Chapter 8: Hello, My Name is Raymond Reddington

Arriving at the hotel, Shiho was very hesitant to enter the room, Reddington, although always being cautious, was out in the open while FBI agents surrounded the area.

"You're telling me the entire FBI unit knows of your whereabouts?" Shiho whispered as they entered the elevator.

"No, but they are too occupied with keeping their "disguise" on being normal citizens, countless of crimes are committed right under their noses."

Shiho raised a brow and replied, "You give them less credit then you should be."

"Please! I have been apart of endless crimes and it only took my surrender for them to find me! I walked in the bureau and no one noticed a thing."

"And yet, they seem to always be one step ahead."

"Only those who are traitors know what they are doing my dear.." Reddington turned away and walked out of the elevator once the doors opened.

"Lead the way."

Shiho stepped out and went to the room. She pulled out the key and opened the door and saw that only Shinichi was present.

"Oh, Shiho, your back." Shinichi stood up, "Did you get the infor-" He was surprised to see Reddington behind her. "What is he doing here?"

A bit hurt by his words Reddington replied, "Well, I feel welcomed…" He reached out his hand to shake and said, "Hello, my name is Raymond Reddington, and I have just been dying to meet you."

Shinichi was a bit hesitant to take his hand, but raised his own anyway and replied, "It's nice to meet you Mr. Reddington, Im-"

"Kudo Shinichi. I am fully aware of who you are. So, how did it feel?"

"What did?"

"Being paralyzed and having your heart stop. What a pain that must have been, hmm?"

After a moment of silence, Reddington sighed and pulled out his gun once more and pointed at Shinichi. "You lied to me Shiho, you know I don't like being lied to."

Shinichi was confused and kept staring at Shiho. "What is he talking about?"

"She told me you were paralyzed and your heart stopped, but, that's not what happened is it?"


"What happened to your bodies Shiho."

"Our bodies?"

"Don't play dumb, you expect me to believe you both disappeared without me finding out? Please, I know everything."

"Yet, you don't know what happened to us." Shiho replied in a calm voice, "And that makes you uneasy."

Reddington squinted and looked back and forth at them." What's it going to take for you to tell me the truth?" He lowed the gun and urged them to both sit.

Shiho answered, "I need to gain your trust, and help to find someone."

"And who is that?"


Reddington snorted then laughed, "Ha! Monroe is a con man, one that you should not cross nor try to get in his way."

"Red, I need to know where he is, and what he is up to."


Shiho looked at Shinichi and he replied, "We have been working on a case that involves recent kidnappings of children. The recent kidnapping, Shiho witnessed and noted that the men had markings of an M in a middle of a circle."

"Monroe's men." Shiho said

"And where were the children when this occurred?"

"In this room."

"Hence the mess. But what were you doing here Shiho?"

"I was checking all the rooms with children inside."

"Where are their parents?"

"Not here. They were brought by a neighbor, a professor."

"And you don't find that odd."

"He is an inventor and the children love to go to his house to try his inventions. He said he won a contest and invited the children and some others along."

"Hmm, still is rather odd. But, to each their own! So what of the other children?"

Shinichi replied, "All children were taken while on vacation with their families, all foreign from Japan except the recent kidnapping, they lived not to far from here."

"Is that the only connection? There are many children on vacation with their families, why these kids?"

"Easy targets? Location?" Shiho asked

"No. Think about it, why kidnap these specific children? What makes them so special?"

"They come from good homes, their innocence would be a great sale." Shinichi replied.

"Don't think so prematurely, this a not Taken 4. These children were picked specifically for one reason- their talents." He turned to Shiho and asked, "My dear, why did the organization keep you and not your sister?"


"Why did your sister roam free and live life while you were stay close to Gin and other members?"

"I was of use, I was trained to finish my parent's work."


Shinichi then asked, "So their taking in prodigys?"

"Exactly. What were recent accomplishments of the recent kidnappings?"

Not wanting to blurt out everything about the Detective Boys, Shiho grabbed a file and said, "They are a group of kids that formed a club called The Detective Boys and were recently placed in the paper for helping with a murder investigation." She handed Reddington the file and let him read on.

"That's probably how Monroe got information on them. The rest of children must of also been reported in a magazine, newspaper, or even the internet. "

Shinichi stood up and looked up articles that contained the names of the kidnapped children. "He's right. I wasn't able to find all of them, but I did find a few. Math genius, science wiz, detectives, and even gymnast. These kids are easy targets."

Redding nodded and said, "It's only a matter of time until they are moved to their destinations and given tasks to help with cons and to commit impeccable crimes."

"You seem rather excited." Shiho said with annoyance.

"Well, I think I might just consider buying off one of those kids!"
Shiho gave Reddington a cold stare and he laughed at her quick mood change.

"Ha, I'm kidding! Ha Ha Ha, you are taking this rather personally aren't you?"

"My childhood was nothing but hard schooling and committing crimes, including murder. No child should have to live that kind of life. I am doing this so they don't have to go through what I did."

A few seconds of silence went by till Reddington broke it, "I wasn't kidding when I said I should buy a child off of Monroe."

Both Shiho and Shinichi looked up at Reddington in surprise.

"If I inquire about them, I might be able to get their location as well as get them back. But only a few of course."

"Why not all of them?"

"My dear, this heist has been on for years now, some of these children won't even remember who they were, let alone their families. We can only risk the ones who have not been bought and trained. Besides, at least I can give the FBI Monroe, let them deal with the rest."

Both teens were sceptic about the idea and was hoping he could help get them all, but, with the years this has been going on, it would be nearly impossible.

"Are you going to be asking for the children that were taken from this hotel?" Shinichi asked

"Now why would I do that? They are new items, freshly picked. I shouldn't even know they exist!"

"You could at least ask! Be vague and say that you want children who would be able to get information for you! Or that you a need a specific looking children for a client!"

Reddington was a bit surprised at her burst a replied, "Why them?"

"I just told you-"

"I understand what you said, but their are kids who have suffered more than them. Ones who have been their longer. Shouldn't we focus on those children?"

"We need to get those who have not been exposed."

He started at Shiho and sat back down. "You have an attachment with these kids don't you? You're the others that came with them and the professor?"

"Yes." Shinichi replied

"How did you become attached to children?"

"They help with several cases and became acquainted with the professor, whose inventions have become quite helpful in certain cases."

"It's a little dangerous to have children come to such horrid cases isn't it?" Red asked

"They are much smarter than you think, and are quite stealthy." Shiho replied. she knew the kids were able to take care of themselves and were smart enough to take care of each other.

"That being said, there is more to it then you both are telling. What happened to your bodies once you took the drug?"

Neither of them knew if Reddington was trustworthy, for all they knew, he could be playing them so that he can get information for the Organization.

We have come this far and Red has been more useful than Kudo-kun… Shiho thought

*sign* "We Shrunk, Ray, we shrunk." Shiho replied

Reddington laughed and said, "What you mean like Alice in Wonderland!"

"No...we became 7 years old again."

AH! Dun Dun….DUN!