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Death's Chosen Childe Chapter 7

After they had returned from Mount Olympus everyone had seemed to be interested in Harry's and Percy's relationship. While to most people it'd be odd that two thirteen year olds were dating it wasn't to the demigods. Because of the fact that they have godly blood in them they mature faster both mentally and physically. So this was entirely normal. What intrigued Percy was that none of the campers were against their relationship. It was then that Harry explained that Greece had kind of practically endorsed homosexual relationships back when they were at the top. So nobody really cared who you slept with. However what irritated both Harry and Percy was the fact that the Aphrodite Cabin kept hounding them for details about their relationship, which both refused to give. (Though Harry and Percy hadn't really gone further than holding hand and kissing, stating that they wanted to explore the relationship as much before they go that far.) Their reason behind the harassment was that their mother rarely ever gave out Love Prophecies as she usually never liked a couple that she thought of on the spot.

Slowly the weeks passed by and it was getting closer to the end of summer which meant that the trio, Harry, Hermione, and Percy, had to go back to school soon. They had planned on attending the same school so that if anything bad happened they could face it together. Of course Hermione teased Harry saying that he also wanted to stay by his boyfriend. The current morning was met with both Harry and Percy who were sharing a bed and both were topless. They were sharing a bed for two reasons. First, they had figured that since they were dating that it'd be nice to share a bed. Secondly, the second bed had disappeared from the room probably because of Hera which they took as her silent approval of the relationship.

Like always Harry was the first one to wake up, having that behavior ingrained into him from his childhood with the Dursleys. He looked to his left and saw his boyfriend spread on the bed drooling in his sleep. Normally people would find that disgusting but Harry found it adorable. As his eyes travelled downward and saw the slowly forming abs on Percy from the rough training he was undergoing at the camp. Harry's attention then changed to the clock in the room and saw that they were going to be late if they didn't get going now. So with that Harry wiped the drool off Percy's face, leaned down, and then kissed him. Percy's eyes fluttered open before he saw what was happening and kissed back. Harry pulled off and yanked the covers off Percy so he wouldn't get tangled up.

"We gotta get going Perce, the meeting starts in thirty minutes and Hermione and Annabeth are probably on their way now. So if you don't want them to see you naked while you change I'd suggest changing now." Harry said, prompting Percy to rush to his bag and get out his clothes.

Thankfully they had gotten used to changing around each other so there were no awkward moments with that and Percy was able to stay blush free. As soon as they finished changing they were out the door. However as soon as they left the door they barreled into somebody and landed ass first on the ground. Harry saw that it was Hermione and Annabeth and sighed.

"Of course you would come check on us, I told you that you didn't have to walk with us this morning." Harry said.

"Was it because you wanted to spend some time with your new boyfriend Harry?" Hermione teased, Annabeth stifling a giggle.

"No. Yes. Maybe. AGH! Let's just go." Harry said, getting frustrated with Hermione's teasing.

It took them about twenty minutes, give or take, to get to the Big House where the meeting was going to take place. This was partially because Hermione and Annabeth would keep teasing Harry and Percy about their relationship.

"Why are you teasing me so much about this you never did about Ginny." Harry whined.

"Who's Ginny?" Percy asked.

"Ginny's a girl I felt pressured by everyone else to go out with." Harry said before reassuring Percy with a kiss on the forehead.

"See! That's why I tease you, you're both so adorable. You were never like this with Ginny." Hermione said.

Soon enough they arrived at the Big House and headed into the meeting room. When they arrived the various Cabin Counselors were sitting in their seats while Dionysus and Chiron were sitting at the head of the table. There were three new seats in the room, one for Percy who was the Poseidon Counselor, one for Harry who was the Hestia Counselor and the Hades Counselor, and lastly one for Hermione who was the Persephone Counselor. Today was the yearly end of summer meeting for the camp counselors to decide what to do considering events that have passed during the summer.

"What are the gods going to do about Kronos?" Was the first question, asked by Clarisse.

"They have decided that they will do nothing at the moment." Dionysus responded, causing Harry to scoff.

"So Zeus has decided to stick his head in the sand?" was Harry's bitter reply.

From Harry's response thunder exploded outside, causing the other campers to look a bit nervous.

"Harry!" Annabeth shouted.

"No, Harry's right, Zeus knows that Kronos is back but he refuses to do a thing." Percy said, the thunder growing louder.

"Shut it Zeus! You know I'm right! You know what." Harry said, before getting up, finally fed up.

Harry walked over to the nearest hearth and took some powder from his hand.

"Uh Potter what are you doing?" Dionysus said a bit nervous.

"Calling grandmother. Mother Rhea's Residence!" Harry shouted throwing the powder into the hearth.

"Yes? Rhea here." A melodious female voice echoed out.

"Grandma, I need your help with your youngest boy." Harry said.

"Coming through." The voice said before Harry stepped back.

