Pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Remus Lupin/Severus Snape. Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley

Warnings: Weasley Bashing/Dumbledore Bashing/Hermione Bashing/Alternate Universe/Magical inheritance/Mpreg/Veela Harry/Sub Harry/Veela Draco/Dom Draco/Magically Strong Harry/Male Slash/Fluff/Romance/Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence.

This story will have lemon in it.



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Chapter 1: Changes

Harry Potter better known as the boy, who lived, sat in his small bedroom at four Privet Drive where he stayed with his relatives every summer. His bedroom was small with all of Dudley's old and broken toys, packed along the left side of the room. On the other part of the room stood Harry's bed that looks more like a cot along with a flimsy blanket that barely covers him at night. Harry looks around the room one last time; the room he never claims as his, because this place is not his home it is his prison.

Today is Harry's seventeenth birthday. Wizards in the magical world once you reach the age of 17 you are considered an adult. Which means Harry will be able to live on his own. Once a wizard or witch reaches the age of maturity they will come into a magical inheritance. Harry does not know much about wizard heritages so he is unsure what he would receive magically, maybe an extra power boost.

Harry checks the clock once more and sees that he has five minutes. Harry gets up and takes one more look around his room making sure he has everything packed. As soon as the clock strikes midnight Harry will make his escape. Living with his relatives this summer was a complete nightmare. Uncle Vernon was constantly yelling. And who can forget the beatings between he received from both his Uncle and Dudley.

There were times during the summer Harry wished for his death. Harry hoped to Merlin the scars on his back heals before the start of school. And, he thanks the many gods for magic the more visible scars on his arms and legs already healed. How sad that his aunt Petunia never came to my rescue. The look of hate in her eyes should have been a clue. Harry can hear Petunia's laughter whenever Vernon would beat him until he passes out.a

During the beatings and the constant verbal abuse, Harry realizes his distrust for Dumbledore. The numerous times Harry begged Dumbledore to stay at Number 12 with Sirius before he died. Hurt and anger fills Harry when he thinks about his life without his godfather. The times Harry tries to stress that he and his relatives did not get along very well. The only answer the old bastard would give him was that staying with his family was for his protection. According to Dumbledore, the blood wards protecting him and his relatives from the seeing eyes of Death Eater's and Voldemort. Thanks to the sacrifice his mother made the night Voldemort killed his parents. Harry tried to do research to find anything on blood wards, but all the books and journals have disappeared from the school library.

Harry finally realizes that Dumbledore wants to keep him in the dark. Wants to keep him pliable, beaten and dependent on him. It is the reason he sends him back to his relatives each and every summer. Harry miss his godfather, thinking about Sirius Harry feels an ache in his chest. Sirius died at the end of his fifth year protecting him. Another person dies protecting me when I can protect myself! Harry made a promise to himself that night after what happened at the Ministry. He promises that Bellabitch would feel the depth of his pain before he kills her.

Harry turns his thoughts back to the matter at hand and looks back at the clock two minutes to go. Harry cannot keep the excitement he feels. He will never have to come back here. A couple of days ago he thought about going to stay with the Weasley's at the Burrow. Harry changed his mind he fears they will turn him over to Dumbledore, who will bring him back to his relatives. Harry realize that he can no longer count Ron and Hermione his best friends. Their actions after what happened at the Department of Ministries prove his suspicions. Also, he finds it strange that Hermione never spends the summer holidays with her family; she spends the majority of her time with the Weasley's.

Whenever Harry would try and speak to them, they would ignore him or tell him they need to stay away from for awhile before he drags them into more danger. Harry knows that Mrs. Weasley will harp at him about the dangers he puts Ron and Ginny in one breath. Then in the next she tries to encourage him and Ginny to get back together. Harry sighs and shakes his head in disappointment when he thinks of the stupid mistake he made. He should not have started a relationship with Ginny. Harry had genuine affection for her until she broke his heart by she cheated on him with Dean and Seamus that is something he cannot forgive. Harry feels he has been betrayed too many times in his life, first starting with Dumbledore and his now ex-best friends. Trust is important to him, and once broken you can never get it back.

