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Author's Notes: A silly A/U comedy about the anxieties Kaoru goes through while preparing for her first high school reunion and her first real kiss with Kenshin. Comedy/Romance "Kiss Me Again" by Gypsy-chan Enjoy!^_^

Please note: The characters will be OOC, especially Kaoru and Megumi's character. I really pushed Megumi's bad habit of flirting and Kaoru's insecurity to the limit. There's no plot, rhyme or reason to this ficcie. I just wanted to have fun. Enjoy!^_^

Part One


A hand suddenly appeared from under a blanket knocking the offending noise off the night table. The alarm clock crashed on top of a pile of other broken alarm clocks. It would lead a person to believe either the owner hated mornings or the alarm clocks didn't value its life.

Grumbling and rustling of sounds were heard coming from the bed.

"Mou! Is it morning already? I'm totally exhausted," yawned a sleepy young woman as she sat up slowly, removing the blankets that had covered her. "I could use.... yawn... yawn... stretch... stretch... another hour of sl....eep." She flopped back down upon her bed and began to snore. "Zzzzzzzzzz"

Fifteen minutes later, a second clock went off. This one was a clock radio. At the completion of a song, the Disc Jockey spoke.

Radio D.J.: Hey there all you sleepy heads, it's 7:30am. The Cho man says its time to get up and start jammin' with the hot sounds coming at you from station J.U.P.P.O.N.G.A.T.A.N.A."

The young woman jumped up from her bed shouting, "7:30AM! I'm late! Oh my god! My boss is going to kill me!"

She rushed around like a maniac, getting herself ready for work. The young woman was washed, dressed and in her car in less than twenty minutes. As she backed out of her driveway, she shoved a burnt piece of toast in her mouth and grumbled, "It's going to be another bad day."

Several miles down the road, a dark blue sedan was hidden behind a tree. The occupant of the car smirked as he looked at his watch.

"Heh, my Monday morning ticket will be here in... 5...4...3...2...1..."

As the young woman sped past the tree she heard a police siren and saw the flashing lights.

"Mou! Not him again! I'm not in the mood for him today," she whined while pulling over to the side of the road.

A tall lean man approached her car slowly. He wore a crisp blue uniform with a shiny medal badge. The police officer reached into his top pocket with his immaculately clean white gloves and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He purposely took his time in finding his cigarette lighter, knowing full well, that he was irritating the young woman behind the wheel.

"Officer Saitoh, can we get this over with? I mean, just give me the freakin' ticket already," she demanded.

The officer lit his cigarette and then took a slow, long drag. He then exhaled the smoke into her direction, causing the young woman to cough. The officer sneered at her as she coughed.

"What's the matter tanuki, in a hurry?"

She bit her bottom lip in order to keep from saying anything.

"Hmmm.... you must be really late today. You beat your speeding record by 25 miles per hour over last week," he quipped while flipping through his ticket book. "I'm sure you realize this is a 40 mile per hour zone. But for some odd reason, Kamiya Kaoru likes to make up her own rules of the road."

Kaoru gripped the steering wheel tighter and through gritted teeth uttered, "The ticket... pleeeaasse!"

Officer Saitoh ignored her request and took another long drag of his cigarette before continuing.

"I could be nice and give you a little advice like, try leaving your house earlier. But then again, if I suggested something like that, I wouldn't meet my monthly ticket quota," he smirked as he handed her the ticket.

Kaoru snatched the ticket from out of his hand. "I can't believe you! This city is filled with criminals running around committing SERIOUS crimes and here you are giving ME a speeding ticket!"

Officer Saitoh narrowed his eyes at her. "Breaking the law, is breaking the law. No matter how big or small the crime is, it's all the same to me. Besides, I actually think you enjoy all this quality time we share every Monday morning."

"Arghh!!!!" she screamed as she rolled up her window and took off.

Officer Saitoh smiled wickedly as he grounded his cigarette.

"See you next Monday, tanuki."

Kaoru finally made it to her place of employment. She hurried in through the rear door of the beauty salon, being quite in the process. She didn't want her boss catching her coming in late again. A petite young woman was waiting for her.

"Kaoru hurry," she motioned to Kaoru as she kept her eye out for the boss. "Miss Tomoe should be here any moment. She just called from her cell phone and said that she's finished with her client and will be here in five minutes. You made it just in time. Don't worry about signing in, I've already signed in for you."

