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1.- Dear Regina

The note was written in an A4 paper and the letters, black over white, stood proudly as the brunette raised an eyebrow when she noticed that the only thing that wasn't printed but handwritten was her own name. Those letters were a little blurred, as if the writer's hand had trembled while writing down the name; the "a" was carefully rewritten a few times and the "g" looked scribbled in a hurry, as if whoever who had written the name wasn't exactly sure to finally do it.

Sighing she shook her head, she was done with apologies with all the muttered "I'm sorry" that they still told her wherever she went. She didn't even wanted to guess from who the note was. As far as she knew it could be from Robin, Snow, Emma or even Henry but she truly didn't want another memory of something that had been her own mistake at the end.

It didn't hurt anymore, not like it had hurt at first at least. But the knowledge that she had almost allowed a man to change her like that was what made her blood boil with anger and something close to despair. She had believed that Robin had been hers because of the pixie dust, because, apparently, it was written by fate itself but all the pixie dust couldn't hide the fact that she didn't know the man anymore that she knew many other men in the city. She had tried to create something that hasn't been there in the first place. And the evidence that she had been a fool was even more hard that the Marian's return.

That was the reason behind her decision of not reading the letter since whoever that could have tried to approach her through it would say a million words that wouldn't change the fact that the mistake had been hers and hers alone.

She entered in her bedroom and changed in front of the mirror, her thoughts elsewhere while she tried not to think about the letter or how it had arrived at her door without any kind of note attached to it. Her movements were mechanical and her pensive eyes and rigid mouth didn't hide the fact that she was tired, very tired of playing the fate's game. Her eyes went to the reflection of the letter, the white of the paper standing out in her bed's black sheets and with a final sigh she turned towards it. Fate be dammed. Grabbing the letter she promised herself that after reading whatever was inside of it she would forget everything about Robin, Marian and what could have been a love story but hadn't.

Dear Regina- started the note-

Sometimes I can't but think that we are very much alike; we both have been hurt for the ones who we thought were the ones designated to take care of us. I know that we have had different experiences in life and I can't compare mine to yours but I know how is feeling unworthy, feeling like you are less than the rest simply because of your life or the decisions you have been forced to take. And I, even if I know that, have made the mistake of believing the words that they told me about how you were worse than you really are because some old title that doesn't mean anything anymore.I committed the crime of feeling entitled to do something drastic in order to keep everything like I think it should have been. But it wasn't my call and so I made a mistake.

I'm not better than you or more than you, if I needed to be sincere, which I need, I would say that you are better because even after everything you had suffered you are still trying to prove that you are better. Even if nobody seems to see how much you try and do.

I made the first mistake the first day I trusted magic above your words, I made the second one when I didn't tell you that I was sorry. I've made a lot of mistakes, countless, every time I told you or I implied that I still thought that you were evil or I let other people call you that. I made the mistake of shouting at you, of not telling you sooner that I've a deep respect towards you. I think I've made a lot of mistakes in a very little time frame and for that I'm sorry.

The truth is that you gave me your own happy ending, one that not only I didn't deserve but surely couldn't have achieved without you. You made me a better person, you gave me the chance to be a better mother and even after that I didn't tell you how grateful I was. You were gracious Regina, you did something that I doubt even Snow would have done even with all her speech about love and redemption.

But the worse mistake I've done to you is the last one because after everything you did, after everything all the names you were called, all the hate you had to suffer, we didn't acknowledge how valuable you are.

I didn't know that Marian was Marian and even if we both know that I would save her again without a doubt I must have had realized that I was going to change the future no matter how little was that price going to be. I thought, as I wrote earlier, that I was entitled to do it because a minute change wasn't going to be important. And every change is important, no matter what.

I hope that one day I can tell all of this in person, but, for now, there it is.

P.S: You are worthy Regina, and even if don't know what kind of things Robin had had told you beforeā€¦ everything but you are much more worthy than just a simple pixie dust.

The brunette looked at the letter and crumbled the paper with one hand, tossing it furiously without caring in which surface landed. But when she finally closed her eyes a small smile could be seen in her face.