Believe in Angels
Part Two: Anxious Hearts

Author's Note

Thomas/Fiona fluff happenin' here...

"I am Colonel Karl Lichen Schubaltz of the 1st Panzer Unit. I demand you to release your hostages!"

"Fat chance in Hell, Colonel Schubaltz!!!" The bandits shouted from the confines of their Guysacks. "Give us our loot and we'll THINK about releasing them!!"

"Besides, a pretty girl like that will bring us a fortune!" The big brick of a man laughed then snorted like a pig.

"Not sure about the other man though. He looks too weathered to be of any good."

"Let Miss Fiona go right now, you brutes!!!" The young man in the DiBison shouted with anger and fire in his green eyes.

"Not so fast, Romeo!" The leader of the Guysacks aimed his guns at Fiona and the other hostage, who looks strikingly like Stinger. The Stinger look-alike's eyes were closed, he wore scholar's garbs and had a bead necklace around his neck. He was tied to Fiona tightly, but Fiona felt calm around his presence despite her situation.

"What a predicament you boys are in." The Stinger look-alike spoke with a calm, low, deep voice, he had a smirk on his face.

"Shut up, Stinger!" The leader of the Guysacks shouted, looking at him.

"I have to give you boys credit. You're not as dumb as you look. That'd be impossible." He opened his eyes, giving them a good view of his exotic indigo eyes.

"The guy's a comedian! Everyone laugh!"

//Take my hand, miss.//

"What are you going to do?" Fiona asked, opening her red eyes.

//Trust me.//

Fiona took the man's hand even though they were bound together.

//Karl, open the hatch to your Iron Kong.//

"Huh? Who said that?" Karl looked around, the CB handle still in his hand.

//Trust me... just do it...//

Stormclouds gathered in the sky, rain began to fall on the bandits and on the Imperial officers. Karl had his hands on his machine gun, aiming them at the bandits. The canopy of the Iron Kong opened up upon Karl's command, suddenly without warning, Fiona was collected in a lightning bolt. She reappeared unhurt in the seat of the Iron Kong, Fiona looked around wondering what the fuck just happened. Karl and Thomas's jaws dropped, along with everyone else's, the Stinger look-alike rubbed his wrists with a very smug grin on his face. His gloved hand smoothly rubbed the rope burns back down as his eyelids remained closed.

"Made me burn quintessense.... bastards."

"Alastor?" Karl was able to muster the strength to speak, the machine gun lowered.

"Hey, Stinger!! Show us that trick again!"

"I must protest, gentlemen. Magic is magic... if I explained how I did it, it wouldn't be magic." He opened his eyes to reveal to the Imperials that it was indeed Alastor, a man from the brothers' past. "And another thing, I am NOT Stinger....!!!"

Alastor bound into the air as lightning came crashing down on the Guysack he was currently standing on. The intense power of the bolt made it explode on impact. Karl dove behind a large boulder and opened fire on the bandits on foot as Thomas and the two men in the Dark Horns opened fire on the Guysacks. Alastor's metallic demon wings unfolded behind him as he floated high into the air. His eyes turned white and a smile found itself on his pouty lips. He became a bolt of lightning as he crashed down on another Guysack at nearly impossible speeds. Doing such dangerous maneuvers, Alastor was able to rebound and bounce off the exploding Guysack and land safely on the shoulder of the Iron Kong Mk-II. He watched the firefight from then on in, but Fiona stood up, smiling at him.

"Thank-you, mister." She called out to him, waving.

"I was always taught to treat a lady with respect." Alastor smiled back, waving.

The effeminate colonel blew away another bandit before the machine gun in his hand ran out of bullets. He unloaded the clip and inserted a fresh one, the bandits peered over their boulders and opened fire on Karl. He ducked behind his boulder and breathed a big sigh of relief. Peering over the rock for a split second, Karl opened fire, but soon found his gun was firing rounds of pure electricity. The electrical bolts shattered the bandits' hiding spot, giving the blonde beauty a clear shot. "Ah ha!! I got you!!!" Karl opened fire, pinning and clocking each and every bandit in that area. Blood splattered on the desert sand, the bandits fell down dead. The last Guysack was able to get away however, Thomas made little effort to chase it away and Alastor was sitting on the shoulder of the Iron Kong, watching over Fiona.

After the firefight, Alastor scooped Fiona in his arms and floated down to the ground, then carefully set her down. Karl emerged from the boulder as he walked over to the handsome man that helped them out. Thomas rushed for the group, then tripped on his feet, going face first in the sand.

"Are you alright?" Fiona knelt down to help him.

"Oh, Miss Fiona... I'm alright now that you're safe. I would have dropped everything to rescue you but I was having problems with Beek... it really was a messy situation and..."

Alastor turned his attention toward Karl, the colonel was staring into his handsome face. "You've grown, Karl."

"You handn't changed yourself." Karl turned to look at Alastor, a smile on his face. "What have you been doing since Thomas graduated from Vashkuyard Academy?"

"Nothing of serious importance." Alastor fluffed his hair with his right hand. "Just studying the lay of the planet's land."

"Doing a good job of it?"

"Not really, there's been too many distractions. So I'm learning things for myself." Alastor nodded, smiling. His eyes were still admiring the beautiful colonel. "Who's the lovely young lady?"

