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'Hold still, sir,' Hermione commanded as she pushed up her sleeves.

'/Finite Incantatem!/'

Legolas stood up, looking very regal.

'/Hannon le, pen-neth/,' [thank you, child/young one] he said, flashing her a brief smile.

'Err... You're welcome, sir...' stammered Hermione somewhat nervously.

'You understood him?' asked Ron incredulously.

'Of course!'

'What language was –that-!?'

'Elvish,' supplied the Prince.

'How much do you know?' asked Harry. (The question was directed to Hermione)


Ron arched an eyebrow. 'Enough?'

'Yes... Enough.'

'Enough for –what- exactly?'


They suddenly remembered that a member of a certain royal family was present stopped chattering. They found the elven prince studying each of them closely. Legolas's gaze strayed to Harry.

'Sorry about the curse! It was Ron's fault!' he pointed at Ron.

'Was not!'

'Was too!'

'Was no-'

'Tis fine. 'Twas a mistake.' interjected Legolas smoothly.

'Err... Yes...'

'Pray tell me, what are your names?'

'I'm Harry,' said Harry, then he pointed at Ron, 'that's Ron and that's Hermione.'

Legolas gave a little bow. 'Well met.'

Harry and Ron bowed while Hermione curtsied. Though the bows and curtsies were done very awkwardly, Legolas said nothing, but Harry could have sworn that there was a glint of amusement in the elf's piercing blue eyes.

'I hope we do not meet under such...' his gaze flickered ever so slightly to the wands held in the Hogwarts' students' hands, '...consequences.'

Silence reign.

'Sorry about the curse...' muttered Ron, the tips of his ears red.

'/U-moe edhored, pen-neth./ [There is nothing to forgive, child/young one.],' Ron frown incomprehensively, ' Now, forgive –me-. There are matters I have to attend to. May we meet again.'

With a nod, he strode away, his light elven boots making no sound on the ground. The blades of grass unbent, deceiving the untrained eye that an elf had past there before.

The students glanced at each other.

'I hope that doesn't –ever- happen again.' muttered Ron as they made their way back to Elrond's home.
'Shh!' cautioned Hermione, her eyes wide.

'It's your fault, Harry! I told you we should have gone the other way!' Ron hissed.

'I'm sorry! I didn't know that this dirt path lead to Elrond's private garden, okay?!'

'Quite! Elves have –very- sharp hearing!'

Ron and Harry fell silent, watching through the leaves that were hiding them from view.

They watched as the Evening Star of the elves say something into Aragorn's ear.

'What did she say?' whispered Ron.

'I'm not really sure. Something like: remember when we first met? and something about walking in a dream or something...' translated Hermione.

'Oh no... If we get caught spying, we are –doomed-.'

'It was an accident! Besides, we're not spying...'

They continued their watching game. When Arwen leaned to kiss Aragorn, Ron made a gagging noise.

They saw the lovers stiffened. 'RON!' hissed Hermione.

'Who is there?' Arwen called, searching for the culprit. Leaning over, she whispered frantically to Aragorn, 'Estel, nad no ennas!' [Estel, there's something out there!]

Aragorn pulled out from her embrace and stalked towards the bush where the trio hid.


The three ran.

'Who were they?' queried Arwen. 'Not my brothers, I hope?'

'Nay, my lady. I think not. By the looks of the footprints on the ground, they were... children.'



Arwen laughed softly and she stepped of the bridge and kiss Aragorn lovingly again. 'Your skills as a Ranger has improved, I see.'

'Aye, it has.'

She sighed softly. 'A im, 'erin veleth lîn?' [Do I have your love?]

'Gerich meleth nîn.' [You have my love]
As they pause to catch their breath, Ron glared at Harry who was doubled over with a nasty stitch in his side.

'Next... t-time we l-let...you lead...r-remind me n-NEVER...to f-f...follow you!'