Vampire diaries

Hey I'm Max. I'm fourteen and not exactly human. If you don't know me or family's story then you might as well stop reading because I'm not taking time to catch you up on anything.

"Max when are we gonna get there?" Gazzy asked. Yeah we're moving to Mystic Falls, Virginia. I thought it might be a good idea to settle down in a small town. It was this or Forks, but honestly I hate rain so why would I move to the rainiest place on Earth? Mystic Falls is nice and sunny and apparently nothing really happens there that's worthwhile.

"We'll be there soon Gazzy,probably a few minutes." I responded.

"Okay Max." He replied. It's a good thing that my mom bought a house here. It's a pretty nice one apparently but the only bad thing is that the kids want to go to school. If I haven't mentioned it, I hate school. Then I noticed the house.

"Hey guys! There's the house!" I said. When we landed Angel, Nudge, and Gazzy ran into the house to claim their rooms. Fang, Iggy, and I walked in calmly. I went and looked for my room and saw that it was red and black. You know me, I'm not into girly stuff at all. I threw my backpack on the bed and checked the room out. My mom bought clothes for all of us too apparently. The clothes were just my style, jeans and t-shirts. I walked into Angel's and Nudge's room.

"Hey guys, you better get to bed because we have school tomorrow. Kay?" I said.

"Alright Max, Goodnight." Angel said.

"Goodnight Angel, Nudge." I did the same to Gazzy and Iggy, then went into Fang's room.

"Hey." I said

"Hey." He said.

"SO are you still sure we should be doing this? I mean look what happened last time Fang." I told him.

"Max, we don't need to keep fighting, we can take breaks sometimes." He told me.

"Yeah I guess you're right night." I said

"Night." He told me and I went back to my room to sleep.

I woke up in the morning and it was still dark out. I went and took a nice shower and changed into jeans and a t-shirt. I walked into Nudge and Angel's room.

"Time to get up!" I said shaking Nudge," You guys wanted to come here and live a normal life, so you got to get up for school."

"Okay Max." Angel said, but Nudge just groaned at me, so I pulled her blankets off. That made her get up and start getting ready. Everyone else was already awake, and Iggy was making eggs in the kitchen. I grabbed a plate and scooped up some eggs and grabbed some bacon and wolfed my food down. The others came down too and ate. Since none of us were old enough to drive we walked to school. We would have flied, but if the kids wanted to live a normal life, then I guess we had to act normal too and not let our secret out with any possibilities. I walked Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel into the office at the elementary and middle school and made sure they were are set to go. Then Fang, Iggy, and I walked to the high school, and into the office.

"Hello, I'm Max Ride, and these are my brothers Nick and Jeff. We're registering here. My Mom called in ahead of time." I told the secretary.

"Oh yes, the Ride family. Here are your schedules and locker numbers and combination." She said.

"Thanks." I said as we walked out. Iggy, Fang and I compared schedules. We only had no classes together, except for Fang and Iggy who had every class together due to Iggy's blindness.

"You have to be freaking kidding me." I said to myself. I mean seriously I couldn't have one class with them. And this is my first year of high school at a fully normal school with no evil teachers. Not that I'm afraid, its just it would be nice to have one friend with me, because we all know I'm not that great at making friends.

"Bye guys, see ya at lunch." I told them as I walked to my locker and put my stuff in. Then I walked to my first class Language. I didn't even bother paying attention, and I guess the teacher was a little intimidated of me because of the fact she never even recognized except when she introduced me to the class. Either that or she doesn't care. My next class was history.

"Hey, I'm your history teacher. My name's Alaric, but call me Ric." He said to me when I walked in.

"I'm Max." I said, not really caring. I was only doing this because of the kids, I didn't really care about school.

"Well Max, why don't you have a seat next to Rebekah. " He said. I looked to where he was pointing and saw a blonde haired girl, who looked like one of those queen bees. She raised her hand and I walked over and sat at the empty seat next to her. She didn't make a move to speak to me, so I didn't to her. I really don't like blonde Barbies.

"I'm Rebekah Mikaelson." She finally said.

"Max." I responded.

"So what brings you here to the wonderful town of MYstic Falls?" She asked me.

"We decided to move to a smaller town. My parents are missionaries, and they go on a lot of missions, so we decided that if we moved to a small town then we wouldn't have to move with them all the time and just settle down and have a normal life." I said.

"Cool. So you must be pretty good at history then, to get in this class when you're only a sophomore, and its a senior class." She said.

" Yeah, when we signed up here and heard that they intermix classes I thought it was pretty awesome." I said. Yeah History is my only best subject. When the bell rang I realized that we had talked the whole class and Ric didn't even bother us.

"Well, I'll talk to you later then?" She said.

"Sure." I told next class was gym. We had this class with some seniors too. I walked into the gym and grabbed the gym clothes the coach gave me to dress down in, and walked into the locker room.

"Hey! You're Max right? I'm in your history class, I'm Elena and this is Bonnie and Caroline." She said.

"Yeah, I'm Max." I told her.

"I really don't think you should hang out with Rebekah, she may seem nice, but she can be a really nasty person sometimes." She told me.

"And why should I listen to you?" I asked her. Elena sighed at me,

"I just think you seem like a good person, and I just wanted to let you know." She responded. I walked away into the bathroom and changed. Wouldn't want anyone seeing my wings now, would we? Then I walked out into the locker room and into the gym.

"Alright, we're playing dodge ball today. Caroline and Stefan are team captains. They both started choosing and it went on from there. Rebekah wasn't in this class. Elena and Bonnie were on Stefan's team and I was on Caroline's. I was throwing balls left and right at people, and I throw pretty hard. Eventually it was only Caroline and me against Matt and Stefan. Caroline threw the ball at Matt and got him out, and tried to throw one at Stefan but he caught it. Then it was only Stefan and I left. He threw a ball at me but I quickly dodged it and sent one flying at him, which hit him. Everyone was amazed, apparently Stefan is really good. I went into the locker room changed and left.

Stefan's POV

How could she have dodged out of the way? She shouldn't be able to do that. And she actually was able to get a hit on me. What was she?