Love Bites

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Chapter 1-Secrets

Francine checked behind her. No one was following her. She just felt nervous now. She had plenty of reasons to be nervous. It was late. She was out after curfew. She'd lied to her parents about where she was. She lied to Arthur about where she was too. They'd been dating 6 months but Francine wasn't interested anymore. She'd found someone new. She was going to meet him now.

"Hey, baby, didn't think you were coming," a voice said. Francine smiled as the boy pulled her into his arms. They kissed. Then they walked into the park hand-in-hand.

She was 16; he was 18. He was a senior at another school. Muffy introduced them. He was her ex. He was Muffy's first too. Francine wanted him to do the same to her.

They sat on the swings. They talked about the day's events. Muffy was a cheerleader at the game. He told Francine that Muffy looked pretty in her uniform. Francine got defensive.

"What do you mean 'she looked pretty'? I thought we were going out," Francine snapped. "Hey, baby, I didn't mean anything by it." "Yes, yes you did!" Francine spat. "You look better than her. You're cuter. You don't wear as much makeup. You look beautiful. She looks fake."

"I don't believe you. You like her still. You never got over her," Francine said. He shook his head, "You don't get it." "Forget it," Francine said. She got up and started walking away. The boy called after her.

Arthur looked up. He was getting Kate from the park. He thought Francine was with Muffy, but he heard a boy calling her name. He saw movement and recognized Francine. Francine stopped and blushed. The boy caught up to her. He pulled Francine towards him and kissed her.

"What are you doing?!" Arthur screamed. Francine pulled away from the boy and ran. Arthur pushed the boy, "Who are you? That's my girlfriend!" "Not hardly, little boy," the boy chuckled. "Go on home before your mommy gets worried." "Francine!" Arthur yelled. He tried to follow her. Francine was gone. Arthur looked back. The boy was gone too but Kate was on the path.

"Arthur, we need to go before Mom gets mad," Kate called. Arthur nodded. They rode their bikes home. Arthur stormed up to his room and tried to call Francine. The line was busy. He gave up and called Buster.

At Francine's house, Francine was on the phone with Muffy. She asked what she should do. Muffy didn't know what she should do. "It's your decision," Muffy said. "But Arthur is so angry. We're doing a science project together. What if he tries to ruin it?" "Ask to switch partners or to do the project alone," Muffy suggested. "Yeah right!" Francine groaned. "What am I going to do?"

A knock sounded at Francine's door. She ended her call and answered it. It was her father. Someone was at the door for her, a boy. Francine went to the door to see the older guy. She smiled. He didn't.

"If you aren't going to be my girlfriend full time, I don't want you," he said. She sighed, "But I like you more than I like him." "Prove it," he said, walking away. Francine closed the door. Her mother was glaring at her. "What?" Francine asked.

"You know what. You're playing with Arthur. He likes you a lot. You don't even care about him. I didn't raise you that way. If you're going to treat people that way, you can't date," Laverne said. "Mom!" Francine cried. "I don't care, Francine. Your father will agree with me."

"I agree already," he called from the hallway. "See, you're stuck. Treat Arthur right or you're not dating."

Francine hated it. She wanted to date whoever she wanted. She wanted to be more like Muffy. She wanted to have her first time with an older boy. She was ready for sex. She felt like she was ready right then.

When the house was quiet, Francine snuck out. She hadn't been to his house but she knew where it was. She got there and heard laughter in the backyard. She moved around the house and peered into the backyard. The boy was there…with Muffy. They were kissing. Muffy's bra was hanging off her arm.

"Muffy!" Francine screamed. Muffy looked up. She blushed. There was nothing she could say though; she was busted.