She died a hero.

Or at least that's what people say now, long after the battlefield was cleared out.

Kagome had been young, and exuberant, and full of nothing but the brightest colors of life itself. The darkness ebbing out of Naraku's form had no chance, not when that arrow full of purity hit him. That day, the Shikon Miko had surpassed her predecessors, before she fell to the depths of the afterlife for completely depleting her reiki.

Or so the story went.

Those who witnessed the battle, those who saw firsthand what may or may not have happened, chose to hold their tongues of the specifics, only biting out short variations of "Kagome saved us all." to those curious enough to ask the warriors coming back from the battle.

In truth, no one knew what really happened at all.

And the two who could have told them anything had dissipated into nothingness, and the other lay dead, her black, blood-encrusted hair billowing around her like a halo.

Inuyasha's roar cut through the clear skies, and into the very souls of his companions.

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