From the hearth the most gorgeous woman stepped through. She had shoulder length curly black hair that reminded Harry of Hades a bit and the greenest eyes that you could see. Her beauty was so much that it stopped everyone in their tracks and they couldn't help but stare. On top of that she exuded the same presence that Harry and Hestia had, the one that instantly calmed anyone effected by it.

"What has my youngest done now my grandchild." The woman spoke out, embracing Harry in a hug.

"H-how is Rhea so familiar with you?" Dionysus asked.

"Simple Dionysus, he kept in touch with me and even gave me tributes. Now what has Zeus done that has frustrated you so?" Rhea asked.

"He refuses to act against Kronos." Harry said, causing Rhea to pale.

"He's coming back? How?"

"Apparently his body is slowly regenerating in Tartarus which should be impossible unless Tartarus himself is helping." Harry said.

"But wait, Nyx wouldn't let him. As much as she has a dislike for some of Kronos' children she despises Kronos even more. Only one person could be. No." Rhea said, gasping at the end, causing Chiron and Dionysus to pale.

"You can't possibly mean." Chiron choked out.

"Who!?" shouted the Apollo counselor

It was however the Demeter counselor who answered.

"Michael, she means Gaea. But wait, I thought Gaea was the perfect mother? Why would she attack her own grandchildren?" Katie Gardner asked.

"While Gaea loves her children she hates anyone who attacks them. And I guess Zeus ripping Kronos to pieces is what did it for her." Chiron said.

"But, how? She should be asleep. She went to sleep after she had Kronos kill Ouranos." Rhea said.

"Maybe she's slowly awakening?" Harry suggested.

"If that's true then I have to head to Olympus now." Rhea said, vanishing from her spot.

"Well, what else do we have?" Harry asked.

From there they went on discussing the various things that have gone on in the camps, who's been fighting with who and what's been going wrong. Afterwards they all headed back to their own cabins. Harry and Percy of course wanted to have some alone time together and spent their time before training making out on their bed.

Soon enough it was time to go back to school. This year for Percy it was Meriwether College Prep. Of course as usual Percy was having problems with his grades. Thanks to Hermione however Percy's grades were slowly increasing. Another problem was that Harry and Percy were having issues with homophobes at their school. One would attempt to beat the crap out of Percy or Harry and their response was to beat the crap out of them.

One would wonder however where Harry and Hermione were staying. Well it turned out that Medusa had done a favor for Percy as the man that Harry had seen in the prophecy given by the Oracle had been turned to stone. The man, Gabe, was a horrible man that verbally abused Percy's mother. So with that being said Harry and Hermione were staying with Percy and his mother in their new house. Of course Hermione was in a guest room and Percy and Harry were sharing a bed, being allowed by Percy's mother as long as they didn't go 'too far'.

Slowly the year passed by with this being the first year that Percy had decent grades. During the year the three had run into a new kid at the school who they had found out to be a Cyclops named Tyson. Apparently Tyson was a son of Poseidon which made him Percy's half-brother. Tyson joined the gang and hung out with them daily. Soon it was near the end of the year and they were gathered in the gym for a game of dodgeball with a visiting school. So far the game had been going horrible with the other school easily knocking out the people on their (Harry and the gang) team. When it was just the three of them left the match turned deadly with the dodgeballs suddenly catching on fire. When that started happening Harry took a closer look at the students.

"Guys! They're Laistrygonian Giants!" Harry shouted as he charged forward with his sword out.

"Ugh! Why must every year be ruined by a monster?!" Percy shouted, charging forward as well with Riptide.

Tyson was able to block most of the flaming cannonballs sent everyone's way with his arms and Hermione would use Protego to block the rest. They were soon down to only one Giant whose name was apparently Joe Bob. They were having a difficult time getting to him because every time they'd get close he'd chuck another flaming cannonball. However a minute later a sword was pierced straight through Joe Bob's chest, making him burst into gold dust. Once the dust parted it revealed Annabeth who was looking a bit nervous.

"We gotta go guys, something bad has happened at camp." Annabeth said before running off, making everyone follow her.

Once they reached outside the school Annabeth was about to toss a coin but a vehicle arrived right in front of them and the door opened. Inside of the vehicle was three woman who gave off a powerful aura. The three woman motioned for them to come in.

"We're here to take you to the camp." One of the three women said, while the other two were knitting threads together.

"… You're the Fates aren't you? The determiners of destinies." Annabeth said.

"Smart, but not completely true. We are not the determiner of destinies rather that is our mother, Ananke who can change anyone's destiny. We just go along the path that is set." The woman driving said.

"Ananke?" Percy asked.

"Of course you wouldn't have heard of her. She, while almost all powerful, is a lesser known primordial to anyone who doesn't truly worship the gods. She is called the Primordial of Necessity, Destiny, and Fate." Said one of the women knitting.

"Why are you helping us, the Fates are said to have no favorite." Annabeth said.

"Because, the Fates do have a favorite. Young Harry over here. We watched young Harry from his birth to now, guiding him along his path strangely growing attached to him. Of course what would we expect from someone who has the blessing of our Mother?"

