Summary: The battle ended in a tie. N told her to become his princess. She gave him the finger and told him to get lost. After going home, she came to a realization: Her every move was being controlled by N. She was his puppet, and he was her master. Who will win? N's desire? Or her heart?

ATTENTION: Okay. First things first. I got the idea for this fanfiction from listening to a song. (If you wanna know what song, PM me.) Yes. I know there are many fanfics out there that have the same idea of Touko becoming N's princess and staying with him forever yadda yadda yadda. I've read a couple, but not all the way through since I have a very short attention span and get bored easily. No, this fanfiction is not like the others. I read the last/latest chapter of the ones I've found, and no, the plots are entirely different. If you want to tell me I'm copying, whatever. I know I'm not, and all my stories are unique in their own aspect.

Anyway, thanks to my amazing Beta Reader Poke-lover88 for helping me with the plot (keeping it consistent) and stuff. ;) You're awesome, girl! And also to malory79080 for helping a bit in the beginning before she got busy. You both are super~!

FYI: This fanfiction is HIGH "T" and could be subject to change, such as changing to "M". Please be aware of that.

And I was planning on writing the entire thing before publishing...but then I thought- "SCREW THIS SHIT! I'M PUBLISHING IT!" xD

Read on! (And I hope you like this Pikachaaaa!)

Part 1 - Fear



A strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant emotion caused by actual or perceived danger or threat."

~String 1~

I glower at the man before me with a look of disgust. "Never!" I spit, my hands trembling as I hold myself up before flipping my middle finger at him furiously. "Why the hell would you even suggest that?! You're sick! GET LOST!"

He eyes me silently, like a cat would a mouse; this act of superiority pisses me off. "Answer me!" My demand does not come as powerful as I'd hoped. He walks over purposefully, and his Reshiram watches as he approaches me.

Kneeling down, he looks at me in the eye before slowly reaching his hand up, and caressing my cheek. What the fu-!?

"I'll ask you again," he says, his eyes glinting with an unsettling light, "Will you be my princess?"

It takes all my strength, but I swing my arm around and shove him away; I fall to my stomach, all energy spent.

"No…" I try to whisper, but my face is pointed towards the dirt and muffles my voice, making it inaudible even to me.

I hear him stand with a sigh, and glance up. "We'll see, Touko," he says with an odd expression, "we'll see…" With that, he walks over to Reshiram, and pulls himself onto the white dragon before it rises into the air, and flies through the hole behind the throne.

I look around and watch as Plasma grunts march around the rubble of his throne room, and moan, holding my stomach in pain; getting knocked backwards by my Samurott must've broken something.

I dig into my pocket and retrieve my Xtransceiver, before flipping it open and dialing a specific number. "M-mom!" I gasp, looking at her startled face as tears start running down my cheeks as the realization of what just happened settles in. "I want to go home!"


I'm handed a cup of tea and I sip it gratefully; I've already taken a shower and washed my filthy, frizzy hair, though I'm pretty sure there's still a layer of grime caked on my skin. That's what battling that asshole does to a person: Gets them injured and covered in dirt.

Mom sits down on a chair across from me. "Dear...what happened?" she asks with a frown, her motherly aura kicking in.

I look at the steam rising up out of my mug. "Well…it was a tie," I say. "The battle, I mean. Neither of us won." I drink a little more and let out a breath; it tastes so good.

Mom stares at me thoughtfully. "So...what does that mean?" She crosses her arms in thought.

I shrug, "I'm not sure…" I say, "I don't know if they'll leave us alone or what. N asked me to be his princess, but I flat out refused. What on earth was he thinking!? That little shit..." I glare at my mug, clenching my fist and wishing I'd at least punched him in the face when I had the chance.

My mom looks at me with a ghostly expression. "Touko…."

I blink, my gaze catching hers, "What?" She looks like she's going to throw up...and she just might.

Mom places her hands on her knees and looks at me with a pale face. "I've….heard things about the Harmonia family," she says, "and they're not very good."

I frown, and set down my mug slowly. I'd never heard anything about the Harmonias. Hell, I hadn't known they'd existed until Team Plasma rose to power. "But….what is it?" I ask, waiting for an answer to explain her odd behavior.