"That's Fiona, she's a Zoidian." Karl signalled with his head, with a smirk on his face. "Thomas is in love with her but I doubt she returns it. He says she does..."

"Listen to your brother, Karl. Thomas is not wrong in his assumption, for Lady Fiona does return his feelings. But she is torn between someone named Van and him."

"I see." Karl thought to himself, then walked closer to Alastor. "How about we give Thomas and Fiona a helping hand?"

"I protest, Karl. I am merely a scholar, an Exemplar who merely observes..." Alastor saw how bumbly and shy Thomas was, then he looked into Karl's eyes. "On second thought... I'm in."

"Are you sure this is the right idea? What if I make an idiot of myself?" Thomas asked, being scooting across the cobblestone walk by Alastor and Karl. It had been raining that night, and the light to Fiona's room was still on.

"Trust me. I read Romeo and Juliet over and over again, in fact I had front row seats with Mr. Shakespeare. Nice man, but a tad crazy." Alastor got Thomas into position under Fiona's window. "Now, come, Karl... let's get to work."

Alastor and Karl hid behind the bushes.

Thomas nervously picked up some pebbles and tossed them at the window. A few seconds later, Fiona opened the window.

"Thomas? What are you doing downstairs?"

"Miss Fiona... I-i... I-i... I come to..." He watched Karl and Alastor agg him on. "I come to tell you..." His voice was higher pitched. "Please come downstairs, Miss Fiona. I feel nervous down here."

Fiona giggled, strands of gold hair brushed against her face. "Alright, Thomas, I'll be right down."

A minute later, Fiona walked over to Thomas's side and smiled, making the dirty-blonde haired lieutenant nervous as all Hell. Thomas was stammering on himself, getting shy and blushing like crazy. Karl took off his hat and handed it to Alastor. "Hold this..."

"Sure." Alastor took the uniform cap within his hands.

Suddenly, without warning, Karl smacked his forehead, going in true Homer Simpson fashion; "D'OH!!!!"

"Never fear..." Alastor closed his eyes, smirking. "The great Alastor Sebastian is here to solve all is problems... and hopefully yours as well." Suddenly Thomas flew under his spell, Alastor slowly took Karl in his arms. Thomas followed suit, taking Fiona in his arms. The zoidian giggled and blushed, an alluring sparkle in Thomas's eyes. In such a romantic voice, Alastor sang, slowing swaying Karl in his arms. Karl was blushing, his cat-like green eyes sparkled with excitement. But Thomas followed suit, singing the exact same words Alastor sang in a romantic, sensual voice. Alastor twirled Karl in his arms, Thomas followed suit, not missing a beat with his singing.

Alastor dipped Karl close to the ground, Thomas followed suit, Fiona wrapped her arms around Thomas's neck when he pulled her back up against his body. Alastor's exotic gaze soon met Karl's, his arms draped so lovingly around the effeminate colonel. In a soft, lovely, poetic tune, he dotted the song with-- "I love you. I always will. Now and forever...." The mysterious scholar finished the song and romantic waltz by kissing Karl deeply, knowing that Thomas is going to end his song the same way. And which he did, Fiona wrapped her arms around Thomas's neck.

"Oh Thomas! I'm so happy! I love you too!"

Thomas snapped from Alastor's spell, but looked into Fiona's eyes. "Y-you love me!?"



Thomas scooped Fiona in his arms and turned to face the bushes. "I won, guys!!! I won!!"

"Have at her, tiger!" Karl shouted, smiling proudly and giving him the thumb's up.

"Great job, Tommy!" Alastor shouted in triumph, smiling at Thomas. "You deserve her."

Thomas and Fiona vanished within the apartment, the two men walked down the road and to the walkway bridge. Karl's hands were in his pockets, Alastor's were clasped together.

"That went smashing.... simply brilliant."

"Yes, it did. You are quite the dancer... and the kisser." Karl smiled and stopped, they were under the light of a Victorian-style streetlamp. Alastor stopped also, bluish-black highlights in his long, silky hair.

"Did that kiss... did it have any hidden meaning? Or was it a magical aid to help Thomas with his shyness?" Karl asked, his voice was low but full of emotion.

"Truthfully..." Alastor walked closer to the beautiful Imperial colonel, his hands on Karl's waist. "Your sense of perception is correct on the first guess... the truth is, those distractions on my studies... I never stopped caring about you. And those feelings of longing turned into something deeper. The truth is, Karl Lichen Schubaltz... I love you."

"I had that feeling...." Karl's hands slid on Alastor's waist, their bodies pressed close together. Their lips were so close, they could feel their hot breath on their faces. "I love you too, Ally..."

Softly, they kissed, under the Victorian-style streetlamp. Around them, fireflies sparkled in the hot summer night, the city's lights danced in the waters below. The clouds parted from the moons, lighting even more of their way. Swans swam under the bridge they were standing on, followed by a few ducks.

"Stay with me, Alastor."

"I planned on it."

Karl and Alastor kissed again, their arms snaked around each other tightly.

The reflection of the lovers was a little different... in the reflection, Alastor had black angel wings.

But Karl had white angel wings...