"Wait, why do I have your mother's blessing?" Harry asked.

"Every once in a long, long, while a soul catches the attention of Ananke. This soul is generally a part of many prophecies in their many lives. She admires those souls because they persevere through each prophecy they're forced through. So she gives them a blessing, that makes it so they can't die until they've lived a well and good life." One of the Fates explained.

"So Harry's one of these souls?" Hermione asked.

"Yes, very much so. We've arrived at the Camp, good luck young ones." The Fate said.

They exited the car and gasped at the border as the car left. In front of them was a decaying tree, the tree decaying being Thalia's tree.

"What's happening to the tree?" Harry asked.

"Apparently Luke poisoned the tree before he left. Everyone's panicking on how to cure the tree as this poison's really powerful." Annabeth replied.

"Why not any special artifacts from past stories?" Hermione asked.

"We. Uh, we didn't think of that! There is one such artifact that might work. The Golden Fleece but there's a problem with that." Annabeth said, muttering at the end.

"What's the problem?" Percy asked.

"The Fleece is in the Sea of Monsters." Annabeth replied.

"The Sea of Monsters?" Percy asked.

"Ah, I know that! We learned about it in History of Magic. The Sea of Monsters is where the Bermuda Triangle is located. It's an area where normal methods of navigation don't work and there are loads of monsters there. Also the monsters Charybdis and Scylla are located there." Hermione said.

"Ah, I guess that would cause some problems." Harry said.

They proceeded into the Camp to where they were met by Clarisse.

"You guys just missed it. A gigantic mechanical bull broke through the barrier. We barely managed to get rid of it. Wait, why is there a cyclops with you?" Clarisse said.

"Uh, well, he's apparently Percy's half-brother. Helped us against some Laistrygonian Giants." Hermione said.

"Ah, well.. uh. He's yours to deal with then seaweed brain." Clarisse said.

From there they headed to the Big House with Clarisse who Annabeth explained to their solution to the decaying tree.

"That's perfect! I'll ask Rhea to allow me to get a prophecy!" Clarisse said.

"Rhea? What about Chiron?" Harry asked.

"Chiron's been removed because of the fact he's Kronos' son. Rhea tried convincing Zeus against it but he was being very stubborn about it. So Rhea compromised and managed to get placed as the new counselor." Clarisse said.

Soon enough they arrived at the room where Dionysus and Rhea were at.

"It's nice to see you again. I wish it was in better circumstances." Rhea said.

"Rhea! Annabeth came up with a solution! I want to get a prophecy so I can go on a Quest for the Golden Fleece." Clarisse responded.

"The Golden Fleece? That might just work." Dionysus muttered.

"Very well, go up to the attic and receive your prophecy." Rhea said.

Ten minutes later Clarisse came back down, smiling, and spoke the prophecy.

"You shall sail the iron ship with warriors of bone,

You shall find what you seek and make it your own,

But despair for your life entombed within stone,

And fail without friends, to fly home alone!"

"Interesting, what do you think of it?" Rhea asked.

"I think I'm going to need Percy's, Hermione's, Annabeth's, and Harry's help for this." Clarisse said.

"Very well, you five will go on a quest to recover the Golden Fleece. Also I want you to try to find young Grover as we have lost track of him somewhere in the Sea of Monsters." Rhea said.

With that said the quintet headed off towards where they would set sail for the Sea of Monsters. On the way they ran into a middle aged man with salt and pepper coloured hair who wore nylon shorts and an athletic tee. In his hand was a cellphone that had two intertwining snakes around the antenna.

"Yes, I need that package delivered to Nyx as soon as possible. Yes I know the only real way to get to her is during nighttime. Just do it please. Thank you." He said before hanging up.

"Ah if it isn't the young demigods. I have some gifts for you before you go. I just need you to sign here." The man said handing over a clipboard.

Stunned, Harry grabbed it and signed for it.

"You're Hermes aren't you?" Clarisse asked.

"Yes, young girl your father has set up a ride for you and your friends, it's a Confederate battleship armed with civil war soldiers. Anyways here are the items for you." Hermes said before bringing out three yellow duffle bags, a thermos, and a bottle of vitamins.

"The duffle bags are filled with necessities such as ambrosia, drachmas, mortal money, and clothes. The thermos is filled with the four cardinal winds, do not open it too much or all the winds will be released. The cap also functions as a compass. Lastly these are magical vitamins with the nine essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals basically anything needed to make you feel yourself again. I hope you succeed and if you run into Luke please tell him I still love him." Hermes said.

"I'll try Hermes, thanks." Annabeth said as Clarisse, Harry, Percy, and Hermione grabbed the items.

Hermes left after that and they headed towards the location where the battleship was located. When they reached it they were met with a crew of Confederate soldiers who were saluting Harry and Clarisse.

"We're ready to set sail Sir, Mam." The apparent captain of the ship said.

"Alright then, let's go." Clarisse said, looking off at the setting sun.

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