached for me, only to gasp from the pain that radiated through my left leg.

"Just lay still unless you want to reopen that wound." He muttered, letting out a chuckle when I growled at him. "You sound just like a dragon."

"What do you want?" I asked as he leant back and he sighed, motioning to my leg and I frowned the last hour completely lost to my memory. "Did you..." I began and he gave me a slow nod.

"We were fighting and you tried to stop us. It was your own fault." The Shadow Booster answered and I fixed him with a glare, once again trying to shift my leg. This time there was no warning and I woke to find myself lying on a blanket, my dragon resting next to me.

"Hurri...cayne?" I whispered and he gently nuzzled my head watching as I tried to sit up. Giving me a head shake he used his paw to keep me still.

You need to rest, he told me and I snorted still attempting to rise. Bianca, please.

Eventually I lay back, too exhausted to sit up and soon I fell into a deep sleep only waking to find someone unfamilar standing over me. Silently he knelt, reaching for my leg before I shifted suddenly afraid.

"Who?" I muttered and he gave me the tiniest of smiles before he held out a small cup, half filled with clear water. "What..do you want with me? Where is the Shadow Booster?"

"You're looking at him...girl." He muttered as I struggled to sit up and he sighed, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Ignoring my protests he helped me to sit before offering me the cup. I took a tentative sip and after swallowing I drank a little more. I must have been more tired than I thought because I sleep for hours. At least that's what Hurricayne told me when I woke to find myself covered with a blanket. When I sat up, feeling a little stronger I noticed another dragon sitting nearby and I froze as it lifted its head. Before my eyes it rose and walked towards me, ignoring Hurricayne who gave it a growl in warning.

I was just as uneasy but the dragon stopped only inches from my nose and before my eyes it gave my head a nuzzle, shocking even its rider who stood several feet away.

"That's strange. She never acts like that towards anyone except me." Shadow Booster said, clad once again in his ancient armour. "Who are you exactly?"

"I'm the Light Booster." I replied, still a little wary and he shook his head walking over to me. Silently he knelt and stared into my eyes, unblinking and I stared right on back not sure what he was planning. Then he chuckled, reaching into his pocket and I sighed when I saw something wrapped sitting on his palm.

"Its food. You need your strength." He said and I opened my mouth, about to refuse when my stomach gurgled and he stared for a long moment. Then his mouth split into a grin and a laugh soon emerged, making me glad he couldn't see me blush. "Your stomach says otherwise." He laughed as I reached for the food, whatever it was. I unwrapped it and finding it was some sort of energy bar I took a bite only to smile and practically devour most of it. Then I called to Hurricayne and he swallowed the rest, giving me a grin.

It tasted pretty good and I smiled, only to let out a yawn and the booster chuckled, pointing to the blanket then me. I understood as I lay on my side and soon I was dozing, not even noticing when my dragon lay beside me.

The next time I woke I found only Hurricayne beside me and as I sat up, ignoring the pain in my leg I wondered where the Shadow Booster and his dragon had disappeared to. When they didn't return for over an hour I began to wonder if we'd been left behind until we heard heavy footseps and I sighed, very relieved when he appeared on his dragon.

"Where were you?" I asked, trying to control my heart beat and he rolled his eyes under the helmet he wore. "You left us here." I grumbled as I lay on my side, my shoulders trembling as he climbed off his dragon's back.

"I had business to attend to." He answered as he knelt beside me pretending not to notice the tremors that shook my body. "Besides you aren't a pushover...are you?" He asked, waiting for me to snap at him.

"Jerk.." I muttered as I sat up and that's when I finally looked at my leg. "What...happened to my left leg?" I asked, seeing the bandage covering me from my ankle to my knee.

"That was your own fault, like I told you. A stray Mag-Rip that could have been avoided had you not been so clumsy. Are you strong enough to ride? We need to leave if we want to return to the city by nightfall."

"I'm stronger than you think." I growled at him. Though as I climbed to my feet my injured leg made me stumble and he caught me in his arms, giving me a smirk when I frowned. Though just for a moment I noticed his eyes that seemed to glow through his armour and I froze, forgetting that I was angry. Then he coughed and the spell was broken, making me push past him as I staggered over to Hurricayne. With a chuckle the booster followed and with me now safely mag-locked to my dragon's back we followed the booster and his dragon all the way into the city.

Eighth entry; Its been several weeks since I was injured and in that time I learnt from my masters, the Dragon Priests, that it will take all the colors of the boosters of legend to stop the conflict rising up between the numerous Draconium Empires. Despite having met and allied with the great Beaucephalis and his rider, the Dragon Booster along with the Fire and Energy Booster we are still having trouble getting people to side with us.

