Twin's of Atlas


Snow fell softly to the ground, blanketing the forest and the small clearing overlooking a cliff. The grey ocean churned below the cliff, crashing up against the rocks with a mighty roar, sending a salty mist into the night sky, as the moon was high in the sky, shining silver through the thin clouds that rolled across the sky, blocking the stars from view. The silver hue cast over the area, filled the area with a dark sense of foreboding.

In the distance, a castle seemed to loom out of the eerie darkness, nothing inside stirred. The lights completely blocked out, the windows endless voids of pitch black. A loud sound could be heard in the distance, the neighing of a stallion.

The soft crunching of snow could be heard in the distance. And appearing at the edge of the forest, was a man riding a horse. Both the man and the horse were completely black. The horse had a pure black mane, the color of the horse' hide was pitch black as well, only visible in the darkness due to the silver hue cast over the area by the moon. The eyes of the horse were pitch black as well, sparkling with immense knowledge and power for the stallion. Thrown atop the back of the horse, was a midnight black saddle with red outlining.

Atop the steed, and atop the saddle, was a man, wearing all black. A black hoody covered his body, with the hood thrown casually over his face. The only thing you could see of the man's face was his coppery tan skin with obsidian black eyes. The man also adorned pitch black jeans, with black converses and red outlines.

Crossing the man's back were two black scythes with blood red lining across the edges. In the man's hands was a blood red bow, and between the handles of his two scythes was a quiver full of arrows. At his side, on his right hip, were two long hunting knives, the handles were oddly silver. Completely opposing the rest of his outfit and the weapons he bore.

The man's eyes gazed across the snowy night, nothing stirred at all. Suddenly the horse reared, making a loud neighing sound, and the man gripped the blood red reins. His right hand, which clenched tightly to his bow, raised into the air.

The horse cantered backwards a few steps, so he was invisible to all near in the clearing, but enough for him to be able to see the action that would take place.

Across the field, near the cliff. A lone monster held three innocent demigods captive. Speaking quietly, the monster grinned devilishly as he took in his surroundings. He continued to watch on as the monster waited with the demigods.

The monster soon was engaged in combat, with more demigods, as they foolishly fought the monster and incredibly failed to do so, even with numbers and power on their side. Silver flashes of light caught the rider of the stallion's attention.

The visible part of his face was contorted into a scowl, his coppery tan skin twisted into an awful expression, which would cause many to shake under the ferocity and fear the facial expressions of the rider. The monster suddenly shifted shape, 'A Manticore.' The man mused quietly to himself as he grinned at the action that was taking place.

When the rider froze, his facial expression immediately vanished from his face. His bow dropped to the snowy terrain on the ground. Slowly his black eyes widened, and his jaw slowly went agape. A girl that had the exact same coppery skin walked forward, silver bow in hand. Her eyes flashing the exact same color as the rider's. Raven black hair fell down to the center of her waist, and on top of her head was a silver tiara. She was radiantly beautiful. But the man saw nothing but anger as he gazed upon the woman who challenged the manticore.

"Zoë Nightshade." He growled to himself. "Which means, these are the hunters of Artemis." He scowled angrily.

His eyes flashed underneath his hood, he quickly dismounted from the black steed. He scooped up his blood red bow. He quickly pulled an arrow from his quiver, blood red, exactly the same color as the bow. He notched an arrow, and aimed at the monster.

Just as the monster lunged at the girl, he let his arrow go as screams filled the air that was once a tense silence. The arrow arced through the air, hissing in the cold, harsh wind of the snowy night.

Just as the Manticore was about to reach the huntress, the arrow pierced it's neck. The Manticore, shrieked in absolute pain, before he slowly dissolved into golden dust.

Everyone's eyes widened, especially the lead huntress. She was frozen in shock, before her obsidian black eyes fell to the blood red arrow that had just saved her life moments before. She slowly reached down and picked up the arrow, and examined it. Other hunters cautiously approached Zoë. Along with a twelve year old with bright auburn colored hair, and steely silvery yellow eyes. She had pale skin that seemed to glow silver in the moonlight.

She turned her attention towards the direction in which he stood, completely still. His chest was not even rising or falling. He was absolutely still. "Exit the shadows." The twelve year old girl demanded before raising her silver bow and aiming it into the endless night around the forest.

The man was no fool, he knew who this person was. It was Artemis goddess of the moon.

The man, mounted on his steed. And set off at a slow pace towards the goddess and her handmaidens. As soon as he exited the shadows and made himself visible to all the other's in the area, he was met with the sight of twenty silver bows aimed at him, with arrows notched.

"Hold your fire." The goddess Artemis demanded to her hunters. His midnight black horse cantered nervously. He petted the stallion's mane in reassurance, and quietly spoke words that were lost to the wind.

The sight of the man made the hunters scowl angrily and bristle at the manner in which he approached the goddess. The man, despite him being on his horse, he showed no sign of bowing to the goddess of the moon, who was an Olympian god. Suddenly the horse came to a still as the man raised his hand.

The man dismounted from his stallion, and whispered words into the horse's ears. The horse bucked his head in agreement and the man smirked as the horse suddenly vanished from the snowy clearing.

Artemis' eyes widened as did everyone else' in the area. None of them were able to speak for a moment as they digested the possibility of a horse vanishing before their eyes.

"Bow, boy." Zoë hissed with venom clear in her voice. The man remained frozen and stoic. His blood red bow was still clenched tightly in his hands.

"No." He said, his voice was smooth and calm. As if he was not talking to an Olympian goddess. Artemis and her hunters blinked rapidly. Their mouths slightly agape of the audacity the man had. Zoë froze at the sound of his voice, his voice seemed so similar and familiar to her. As if she knew him. She was broken out of her musings by Artemis.

"You should be lucky I do not strike you down, boy." Artemis hissed angrily as she raised her silver bow.

"By all means, you can try Phoebe Artemis. But I can guarantee you, the odds are not in your favor." Artemis bristled at the man's arrogant words. As the hunters were still frozen, the man gave a smirk.

Showing his bright white teeth. "I am an Olympian goddess, fool." Artemis sneered at the man. "You are foolish if you believe yourself to be better than an Olympian goddess." She growled at him.

But the man only smirked. "You may be an Olympian, my dear Artemis. But I am a Titan. And your arrogance will be your downfall." Everyone's eyes widened at his proclamation. Artemis narrowed her silver eyes.

"You lie." She sneered angrily. But she could not help but show a little fear in her voice.

The man's blood red bow vanished from his hands. He slowly reached up and gripped the edge of his hood. And let the cloak drop, showing his face. Everyone gasped in shock. Except for the demigods from camp.

His raven black hair was spiky and fell down to his eyes, slightly covering the dark, obsidian eyes that glowed with ferocity. His copper tan skin was the exact same shade as Zoë, his eyes, and his raven black hair were the exact same shade. The two looked to be twins.

The girls eyes held tears as she fell to her knees. "Perseus." She whispered so quietly, but everyone heard it. The man smiled, but his smile was emotionless and seemed to be forced. The hunters head swiveled back and forth between Zoë and Perseus. The two looked the exact same as each other.

His eyes held no emotion as his obsidian black eyes met the same teary black eyes of the huntress of Artemis. Artemis narrowed her eyes and looked between the two nervously.

"Hello," He said. He paused for a second, before his hardened gaze became rougher and angrier. Showing many emotions. Anger, fury and sadness. He growled at Zoë.


Hello everyone, I have no clue as to why I started this story, this is really just a prologue and unless other's like it, then this story will be deleted. If you do like the story, I already have many plans for the story and promise the other chapters will be longer.

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