You Can't Run From Love


Lucius Malfoy/Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy/Blaise Zabini

Hermione Granger/Neville Longbottom

Astoria Greengrass/Ron Weasley

Fleur Delacour/Bill Weasley

Angelina Johnson/George Weasley

Lee Jordan/Fred Weasley

Dean Thomas/Ginny Weasley

Charlie Weasley/Oliver Wood

With the war now over Harry wants to start a new life. Instead of doing what is expected of him, he runs away from everyone and everything he has ever known. Worst of all he ran away from the only man he has ever loved. What will happen when the love of his life finally finds him and their daughter?

Harry Potter and Co. do not belong to me JKR takes all the credit.

Chapter 1: A New outlook on Life

Michael Harcourt walked out of his office building located in Providence Rhode Island. It was a beautiful day so he decided to leave his car in the garage and walk to pick up his daughter from preschool. This was one of the specific reasons why he bought the building his office was housed in: the opportunity to walk and pick up Jade on a nice day or even to stop in and have lunch with her. As he walked, he thought about how his life changed in the past five years.

Five years ago, he was known as Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived Twice. He defeated the Dark Lord and freed all of Europe from his reign of terror. After his defeat of Voldemort, he just disappeared without telling anyone where he was going. He went back to Grimmuald Place packed up his trunk; leaving not even a note to the man he loves.

When Harry left he did not have a destination in mind. It was a complete shock to him when he ended up on the other side of the pond. Instead of freaking out, Harry took the opportunity to make a new change in his life. He found out where the nearest magical community was, walked into Gringotts transferring all of his gold from all his vaults in London to the one in America. The next thing he did was changed his appearance. He took hair growth potion; colored the newly longer locks to blond putting a charm on them to make sure the color would not fade. With his hair was now long enough he did not have the need to worry about hiding his scar. He got his eyes fixed and wore blue color contacts. Before leaving Gringotts he got his name changed to Michael Harcourt leaving Harry Potter behind.

It was two months into his new life Harry noticed his body was changing. He attributed it to the fact that his life was no longer stressed. He was gaining weight especially in his belly area. Being that he lived on the line between the muggle and magical community he was able to go flying whenever he needed to. One of the things he loved about living in America was the fact that no one cared he was Harry Potter, add to the fact he looked nothing like how he use to look he felt safe for the first time. Instead of flying he joined a dojo, where he would learn krav maga an Israeli style of self-defense. Two weeks later into his self-defense training, he woke up one morning sick to his stomach. He figured he caught a stomach bug, so he decided to stay home and rest.

This continued for two weeks. Biting the bullet, Harry went to see a healer. It was then he found out he was pregnant. He was shocked to know that he could get pregnant but at least he did not have to wonder who the father was. He had only ever been intimate with one person. Their relationship started out as a way to comfort each other during the war. He was a spy; his job was already dangerous, which was something that worried Harry once he realized he was starting to have feelings for his lover. He was older and more experienced than Harry. They kept their liaison a secret from everyone. They only met when they could or when they went on missions together. He really did not mean to fall in love but he did, they never once told each other of their feelings. He missed his lover. He often wondered if he moved on and fell in love, remarried or had any other children. He tried not to think about him much anymore or he would regret his decision to leave him and that world behind.

He also thought about the Weasley's: Ron and Hermione. He knew what he did was wrong but he had to get away. He felt as if he was drowning, he did not have any privacy. There were too many expectations of him, marry Ginny even though he was not in love with her. He just wanted to give it all up to live a normal life. All that changed when he had Jade. She became his whole life after she was born.

With all the money and titles he had, he did not have to work, however he wanted to. So he found out how to use a computer and went to college online. This way he was able to stay at home with Jade and have a college degree, he majored in two fields of information security analyst and cyber security. Right now his company had contracts with not only Homeland Security but also other companies such as Facebook and Twitter to protect their data from hackers. He loved his job and being the boss of Evan's Security gave him the freedom to do as he pleased. It was a far cry from being an Auror but this was Harry's choice, not someone choosing for him or what they expected him to do and that made him happy.

He turned the corner to Jade's school. He saw her standing beside her teacher, as soon she spotted him she let go of her teacher's hand and ran to him. Gods, she looked like her father. While she had his eyes, everything else was purely Lucius. She was beautiful. He bent down the closer she got to him scooping her up in his arms. Giving her kisses on her cheeks to making her giggle. "Stop it, Daddy," she said between giggles "everybody is looking."

He stopped kissing her and scanned the school area. "What am I embarrassing you? Daddy's are supposed to give their babies kisses," he said then giving her one final kiss before setting her down. She got a stern look on her face.

"I'm not a baby, Daddy, I am a big girl," she told him holding his face in her tiny hands.

This made him chuckle, running his fingers through her messy curls, "You will always be my baby. So tell me, how was your day, Prongslet?"

She furrowed her brows, whenever she did that it reminded him of her father. "I am no longer friends with Macy," she said with a definite tone. At times you would think she grew up around Lucius or Draco with the way she spoke sometimes. Macy was Jade best friend no matter what she said they would be friends again by the end of tomorrow. "Did you and Macy fight?"

She did not answer right away and that made Harry look down at her. She looked sad, he bent down so that they were face to face, "What is the matter, Prongslet? You can tell me. I won't get mad," he asked, brushing a few curls from her eyes, it was getting long again.

"Daddy," she paused casting her eyes down looking at her toes. "When will I get to meet my other father and brother?" her question was asked so softly as if she was afraid to ask. "Macy said that I don't have another daddy because boys can't have babies, I told her that you had me but she called me a liar. I did not lie right, Daddy? Boys can have babies?" She asked looking up at him.