"Thanks Misao," smiled Kaoru as she hurried and put her working smock on. "You shouldn't have covered for me. I don't want you to lose your job."

"Hey, you're my best friend, that's what best friends are for," smiled Misao. "So did you get another ticket?"

"Yes," she pouted. "That no good creepy cop Saitoh gave me another ticket. He really irks me! Do you know that he even has the nerve to have a speeding ticket book with pre-printed tickets with MY name on it?"

"Geez Kaoru, you must really be on his bad side to have pre-printed speeding tickets made for you."

"Any side of Officer Saitoh is bad," she replied.

"Kaoru, why don't you try leaving earlier," suggested Omasu as she mixed the hair chemicals.

"Yes, you would save yourself a lot of trouble," added Okon as she wiped down the mirrors.

"That would be the most logical thing for her to do. But I think Kaoru likes the attention she gets from Officer Saitoh," quipped Kamatari while setting up the hair dryers.

Kaoru turned beet red at that remark. "Whaaaat! How dare you even suggest something as disgusting as that!"

"Come on Kaoru admit it. I know you like him and I don't blame you. I mean he's so tall, strong and cute. I think Officer Saitoh is a real hunk. Why my heart just flutters whenever I think of him," Kamatari dreamily said. "He's not as handsome as my Shishio but..."

"Kamatari, are you daydreaming on the job again," asked Tomoe Kiyosato as she entered the beauty salon.

All the workers stopped what they were doing and greeted the owner. "Good morning Miss Tomoe."

"Good morning ladies. On my way to the salon, I noticed a busload of tourists heading our way. And you know what that means. Foreign tourists love to get their hair done by local beauticians. So today we're going to extend our hours to accommodate the tourists. I would like everyone to be prepared to work overtime."

"Yes Miss Tomoe," they all replied. Tomoe left the workers and went into her office.

"I was really hoping to leave early today," sighed Omasu. "I wanted to go shopping for a new dress."

"Yes, our first class reunion is this weekend," said Okon. "I haven't a thing to wear."

"I've already picked out my dress," smiled Misao. "What about you Kaoru? What are you going to wear?"

Kaoru gasped, "Oh my god Misao, I completely forgot about that!"

"I would let you borrow one of my dresses, but I'm sure they won't fit you in the chest area," snickered Kamatari.

"I wouldn't want to wear your stinking dresses," scowled Kaoru.

Misao went over to the main door and let the first customer in. As she passed Kaoru she whispered, "Don't let Kamatari get to you, she's just jealous that she doesn't have the real things," Misao gestured toward her boobs, "like us."

Kamatari narrowed her eyes at Misao. "I saw that!" Kaoru winked at Misao and giggled as she put shampoo in her customer's hair.

Later that morning, as the girls were having their lunch break, they began to look through their old high school yearbooks.

"I can't believe I wore my hair like that when I was in high school," giggled Okon. "I looked like a dork."

"No way, I think I looked dorkier than you," laughed Omasu. She continued to flip through a few more pages of the yearbook. When she got to one page she stopped and became excited over the picture. "Oh my god! Here's a picture of all of us on the cheerleading team!"

"I looked so funny in that oversized cheerleading outfit," giggled Misao. "Those sweaters were always so big on me."

"Yes, it made you look like a little kid," smiled Okon.

"She still does look like a little kid," teased Kamatari.

"I'm not a kid," yelled Misao. "I'm 22 years old!"

"But still, Misao really knew her cheerleading routine," Kaoru interjected as she sat between Misao and Kamatari. "She was great when performing all those special kicking routines."

The other girls nodded in agreement with Kaoru. Omasu then gazed over to the next page. "Look you guys," she pointed while holding up the yearbook, "Do you remember these three infamous cheerleaders?"

"Who could forget the slut squad," Misao sarcastically replied. "Misangi Moriya..."

Kamatari rolled her eyes and added "...Yumi Komagata...,"

"...and let us not forget the queen slut... Megumi Takani," hissed Kaoru.

All the girls made booing and hissing sounds.

"Those three never gave the rest of us cheerleaders a chance to show how good we were," complained Okon. "I used to spend hours at home practicing."

Omasu nodded. "That's right. And practically no one noticed us."

"Especially the boys," sighed Okon. "They didn't want to date us. We just didn't compare to those three witches."