The main cause is the leader of the Black Draconium Empire, the one they call Armeggaddon. Even with three boosters gathered together he proves...unreasonable and I fear he might fan the flames of a possible war between dragons and humans. 'Fan the flames' I must be spending too much time talking to the only other female booster. But then she is the only one I can talk to, the only one who knows what its like to have feelings for someone who is oblivious. While she stands beside the Dragon Booster and cares for him deeply I find myself also caring for another, even if he doesn't care.

Ninth entry; I...don't know where to begin. I was standing beside my dragon, my mind elsewhere when he called out and I turned so suddenly I slipped on the dusty ground. In an instant I found myself lying on the Shadow Booster, his arms around me and with a slightly winded look on his face.

For a heartbeat I wondered just how I had tripped then I blushed furiously, muttered an apology as I went to move off him. To my shock his grip tightened as he stared directly into my eyes and I couldn't help noticing just how pretty his eyes were. Before we knew what was happening we were kissing, our lips pressed tightly together and our arms wrapped around each other's waist. Coming up for air only a few seconds later he released me, looking just as shocked as we both climbed to our feet. Muttering something I couldn't make out he hurried away, towards the stables and I sighed wondering why he had kissed me.

It wasn't until a few days later when the Shadow Booster asked to spar with me and I accepted, confused as to why I had been chosen. After our kiss we had been avoiding each other, barely saying a word if we happened to bump into each other during our travels. Finding him inside an empty stable I watched as he practiced his kicks and punches, not even aware that I was watching him. Finally I coughed and he spun around, looking tense until he saw me standing there and he relaxed, giving me a small smile.

"You wanted to spar?" I asked and he gave me a nod, waiting as I joined him. For a while we practiced just punching and after a failed attempt at hitting his shoulder he chuckled, watching as I climbed back to my feet.

"You're never going to beat anyone, not even a yellow-bellied newt with weak punches. Here, let me show you." He sighed as he stood beside me and as he reached for my arm I stared at him, my eyebrow raised. "If you want to fight like a true booster let me help."

"Okay then what am I doing wrong?" I sighed as I held my arm up and he rolled his eyes, taking my hand in his and holding my arm straighter.

"You need to keep your arm straight when you follow through with a punch. Otherwise the force will be weak and you risk breaking your limb from the impact." He told me and I nodded as he gave me a dimenstration. After a few punches I finally receieved a nod before we started work on my kicks. It wasn't long until Shadow Booster called a halt to our training and when I stared at him he chuckled. "Now we spar." He added as he took on a fighter's stance and I nodded getting ready. Seconds later I wound up on my back, slightly winded as he stood over me giving me a head shake.

"I wasn't ready." I complained as he helped me back to my feet and he rolled his eyes towards the ceiling.

"Your opponent won't give you time to recover." He answered before he lashed out with his leg this time and I blocked with my own, letting out a yelp as he struck my knee with his foot. Again I found myself lying on the ground, glaring up at him as he shook his head. "I'm trying to help you and you're not even trying."

Angry I leapt to my feet, ignoring the pain in my leg and without warning I aimed a Mag-Blast at his head. Instantly he dodged and as it struck the wall behind him he chuckled, rushing me before I could counter. By the time he called a halt to our sparring I leant against the wall, panting heavily and he gave me a smile.

"How...did I do?" I gasped, wiping my forehead and he moved over until he was standing over me. Getting no immediate response I opened my mouth, about to repeat the question when he lunged forward and I suddenly felt his warm lips press against my own. I let out a startled gasp the sound muffled before my eyes slowly closed, my hand reaching up and as I ran the fingers of my hand through his long silver hair his arm wrapped around my waist.

For this day onwards we sparred between our missions, which mostly involved seeking out new allies or finding the remaining gauntlet and medallion for the chosen Power Booster, and each and every sparring session usually ended with a kiss.

Tenth entry; As I write this I still can't believe that I and Xander, the Shadow Booster that I've grown so fond of is...the student of Armeggaddon. When I found out from Dragon Booster I refused to believe such a lie. However I couldn't shake the feeling that maybe he was telling the truth and eventually I confronted Xander during one of our sparring sessions in the wastelands. We had been coming here for a last few weeks, worried that someone would know that two of their boosters had fallen for one another.

They might think we had been neglecting our duties and so we came here in secret, keeping everyone else in the dark. Right now I was using the Mag-Blast technique that I had perfected, almost knocking Xander off his feet despite his powerful moves.

"You've improved a lot since we started training here." He commented, only to see an almost hurt look in my eyes as I kicked at his stomach. Dodging he kicked out and knocked me hard into the ground, staring as I growled at him. "What's wrong, Bianca?"

"Are you Armeggaddon's student?" I spat and he blinked, eyes staring into mine before they narrowed and I took a step back. "Its true isn't it? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because what does it matter? Yes he taught me everything he knows, every Mag technique he could teach me. Does that affect our relationship?" Xander asked as he started to walk towards me and I looked at the ground, not sure what to say. "Then I will go." He sighed, his voice barely above a whisper as he turned to his dragon. Before he could leave I rushed forward and wrapped my arms around his stomach, my grip tightening and he turned his head slightly.