Harry has never lied to her, he told her almost everything. She was a magical child with two magical parents. He debated with himself sending her to a muggle preschool but he wanted her to experience living in both worlds. Over the past five years, he argued with himself about letting her father know she existed. He knew he was being selfish in keeping her all to himself but he could not help himself she was all he had. He never dated, not that he was never got asked out. But putting Jade's needs first was always his priority.

He took her face in his hand and smiled at her, "No, Prongslet, you did not lie." Sighing he knew sooner or later she would want to meet her father. "I know you would like to meet him Jade but he does not know about you. I am not sure how he or your older brother would react." He stopped the next few words and looked in his child's pained eyes. Eyes so much like his AK green he could not continue to break her heart. "I tell you what, I will send a letter to your father and if he wants to see us then we will invite him to come and visit us. How does that sound?" She did not seem satisfied with that answer but nodded her head anyway. He got up and took her hand, starting their walk back to his building to get in his car and head home.

"How about hot dogs for dinner tonight? We can have it anyway you want it," he asked her trying to put a smile on her face.

She looked up at him and smiled, "Can I have fries with them? And can we sit in front of the telly and watch SpongeBob?"

"Anything you want, Prongslet," he said as they made their way to his office building.

Across the street stood a private investigator, Mike Marks had his camera snapping pictures of Harry and Jade the whole time they were talking, unknown to them both. He was hired by a very rich man to find his lover that ran away from him five years ago. He could not believe the man was paying him thousands of dollars just to find one man. After he was done with this job he could retire for the rest of his life, over the past five years his payment kept getting higher and higher. It took him a long time but finally he thinks he finds who he has been looking for.

He hated to tell his employer that his lover cheated on him and has a kid. He had been watching Mr. Harcourt for two weeks, knew his pattern like the back of his hand. He hoped he had enough information to end this job, the money was sweet but he was tired of traveling. He walked over to his rented car; he needed to get back to the hotel so that he could print the latest set of pictures.

Once he was in his room, he went to work printing off the pictures and setting up the timetable for each picture. In each picture, he noticed that Harcourt never had friends drop by or even go on dates. His life was focused on his little girl. The woman must have been someone really special. His employer might be happy to know that Harcourt never dated but to him it was a sad and lonely life. When all his work was completed, his report was put in a special envelope that was given to him by his employer. The guy was really picky about how is mail was delivered. He made it to the post office just before it closed. He sent the package express mail so his employer would receive it the very next day.

Unknown to the Marks that envelope was magical. It would not go through the normal channels all muggle letters go through. Once it was handed over to the post office workers and ready to be mailed it would disappear and reappear on the receiver's desk within ten minutes. The receiver at the moment was seated in his office going over reports of his many business transactions.

When the envelope appeared, he hesitated. Over the past five years, he had been looking for the love of his life. After many failed attempts to find him, he was giving up hope. Putting down the latest business report, he picked up the envelope. This one was thicker than all the others. Using a letter opener, he opened the envelope and pulled out the first picture. It was of a little girl.

Confusion showed on his face, the little girl had piercing green eyes that reminded him so much of Harry. He pulled out the next photo and gasped. After five years, he found him. No matter how much he tried to change his hair and face, he would recognize his lover anywhere. He still looked the same strong jaw line and those kissable heart shaped lips. He took the picture of the little girl and put the picture of Harry looking at them side by side. Studying each person in the pictures: the little girl was definitely Harry's because of the eyes but who was her other parent?

He set the pictures aside, picking up the report the muggle, Private Investigator Marks sent him. He read over the facts about Harry's days over the last two weeks and that's when he saw the age of the little girl, she was six years old. That would mean when Harry left, he was pregnant and the only person he knew Harry was sleeping with was him. Oh Merlin, the little girl was his. Harry had his child and never once told him. Had he known Harry was pregnant, he never would have let him face the Dark Lord nor would he a chance to leave.

He studied the picture of his daughter Jade Lilith-Rose Harcourt. He stared at the picture, realizing how much she looked liked Draco when he was her age from her hair to her nose. She was his child through and through. He looked at her name once more Jade Rose Harcourt sneering at the last name. That will the first of many changes when he get his family back. Getting up from his desk, he made his way out of his office. Calling a house elf as he walked, instructing them to pack a bag. It was time he took a much-needed holiday and he knew exactly where he was going: Providence, Rhode Island. He had a man to see about a daughter.

"Draco, I need you to run the business for a while. I will be on travel out of the country."

Draco looked up at his father from where he was sitting. He knew for the past five years his father has been searching for Harry Potter. He was shocked as was the rest of the Order to find out that Harry and his father were carrying on a relationship right under their noses. His father was devastated; he had never seen the older man so broken up. Not even when the Dark Lord killed his mother, he knew that his father was never in love with mother but they were best friends and had vowed to protect each other through the love of their son. He did not need to ask where his father was going, "You found him then?"

"Yes," he said handing Draco photos of Potter. In the picture Potter was holding a little girl, they seem to be smiling. They both had blond hair, he had to admit Potter with raven hair was handsome but with blond he was breath taking. Draco brought the photo closer so that he was able to get a better look at the little girl. She had Potters eyes but everything else she looked like a miniature version of himself and his father. Her hair was blond and curly she seemed to have also got the Potter gene for messy hair.

He smiled. He had a sister his sons will soon have another family member living in the manor to play with not counting the Weasley and Longbottom brood. That was another shocker to him, he became friends with the remainder to the golden trio, and their children were very close in age and friendship.

"Do you know how long you will be gone, what of the Weasley's? Do you wish for me to inform them that you have found him?"

"No, I do know that if and when I come back, Harry and Jade will be coming back with me. Also, keep this between us for now. You know how stubborn Harry is, I will have to convince him to return. But when we return, we will be bonded together for life."

"Then I wish you luck, Father. It is time he came home."