"I can explain everything," Masayoshi called from the main room. Gotou had barely even gotten through the door, he hadn't even taken his shoes off just yet - he sighed, and leaned forward, one hand braced on the wall and resolving to not panic. Masayoshi didn't sound like he'd hurt himself, but he had definitely done something stupid and didn't want to admit to it yet.

He met Gotou at the door between the kitchen area and the main room - his hair was disheveled, and he was carrying the table. "Hi, Gotou-san," Masayoshi said cheerfully. "How was work?"

Gotou looked down at the table, and then back up at Masayoshi, and silently waited. However, Masayoshi didn't seem to want to acknowledge that he had the table under his arm and instead he scooted out of the way to allow Gotou entrance into the room. Gotou sighed, sidled past him, and walked over to the closet, loosening his tie. "What did you do?"

"Soooooo," Masayoshi drew the word out, and rocked on his heels. "You remember how you told me if I'm gonna get tied up so often I should learn how to get out of things on my own, right?"

He recalled that conversation, yes - especially since he was untying Masayoshi from a pole at the time. "No one's gotten the jump on you like that in quite a while though," he said. He looked back at Masayoshi, holding the table, and realized why he was holding it so oddly. "You handcuffed yourself to the table."

"Just a little bit," Masayoshi admitted.

Gotou fished in his pocket for a moment. "Let me see," he said, and Masayoshi shifted the table to reveal the handcuff chain, threaded through the linked table legs. Instead of producing a key though, Gotou took out his cell phone, and took a picture.

"Hey!" Masayoshi said, mortified.

"That's going into the collection," Gotou murmured. He tucked his phone away and crossed his arms. "Tell me you didn't put yourself in handcuffs without a key."

"I didn't put myself in handcuffs without a key," Masayoshi repeated dutifully. "Do you feel better?"

"Where's the key?"

"I don't know."

Gotou rubbed the bottom of his face and tried very desperately to keep a severe expression, a feat that was becoming more difficult by the moment. "You just told me you didn't put yourself in handcuffs without a key."

"Do you really think if I had a key I'd still be in handcuffs?" Masayoshi shifted the table around and wagged the end at Gotou. "I'll hit you with it."

"I honestly don't know, because every evening with you is an adventure," Gotou said. "Hit me with that table and you'll be sleeping with it." He looked around the room; it wasn't very large, but the key to a pair of handcuffs wasn't very large either. There was a pile of papers beside the bed, with Masayoshi's overturned bag, likely from the point he realized he was stuck in handcuffs and couldn't do anything about it. "How long have you been stuck?"

"Since maybe two o'clock," Masayoshi said with a sigh. "I really have to pee."

Gotou snorted. "Whose fault is that?" He squatted by the bed and shuffled through the papers, didn't find the key and instead pulled out his cell phone again, flipping the flash on and shining it under the bed. He saw the glimmer of the key and grabbed it. "Got it."

"Oh thank god," Masayoshi set the table down and Gotou turned his wrist over, unlocking the restraints once at a time. Masayoshi sat back on his heels with a sigh and rubbed his wrists for a moment. "That was really stupid," he said. "I'm not trying that again anytime soon."

"Good." Gotou put the handcuffs away with his work jacket, and Masayoshi got to his feet and kissed him.

"My hero," he said happily. Then he slid around Gotou and disappeared into the bathroom. Gotou ran a hand through his hair and sighed, amused, before nudging the table back to its usual place.