Flatland in Song (To the tune of "Jingle Bells".)

A/N: if you are to sing along, know that it starts with the "dashing through the snow." tune, not the "Jingle bells" tune. This is really short, I know, but it's a spur of the moment (and someone's review) that made me summarize the short book into an even shorter song. Note: in this case, queer is for the old English word weird, or odd.

Disclaimer: I don't own "Flatland", nor do I own "Jingle Bells"

By touring other lands

With a great, round sphere,

Sees things that are quite queer!

No dimension points,

1 dimension lines,

4 and 5 dimension worlds

seem logically fine

OH! (Everybody!)

In Flatland, In Flatland

Nothing's really flat.

They all have three dimensions

But they don't know that!

(repeat chorus, slightly out of tune)

~~~ Now, now, doesn't that make you want to go caroling? ~~~