"They had no shame," added Kamatari. "Whenever those three were on the prowl, every high school girl alive had to lock up their boyfriends."

"Yes, you're right. Megumi, Yumi and Misangi were all maneaters, but let's not let the memories of those slimy girls ruin our fun here," Kaoru said while flipping through the yearbook. "I still can't believe we've been out of high school for five years."

"Yes, it seemed to have gone by so fast," smiled Misao. "I wonder if Aoshi Shinomori is still single. I mean, he was sooo handsome when he was 18 years old. Just look at his picture," she proclaimed while holding up her yearbook. "I'm sure he's a hunk now that he's 23 years old." Misao began to drool over Aoshi's picture. The other girls snickered in the background.

"I never understood what you saw in him," said Kaoru as she looked at Aoshi's picture. "Aoshi Shinomori was always so cold and dry. Those icy blue eyes of his always made me shiver."

"My Aoshi was never cold," Misao defensively replied. "He was always very warm to me."

The girls looked at each other and giggled. "Oooohh! Aoshi and Misao sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Miaso blushed feverishly while waving her hands at them. "Cut it out you guys!"

"We were only having a little fun Misao," chuckled Kaoru as she put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "You were acting just too defensively over him."

Misao chuckled lightly, "Yeah, I guess I did get a little serious huh?"

Kaoru smiled and nodded.

As Kamatari flipped through her yearbook, she stopped on a page and looked in Kaoru's direction. "Oh look, here's a picture of Kaoru and that cute little redheaded guy she used to date. Wasn't his name Kenshin Himura?"

"I... I don't remember," she stuttered as she began fidgeting with her work smock.

"Oh come on. You just don't date a guy from elementary school through high school and forget his name. Kenshin was the captain of the kendo team. You can't forget a sexy butt guy like that."

Kaoru blushed slightly at the mention of Kenshin's sexy butt. The girls giggled and chanted, "Kaoru and Kenshin sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

Kaoru blushed again before throwing hair curlers at her friends. "Cut it out you guys!" They giggled even more.

"Now you know how I felt," Misao said while playfully poking Kaoru on her shoulder.

Kaoru had no choice but to laugh, "Okay, okay you got me."

"So Kaoru, why did you and Kenshin break up?"

"It's a boring old story. Nobody wants to hear that ancient story Kamatari."

"I never heard what happened," said Okon.

"Me neither," added Omasu.

"I know what happened but I want to hear it again," said Misao.

Kaoru glared over to Misao and mouthed the word, "traitor!" Misao giggled.

"Okay, so it's unanimous. We all want to hear how you and Kenshin broke up. So tell us," Kamatari insisted while sipping her tea and gazing into Kaoru's direction.

"Alright, I'll just give you the basics and that's all," frowned Kaoru. "Agreed!"

Okon, Omasu, Misao and Kamatari nodded and in unison replied, "Agreed."

Kaoru exhaled deeply before saying really fast, "Kenshin-broke-up-with-me- because-I-was-a-lousy-kisser. Okay, I told you, so can we get back to work now," she said as she tried to walk out of the room.

Kamatari yanked her back by the collar. "Oh no you don't! That's not the real reason you and Kenshin broke up. I'm not letting you off the hook that easy."

"That's right," said Misao while forcing Kaoru to sit in the chair next to her. "I've told you a million times to stop blaming yourself over your break up. It was all Megumi's fault. She's the one who stole Kenshin from you and that's the truth!"

"Is that true Kaoru?"

Kaoru turned to Omasu and nodded sadly, "Yes, it's true."

"Megumi and Kaoru have been rivals over Himura ever since they were kids," stated Misao. "Go on Kaoru, tell everyone what Megumi use to do to you. I'm not going to let you get up until you tell the whole story."

Kaoru looked into her friends eyes and sighed deeply before beginning her story.

"Okay, it all began like this....."

Author's Notes: Hey there, it's been a long time since I put anything in writing (heh, heh!) Sorry about that. Been kind of tied up with other stuff. I know that I have other ficcies open out there and I do intend on finishing/updating them. I sort of got depressed for a while and was thinking about not writing anymore. But then I got a couple of emails from some really nice readers who visit my website a lot. They were very encouraging to me. So for now, I'll keep going. Thanks you guys, you're the best!^_^

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