When Harry came up with the plan to make his escape he got in touch with Neville and asked him if he could stay with him for the rest of the summer. After Neville said yes he asked him not to say anything to anyone especially Ron and Hermione. With his grandmother gone on a holiday for the rest of the summer, Neville assured Harry he did not mind having some company. Neville and Harry's birthday are so close together. Both born a few hours apart, he and Neville sometimes kid that their birthdays are on the thirtieth and thirty-first.

To hide their close friendship, Harry and Neville would exchange birthday gifts. Harry considers Neville his brother, in all but blood. It never occurred to Harry how much closer e is to Neville than Ron. At the beginning of Harry and Neville budding friendship, Ron would comment that Neville is not the sort Harry should be friends with, the same words Draco Malfoy used when he told Harry about Ron. How Ironic?

Harry walks over to Hedwig's cage, "go on girl. Go to Neville's I will meet you there." Harry turns and looks back at the clock he realizes he only has 30 seconds remaining. Very soon he will be able to do magic and not have the DOM breathing down his neck about underage magic. Maybe before I leave this hellhole I will leave them with a little surprise, thinks Harry.

Harry starts his countdown, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. "Happy Birthday to me," Harry whispers sadly to himself.

Harry takes his wand from his pocket points it at his trunk then shrinks it and Hedwig's cage. Harry walks over to the bed to get his invisible cloak when a sharp pain rips through his back. The pain hurts so badly it makes him gasp for breath. Harry reaches down slowly to sit on the edge of the bed hoping the pain would pass. However, before he can touch the bed, another pain shoots through his arms and legs crippling him instantly. Harry falls to the hardwood floor with a hard thud. Suddenly out of nowhere a blinding bright light rips through the window of his room and attacks Harry rendering him unconscious.

Harry's body is lifted into the air and starts to change. Harry's once short unruly hair begins to lengthen taking on a midnight black and silky straight texture. The scar that always connected Harry to Voldemort begins to bleed. Blood drips from his scar and mixes with his raven locks. A black mist seep out of the scar and a howling face appears from the mist as if it is in pain then slowly disappeared.

Black markings in the form of tribal tattoos start to appear on the left side of Harry's neck and makes its way down to the back of his right hand. The tattered shirt Harry is wearing begins to rip on his back as two slits starts to bleed; skeleton bones slowly protrude from the opening of his back until they are completely out of his back. Silver, green and black feathers begin to appear. The bright light makes the feathers shimmer and sparkle. Harry's face and skin have a luminescent and an androgynous appearance in the light. His nails elongate and turn into sharp claws for protection. Harrys wings surround and cocoon him from the light. It seems all of the changes are completed as if a hand was holding him up the entire time. He is lowered to the bed slowly. The light disappeared and was gone in an instant as if it was never there.

In Scotland while the Headmaster sleeps soundly, the Castle known, as Hogwarts is awake and shakes with glee to know that her Heirs has finally come into their inheritance. The sorting hat that usually sits on the mantle of the Headmasters office with a frown on its face smiles of the changes that are about to come. Fawkes the Phoenix, who rest on the stand by the Headmasters desk, lifts her head and cocks it to the side as if listening to someone whispering in her ears. Fawkes begins to flap her wings and flash out in a puff of smoke.

In another part of Britain at the Riddle Manor, Lord Voldemort awakes with a gasp for breath and screams a gut-wrenching cry as if someone has him under a crucio. How pitiful is it that no one came to Voldemort's rescue? Not even his most faithful and loyal servant Bellatrix Lestrange.

At Malfoy Manor, Draco Malfoy the Prince of Slytherin just got into bed. Draco's mind goes back to his birthday that passed the previous month. He finally came into his magical inheritance. Draco celebrated his birthday in a private but lavish affair with his family and trusted friends. It is a family secret that the men on his father's side are full blood Veela. Draco, who looks like a younger and better version of his father. Draco has golden blond hair with silver streaks that passes down to every Malfoy male. The silver sets off his gray/blue eyes a mixture from his mother and father.

