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Takes place between Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night

She was lost.

But she certainly didn't want to admit it.

'Kaa-san is going to be mad.' Kagome thought with a shudder, recalling the last time her mother had gotten angry at her. She didn't yell, shout, or anything of the sort – but Kagome simply could not stand that disappointed look within her mother's normally gentle eyes.

'But if I keep walking, I think I will find the way home.' The young girl thought with determination as her blue eyes darted around her surroundings in hopes of spotting a familiar building, yet grew rather frustrated when she recognized nothing.

She couldn't ask for help either because her parents had been very adamant about not talking to strangers, especially if she was alone – which just so happened to be the very situation was in.

Kagome bit her lip, fiddling with the edge of her skirt nervously as she looked at the passing people, 'But if I tell them my name and they tell me theirs, they won't be a stranger anymore.' The logic sounded perfect to her and she decided to ask the next nice-looking person who passed her.

Her small hand latched onto the pants of the passing man and she trembled slightly when he immediately stopped and glanced down at her with disdain clearly seen in his strange red eyes.

However, that wasn't what had her small body unconsciously shivering and she felt a cold sweat erupt, 'He's so... gold.' Kagome knew she was slightly different from other people because she could see people's 'colours' – something her father said she could do because she was a descendant of Priests and Priestesses.

Most people had the same 'colour' while a few others possessed a red 'colour', but this was the first time she had seen something so bright and golden.

"You dare to touch me with your filthy hands, mongrel?" The handsome man sneered down at her and Kagome quickly released her grasp on his pants, but she found herself growing annoyed at his harsh tone and words.

"I just wanted to ask a question, Goldilocks!" Kagome huffed, glaring at the man whose hair reminded her of a fairy tale of a golden-haired girl and three bears her mother had told her before, "I'm not a mongrel!" Not that she even knew what that meant...

The man seemed surprised that she didn't cower and Kagome suddenly felt nervous when his strange red eyes stared down at her very intently.

"It's not often that one speaks back to my glorious self with such fire, especially one so young," The man smirked as the little girl's expression turned confused, "I shall let you live for giving me much needed entertainment!"

The young Higurashi blinked and let out a noise of surprise when she abruptly found herself lifted up by the golden-haired man's arms, "W-what are you doing!?" She began to panic and that only seemed to amuse him even further.

"All females in my kingdom belong to me," He trailed a finger down her pale cheek and his smirk widened when she trembled in response, "I have decided, little girl, that you are now mine. Be grateful that you have caught the attention of the King of Heroes – Gilgamesh!"

Everything went black after that...