She swallows thickly and looks at me with a hard expression. "Well…"

Suddenly, I feel as if my heart beats like a gong inside of my chest, and I tip over, grasping the coffee table for support.


I jerk again, and tip towards the floor, knocking my mug onto the carpet. I hear the sound of my mom calling to me as my ears begin to fail, and my eyes drift closed as there is one, final gong.


The sound of an alarm rings in my ears, and I blink at the sunlight flooding into my room. What...happened last night? I don't really remember. Oh wait. I battled N...then Bianca and Cheren took me home….mom and I talked….then...nothing… That's weird.

Sitting up, I push my covers back, and swing my legs out of bed, still perplexed by my lack of memory. I head downstairs and see my mom is making pancakes. She never makes pancakes, she hates them. I frown; something must be up.

Mom turns when my foot lands on the last step. "Oh Touko!" she beams. "Good morning dear!" Her smile looks….I dunno...weird.

I give her a small wave. "Yeah...mornin'...why are you making pancakes?"

She flips a few before placing some finished ones on a plate and covering them with hot maple syrup. "Oh...you know...I just wanted to make something special for my favorite daughter!" She sets the plate at my usual place at the table.

I bite my lip, feeling weird, "I'm your only daughter…" I slide into my chair awkwardly.

She smiles sweetly, "Yes, but I want to talk to you about some important things!"

I cross my arms, "Yeah? What stuff?"

She rinses her hands off and turns the knob on the sink. "Oh...you know...finding a suitable husband, getting engaged, that sort of thing."

"ENGAGED!?" I exclaim, my eyes widening. "What century did you drop out of!? 'Suitable husband?' Have you gone mad!?" I slam my hands on the table and her face falters. Where did that come from? Hell, this conversation was weird to begin with! How could we go from pancakes to marriage in a few sentences!?

"I just...thought...you know, since you're seventeen that you'd be thinking about getting married," her voice peeters off.

I give her an incredulous look. "Do you think that I'm emotionally ready for something like that!? Plus, I don't want to get married til I feel like it! Hell! I don't want to do anything like that for at least ten years! Frick, Mom...you must've hit your head on something! I'm outta here. I don't want to hear anymore of this bullshit."

I storm outside as mom watches me leave with a confused look on her face. I ignore the sound of a loud crash and a shriek from inside my house, being too angry to care.


Tossing a rock, it skids across the surface of a tiny pond as I try to vent my anger in the calmest way possible. Why on earth would my mom suggest something like that? She's the last person I'd ever think of hearing say something like that. With her being all, "You need to wait to marry because if you find the wrong person then you'll be in a bad situation, yadda yadda yadda…" so I'm not sure why she'd even bring that up. She's all for waiting to be in a relationship...or...she was...

I throw another rock and it hits the water with a sploosh. Staring at the water as it ripples, I contemplate what happened this morning; none of it adds up. It just doesn't.

First, I had memory loss, and mom told me I should think about getting married….then there were those pancakes… I'm not even going to get started with the pancakes.

Scratching my head, I pick up another stone, and chuck it as far as I can; it lands in the center of the pond. I can barely hear it hit, but at least my throw was good.

I'm about to pick up another rock when I hear my Xtransceiver ring. Pressing the flashing green button, I accept the call. "Hello?" I ask, and see the faces of Bianca and Cheren squished on the tiny screen.

"Heeeeey girl!" Bianca says cheerily. "Let's hang out! You stopped Team Plasma and I wanna partaaay!"

I feel my mouth turning up in a smirk. Leave it up to Bianca to make me laugh. "I'll be right there," I tell her. "Where are we meeting?"



I slurp some of my raspberry slushie out of the plastic cup I bought at the diner we're currently eating at; both of my friends sit across from me as we talk.

"No WAY!" Bianca exclaims, and I choke in surprise at her outburst, spitting purple juice everywhere. Cheren glances down at his now speckled jacket and sighs loudly, giving me an annoyed look.

I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand, "Yeah, he did say that," I confirm, slamming my cup down.

She looks at me in awe. "I can't believe N said he likes you!"

"He said he wanted me to be his princess," I correct her, tilting my head, then frown. "That bastard..."