Before, the start of the summer Draco's once seeker body now resembles that of a beater with a muscled frame now standing at a height of 6'1. He will no longer be able to play the Seeker position on the Slytherin Quidditch team. Draco used hair growth potion and lengthens his hair that now rest in the middle of his back, it also adds a certain charismatic look to his masculine features. Pansy likes to refer to Draco; he is sex on legs. Draco lifts his right hand, to admire the series of tattoos that marks left arm. On his forearm is a winged face lion, its body, resembles a coiled snake in the form of an "S", with sharp eagle-like talons. The snake has a badger's tail. The rest of the tattoos looks more like a blazing fire going all the up to the back of his neck.

The morning after Draco woke up after his birthday and receiving his inheritance he rushed to the mirror excited to see the changes. It was odd because he experienced minimal pain and discomfort. The first thing Draco noticed was the markings. Wasting no time Draco ran to his parent's room bursts in without so much as a knock. Draco startles his parents from their sleep, showing them his arm. Lucius pulls Draco's arm to get a closer look then smiles, telling him not to worry. It was his mating mark. The marks signify that his mate will have something similar. All Veela couples have similar markings, this way the alpha Veela can recognize his submissive partner. The marks also inform another Veela's that you are mated pair.

"This is a way to find the one that is your match," Draco remembers his father Lucius Malfoy telling him with a smile on his face. Draco chuckles as he recalls the pleasant smile his father had on his face when they talked about Draco's mate being out there waiting for him to find. Draco hopes his mate is male and not a female; he has never hidden his sexuality from his parents. Considering male wizards and Veela's can get have children there is never a need to worry about adding Heirs to the Malfoy bloodline. Some Veela's when they came into their magical inheritance don't get a mating mark and won't until a mate is born for them.

The Wizarding World believes Lucius Malfoy to be a cold man; in public he will cut you to the quick if angered him with just one look and a raised eyebrow. Draco has seen it a time or two. Draco will never admit it out loud, how much he hates his grandfather Abraxas for what he has done. After, being threatened with the life of his wife and son by Abarax Lucius was forced to take the dark mark, and serve a madman bent on revenge for his personal nature. Lucius thought he had no other choice. However, with the help of his friend and brother in all but blood Severus Snape Lucius went to Albus Dumbledore and both became spies for the light side.

The Lucius Malfoy in public is not the same person when he is at home. Draco knows his father can be witty, kind and above all else loves his family and those he holds dear. The Malfoy family wear a mask in public because it is a tradition had started way before his father was born. The public is judgemental of those who has wealth and prestige. The wealthy you are the more you are judged. However, those with wealth also judge those who are less fortunate and views them ill-mannered and dregs of society. The public would find it odd to know that the Manor is always laughter. The same can be said about Draco's mother, Narcissa Malfoy nee Black. The public sees her as a cold, heartless bitch. But, at home Draco's Narcissa can be heard laughing throughout the manor at something her husband or son did or said. No one would ever guess that his mother likes to cuddle with him on the couch and reads to him even at this age. Narcissa boasts that one day Draco will give her lots of grandkits to spoil when he finally finds his mate.

Draco's biggest worry about his figuring out who his mate will be. And whether he like them or not. Draco voiced his fear to his father the day after his inheritance.

Mini flashback

"But, what if it is someone I don't like? What if it is someone like Harry Bloody Potter?" Draco says. "Or Merlin forbid that bumbling fool Longbottom." Draco shudders at the thought.

"Remember Draco your mate is chosen for you by fate. There is a reason you are mated to them." Draco's still not convinced. His father looks at him, "even if you are mated to Harry Bloody Potter is your chosen, your mother, and I will still love you. Never forget that.

Flashback ends.

Draco is brought back to the present when he feels a burning sensation on the mating marks on his left arm, not enough to cause blinding pain. It puzzles Draco for a second at who it could be, but he places it in the back of his mind to ask his father about it. Maybe my mate is thinking about me as I am thinking about them. Again Draco thinks back to the last part of his conversation with his father if his mate is Harry Potter. Worse what if it is, and Potter rejects him? The rejection of a Veela mate means a slow and painful death. One thing Draco is sure of he is not ready to die.