Harry Potter/Slugterra crossover challenge

Needed in fan fiction:

Harry must have a green infernus slug (seeing as how he is a guardian of the British wizard world).

Harry must be abandoned by the Dursly's and/or saved by at least two of the Shane gang in a cave connected to Slugterra.

Harry must be at least five when found by the Shane gang.

Harry must be straight, no offense meant but a gay harry is way too far off cannon.

If bashing Weasly's then Fred, George, and Arthur are exempt from this.

If paired with Ginny, Ginny must fight molly.

After fourth year, dr. black and Voldemort must team up.

Recommended in fan fiction:

Dursly, Dumbledor and Snape bashing.

Doc/healer slug helps Remus control his werewolf form.