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Remus Lupin glanced at his class. The atmosphere was rather gloomy, as they all knew that the professor was leaving in a few days. Seamus sighed audibly.

'Must you really go?'

'No, Seamus, but I believe I -should-'

'You don't -have- to go, though.'

'I know, Miss Granger.'

There was an uncomfortable silence. Professor Lupin cleared his throat. 'Well, this is going to be your last Defence Against Dark Arts class, and before the school term ends, I am going to introduce you to banshees.' They stared at him.

'B...Banshees, Professor?' stuttered Neville. The teacher smiled reassuringly. 'Don't worry, Longbottom, there's not much to them really.' Neville gulped.

'Now, who can tell me about the banshees?'

Hermione jumped to her feet, waving her hand in the air. 'Yes, Granger?' 'Banshees are drawn to pain. They seek out their victims once a year and their shriek is fatal. One sign that a banshee has been at a place is that all the glassware or usually shattered and broken. If a banshee attacks a muggle, the muggle will probably met his death. However, if it attacks a witch or a wizard, he or she becomes a banshee or they would lose consciousness and wake up as a banshee.' Hermione took a deep breath to continue. 'Banshees are immortal and can only be destroyed by a vanquishing spell or potion.' Hermione paused. 'I t..t..think that's about it,' she faltered hesitatingly.

Lupin smiled warmly at his student. 'Yes, Hermione. Well done! Ten points to Gryffindor.' Hermione beamed and sat down again.

'Since I am not your Potions Master, we shall not use potions to vanquish the banshee. Only spells. Now, everyone, take out your wands and repeat after me. /Remmornio Hiftalus/!!! (A/N. I made that up.) Will flicking your wand in a nice flicking motion.'

A few minutes later, Lupin called over the murmurs of "Remmornio Hiftalus- ses". 'Right, we shall handle the banshee in threes. Everybody out of the room except Harry, Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger. There was a lot of scrapping noise as everyone rushed outside.

He nodded towards the three friends. 'You know what to do. Good luck.' He walked to the door. He closed just enough for him to peep through. He stuck his arm inside the classroom and pointed his wand at the closet at the back. He muttered something under his breath. The doors of the closet flew open. Lupin quickly closed the door of the classroom, leaving Harry and his friends to deal with the truly disgruntled banshee.

The banshee leaped out. It gazed wildly about itself. Its terrifying gaze fell upon them. Before they could whip out their wands, the banshee advance and let out an ear-splitting shriek. Harry clapped his hands to his ears as banshee continued to shriek. He could feel his head pounding in pain. The banshee's cry was so incredibly high pitched that he feared that a blood vessel would burst.

Then, a most interesting thing happened. The air actually /wavered/. The ground shook. Ron managed to stumble to his feet and shouted over the banshee's screams.


Harry opened his mouth to answer but he felt rather dizzy, like the ground was spinning out of control. He felt his knees buckle beneath him. Ron rushed over and helped him to his feet. The ground shook again, this time more violently. A crack appeared on the floor just at Ron's feet. Ron, still holding tightly onto Harry's hand stumbled and fell into the crack, pulling Harry after him.

Harry cried out and barely managed to grab the edge to prevent himself and Ron from disappearing into the abyss below.

'Harry!!! Don't let go!' Ron cried from below him.

'I'm try not too!' he answered between clenched teeth.

Hermione knelt and grabbed Harry's hand just as his fingers slipped. But bearing the weight of two boys proved difficult for her. With a cry of alarm, Hermione disappeared together with Harry and Ron, tumbling head first into the darkness below.

The banshee stopped its noise making and glanced around the classroom. Seeing no more victims to torment, it leaped out the window and into the Forbidden Forest.

Outside, Remus Lupin pressed his ear to the door together with several other anxious students. 'I don't hear anything,' muttered Neville, wringing his hands. Lupin straightened up from his rather uncomfortable position. He stepped back and opened the door with a -only to reveal an empty classroom. 'Well...' he mumbled 'Potter did manage to vanquish the banshee... But where are they?'

.:.:.:..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:..:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:..:.:.:.:.:.:

Hermione screamed and gripped Harry's hands tighter as they plummet downwards. Harry winced. On his right was Hermione and on his left was Ron. And they were both screaming.


Harry coughed and picked himself up. They had landed on some sort of campsite, near the fire. He helped Hermione up as Ron struggled to his feet.

They stared around them. It was dark. And they were not alone.

In front of them sat four people. They stared at each other. Then, in unison the strangers stood and unsheathed their gleaming swords.

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