Bianca just keeps shaking her head, "But that means that he likes you," she insists, leaning forward.

I put a hand on her shoulder, "Dear," I say, "there is no way that N, the King of Team Plasma has a crush on me. Get real, girl. He was simply saying that...for whatever messed up reason he had. I don't think he ever showed any interest in me when we met and battled. He must've said that out of the blue because he was upset that our battle ended in a tie."

Cheren keeps sighing loudly, obviously not wanting to take part in our conversation about N and his 'supposed crush' on me. I don't blame him; I don't want to have this conversation either...but Bianca just won't shut up. I glance over at him and smirk just for the heck of it; he glares back, clearly annoyed.

Bianca claps her hands together, "Just think about it Touko!" she says. "You, the daring hero, and N, the King of the enemy. You both love each other, but can't admit it-!"

I shove a cheese biscuit in her mouth, and shake my head. "Get real Bianca."

"Yes, please," Cheren adds, rolling his eyes. I give him a light punch in the arm, and he rubs it, wincing. "Anyway, we've been here for a while, and they're about to close, so we should probably leave."

"I don't wanna leave yet!" Bianca exclaims, turning to her left to look at the boy beside her. "I know we saw her yesterday when we took her home, and I KNOW that we've been here for three hours...but...I want to spend more time with Touko! She's in need of us!"

"Need?" I say, my eyebrow raising; that's an interesting thought...

She sighs, exasperated that neither of us get it. "Yes! You just defeated Team Plasma, N said he likes you, and you said you were having memory problems. Of course we should stay with you! OH! I've got it!" she cheers. "You should come and have a sleepover with me! Cheren, you can just go home and...study or something." She reaches over and grabs my hand. "It'll be a girls only sleepover! Let's go!"


I sit in front of Bianca, and hold onto a heart-shaped pillow, squeezing it tightly. "Bianca, how long are you going to be doing that?" I ask her as she pulls on my hair, almost making me yelp in pain...almost.

"Until this hair tie comes out and I can give you pigtails!" she declares loudly; I sigh, knowing I will probably be sitting here for at least another forty-five minutes.

"I'm going to make you all pretty!" she continues. I look up at the ceiling fan as it whirrs around in dizzying circles.

"Uh huh…" I nod slightly, then glance back at her. "But why? You know I don't really care for this sort of thing."

Bianca purses her lips and dodges the subject before picking up two hair ties with Tepig heads and holding them out. "How do these look? Aren't they cute?"

I take them and place them back on her tiny table that sits in the middle of her room. "B," I say, "c'mon, why are you doing this?"

She glances back and forth before breaking down and letting her shoulders sag, "I….I like the idea of you and N getting together!" she blurts. "You should take his offer and at least give it a chance."

I whirl around, giving her an incredulous look, feeling a little surprised and hurt by her suggestion. "B, you aren't serious, right?" I demand, looking at her dead on, feeling confusion clutch at my chest.

She shifts uncomfortably, ignoring my blazing eyes, "Well…."

I jump to my feet, and look down at her with furious eyes. "First my mom, now you?" I state, my eyes narrowing. "Why are you both suddenly trying to shove me towards N? When my mom first heard about him, she thought he was a creepy, and you told me to stay away from him….and you also said not to even battle him! How come you've changed your tune so quickly!? It was only a week ago when you said, and I quote, 'Take him down like a boss because he isn't worth shit.'"

Bianca pushes herself up, and looks at me steadily with a blank look. "I think….it's a good idea."

I stare at her with wide eyes, "Didn't you listen to a word I said?" I growl, blinking at her with expectant eyes.

"It's a good idea," she repeats quietly.

I gawk at her; what's wrong with her now?! "B-?"

"It's a good idea…get with N, Touko."

I backup, my face twitching and point my thumb at the pink bedroom door, "O...kay. I'm gonna head to the bathroom, I'll be right back, okay?"

She gives me a dazed nod. "...Good idea….oh….yes, go to the restroom...I'll…."

I'm through the door before I can hear her finish, and run out of the house with the sound of her mom calling after me, wondering where I'm going; my feet pound against dirt as I leave the blue shingled house behind me.

I've got to go and talk with Cheren!

~Misty/Ms. Ketchum