"I'm sorry, Xander. I don't care who trained you because I...love you." I whispered, tears welling in my eyes and for a few seconds he didn't answer. Thinking I'd crossed the line I released my grip, turning around to wipe tears from my eyes.

"Is that true?" Xander asked and I nodded, tears streaming down my face as I tried to keep from sobbing. Shaking his head he moved close and I yelped as his arms wrapped around me. I tensed up, not sure what he was doing until his lips brushed my ear and I sighed, setting my hands down on his. "I'm sorry I never told you." He whispered, catching my earlobe in his teeth and giving it a nibble.

"Huh why did you stop reading?" Moordryd asked as I lifted my head. As soon as he saw me blush he burst out laughing, quickly glancing at the book. "They...hah!"

"I can't believe that Bianca and Xander...and she wrote about it in her journal." I muttered, face flushed as Moordryd laughed. When he calmed down he asked me to keep reading.

"Come on, you're not embarrased to read it aloud. Are you?" Moordryd teased and giving him a frown I took a deep breath. Looking back at the page I resumed reading the page.

His lips on mine, he kissed me hard. Holding each other tight I felt his hand slip inside my shirt and make its way very slowly up towards my chest. I groaned then, kissing him back even harder as he gently rubs his whole palm against my breasts. It doesn't take us long until we're both wearing just our underwear and as we knelt beside each other on the ground I feel his lips brushing kisses against my neck, throat and jawline.

I groan again, his hands reaching down to cup my backside as his mouth brushes a warm kiss against my shoulder his teeth nipping the exposed skin. The sharp pain makes me arch my back but then he licks the mark, his tongue soothing it and I sigh a funny but pleasant feeling like butterflies in my stomach flowing through me.

Pretty soon I find myself panting, his body pressed tightly against mine as he gently rocks his hips slowly moving in and out of me. At first it hurt, like being jabbed by the end of a dragon's claw then the pain is forgotten as Xander starts to grunt, our bodies sweating as we make love together. I groan as he starts to thrust harder, giving me little time to prepare as I arched my back, letting out a cry of pain.

"Its okay, Bianca." Xander whispered, his mouth closing over mine to muffle my cries. Reaching down he gripped my backside and soon we're grinding against each other, our cries of pleasure lost as we kiss harder. Eventually I scream his name, my voice echoing as something builds and almost instantly shatters in me and as I grip the ground below I feel Xander tense up. I whimper, still panting as he bites down on my shoulder exactly where he nipped me earlier as his own climax rips through his body.

We spend the next few minutes panting heavily, his head resting against my shoulders before he carefully releases me and I let out a gasp. Walking away for a moment Xander returns with a blanket and after wrapping it around my shoulders he leans against me, giving my shoulder a kiss and I turn slightly to snuggle into his bare chest. Exhausted beyond belief we soon fall asleep, lying cuddled up and with our dragons to watch over us.

"Wow so that was the first time they made love? That's kind of sweet." I whispered as I set the book down for a moment, wiping at my eyes.

"I kind of feel sorry for them." Moordryd said as he wrapped an arm around my waist and I rested my head against his chest, closing my eyes. "Is there anything else?"

"No. That was the last entry she wrote. The next page's blank." I answered, tears running down my face in twin rivers. As Moordryd reached for the book something slid out from underneath the pages and he blinked, picking up a torn page.

"What's this?" He muttered as he stared at the page and I opened my eyes, curious as he silently read it. "Its written by the Shadow Booster. Listen to this."

Bianca is gone...I can't believe she died and left us without a powerful ally and most importantly the woman I loved. Even though it hurts to hide the last piece of her I must keep my promise and seal away her gauntlet and medallion for the next generation. I can only hope that the next Light Booster won't share the same fate and leave the one she loves heartbroken. I just wish I had had a little more time, to tell Bianca just how much I loved her. If I'd known she would be so reckless and confront Armeggaddon without her allies by her side I might have had a chance to stop her death but I was too late...

Now I am lost without her and I never even knew I was going to be a father..

I have lost so very much but I have to be strong and fight alongside the other boosters. That is the only other thing I can do for Bianca and maybe in the next life I can see her again

I can only hope...

"I am so sorry I ever believed Armeggaddon. He was using me and I let myself fall for his lies." I growled, tears streaking my eyes as Moordryd carefully returned the torn page to the journal. "I put my friends in danger and now he'll come after everyone."

When I began to sob Moordryd hugged me, gently kissing my head. "Its not your fault. Look let's find the stablebrat and his friends. Maybe we can find the other gauntlets and medallions. We'll be stronger and then he won't even try and challenge us."

"You're right. We need help and I'm not going to back down. Let's find out what we can about their last known locations. And I know just who to ask." I replied, wiping my eyes before I climbed to my feet calling out to Quiksilva who lifted his head and roared.

To be continued...