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Common link/flash back

"Ratchet what happened?"

"Well if you're not going to let me work then I'll never find out! So zip it!"

Jetfire backed up, letting Ratchet some working space.

"A nearby machine beeped announcing that the scan was complete. Ratchet made his way to the machine to examine the machine. Everything seemed fine except her processor. He zoomed in to see clearly and his optics widened at what he saw.

"By Primus."

"What I it Ratchet?"
"This can't be real, it most be an error there's only one way to find out."

Ratchet walked over to the berth where Shadow was laying down. He hesitated but then managed to click the button and her helm opened revealing her processor. It was divided into three, a red section, a green and a pink. But the problem that in the red section and pink, there was a black glow that was starting to spread. It looked like it was eating it away, trying to cover it completely. Right now it was small, but it could spread further. He was going to examine it further but then her helm slammed shut. He clicked the button again but it wouldn't do anything. Then on the screen turned dark and there was a moment of silence.

"Ratchet what's happening?"

"Right now Bumblebee I have no idea."

The lights of the base turned off. The only thing on was the red light of the exit sign that was pulsing (turning on and off)


"Jettwins, Bumblebee stay close together."

Then on the screen appeared a line of red. It started to move and form the outline of a face.

"Why did you do that?"

The sound came from the screen, it was a whisper almost a hiss, the voice was just like Nightshade when she lost it.

"What do you mean?" Asked Ratchet.

The face glitched and it turned back into the line.

"Why did you do that?"

The line spiked up when the voice spoke.

"Do what?" He asked again.

"Why did you open my helm?"

"I needed to examine it, something's not right."

"What do you mean? Everything is alright, we're happy."

"We? Wait you're the fourth personality."


"What's your name?"

"I have non. My designation is transfer error 3225."

"What do you mean transfer error?" Jetfire asked.

"Transfer?" Ratchet added.

"Yes. That's my designation."

"What do you mean by transfer?"

"I'm the transfer failure during OTC. "

"What is OTC?" Ratchet asked.

The screen changed into a series of pictures. One was a picture of the outline of two alt mods and a bot form, another was of a lab and the others were of files.

"OTC was the project created by lead scientist Perceptor and his assistant Wheeljack. It is also known as Operation Triple Changer. Two subjects were used during the experimentation of OTC."

"Who were the subjects?"

"The two subjects were sparkling and youngling aged of 200 and 600."

"Who were the sparkling and youngling?"

"Youngling is now known as the deceptacon Blitzwing. The sparkling is now known as the deceptacon Shadow also known as my host."

"Who authorized the experiment?"

"Sentinel Prime was in charge of the authorization of the experimentation OTC. When the experiment failed, he took no responsibility over the matter."

"Sentinel Prime already told us that." Added Jetstorm.

"I just needed to make sure." explained Ratchet.

"How did they get them?" asked Jetfire.

"During the capture of a deceptacon base, Blitzwing's creators were off lined in order to complete his capture. Shadow's mother was off lined, but her father survived."

Before Ratchet could answer the screen changed and showed a picture of a very familiar face.

"Shadow's father Lord Megatron leader of the deceptacons."

"Who took Shadow away?"

"Sentinel Prime was the bot who off lined Shadow's mother and successfully captured the sparkling in order for OTC to occur."

"What is your purpose here transfer error?"

"Simple, to eliminate all autobots."

The screen turned dark and then two red eyes filled the screen.

"That includes you."

Cables came out of the panel and they jumped towards them. Before they could touch them, Ratchet, Bumblebee and the Jettwins were already out of the door.

"Optimus! We have a situation!"

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