This is a translation of a forum-style fanfiction I found on SSNote. If you can read Japanese, go here: www…ssnote…net/archives/11185. Otherwise, read on.

Since this is a translation, I'm going to try to keep it as close to the format of the original, if this is considered chat format, I'm really sorry.

At times, there will be slash marks (e.g. / / /) at the end of sentences. That's somebody blushing. I think everything else should be pretty straightforward.

Disclaimer: Since this is a translation, the only thing I own is the way I chose to translate the Japanese, absolutely nothing else. And a big thank you to my friend from high school for helping me polish my translation. (^_^)

Recently, I've become interested in this girl….
I first began to notice her this one time during study hall.

Eren: "Hey, Armin, I don't really get this part, could you explain it to me?"

Armin: "So at this point, you do this."

Eren: "Thanks, Armin."

Back and forth like this everyday, I'd teach Eren about whatever it was we were studying.
But today was different….

Armin: *exhales* "Man, it's like Eren comes over here for help everyday."

Armin: "It's kind of a pain."

Annie: "Hey, you."

Armin: "Annie!? This is pretty unusual; you almost never come over to talk to me."

Annie: "So?"

Armin: "Haha, I guess you have a point."

Armin: "Is there something you wanted to ask me?"

Annie: "Yeah."

Annie: "Would you explain this to me? I don't really understand it."

Armin: "So here, you want to do this."

Annie: "You're pretty good at explaining things."

Armin: "Not really. I just help out Eren all the time, so I've gotten some practice."

Annie: "You're a pretty nice guy."

Armin: "I'm not that nice." *embarrassed*

Annie: "I…like that about you."

Armin: "Th-thanks."

Annie: "No, thank you for helping me." *small smile*

Armin: *heart skips a beat*

That's right. That was the moment I started liking Annie.

And that's chapter one. This style of fanfiction is done by posting short blurbs of the story at a time and people comment on it in real time. While the comments from the readers were sometimes interesting to read, I'm only going to be posting story content. Since each blurb is supposed to stop at that point for dramatic effect, I'm going to post each blurb as a separate chapter. So…chapters will be short.

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