Shadow's POV

I continued to follow them, but I was being left in the dust, but I still continued jumping building to building. Finally reaching the fighting scene, I watched from a nearby building. The autobots were busy fighting Starscream and Blitzwing, and they were winning. I was paying to much attention to the fight that I didn't see Starscream blasting the building I was on. When I realized what happened, the floor below me exploded and I started falling with a loud "Ahhhhh!" Suddenly I was caught by something and then I heard. "Don't vorry little organic, I got vou."

Then I realized that my rescuer was a Bliztwing. I tried to break free, but I couldn't, his grip was too strong. Then I turned around and saw his face, and then a white light blinded me, then all of the sudden an image appeared inside my head, like it was a memory.

* Epic Flashback *

I was looking over a city from the sky. It was calm, it looked like a normal city, except, and it was all machines. Then I heard some laughter, and my eyes widened in shock; it was a younger version of myself, but instead of looking human I looked like a robot. Then from behind me came another robot, I immediately recognized it as, a younger Blitzwing, but he wasn't a Deseptacon. "Hey Shadow vait up!"

"I'm right here Blitzwing, can't you see!"

"Of course I can see you silly bot!"

"Cool it Hothead, I was joking!"

"Joking! I do love jokes! HAHAHA!"

"Yes Random, we know you like jokes."

"Sorry about that Shadow vou know I can't control them."

"I know Blitzy you don't need to apologize, you're my best friend, and friends stay together no mater what."

"No matter vhat."

*End Flashback *

Blitzwing and me were staring at each other; we both saw the memory, and what happened. The fighting had stopped, and Starscream was captured, and everybody was staring at us. Blitzwing opened his hand, but made his palm flat so that I could sit on it and I did. "Shadow, it's vou. I haven't seen vou since the day."

"The day I left Cybertron. I don't know what happened, my memory is blurry and the only thing I remember from my childhood was that memory that we just saw." Before I could say anything else, Blitzwing brought me close and tried to hug me and not squish me.

"My friend I am glad that I've finally vound vou. I thought that vou vere lost in the middle of the universe, but vou are safe and online."

All of the sudden I started getting all of this memories and I couldn't keep track of them, they were to many, they were out of control. Blitzwing released me from the hug and I sat down on his hand. Then my head started spinning and then I heard a tic and I fell unconscious.

* Blitzwing POV *

"Shadow!" I noticed that she had vallen unconscious and panicked. Since I am no doc bot I called for help to the autobots. "Please help, me friend has vallen unconscious, I need vour help." They didn't hesitate, I placed her on the vloor and Ratchet came over and scanned her.

* Ratchet POV *

I scanned the girl and noticed that indeed she was cybortronian, but also organic, I wonder how that is possible. I never met anything like this. I located an overload in the memory file, and went straight ahead to fix it. While doing so, I noticed, that it was already tampered with. Then it hit me, somebody must have sabotaged these girl's memories, that's why she can't remember anything. The damaged caused was a little to big, I needed to take her back to the base.

"The damage is to big, I have to take her to med bay back in the base."

"Then I vill come too. She's my best vriend I von't leave her behind, not again. " Said Blitzwing

"But you're a deceptagon!" complained Bumblebee

"That doesn't mean I have to leave my vriend behind, vriends stick together no matter vhat." yelled Blitzwing

"That pretty loyal coming from a deceptagon." Said Prime.

"Not all deceptagons are evil. You're just too proud to understand, that being a deceptagon doesn't make vour personality evil." Answered Blitzwing

"Yeah, but it does make vou insane! HAAHHAAHAH!" answered Random

"Fine you can come, only if promise you won't destroy our base." Said Bumblebee

"Autobots transform and roll out."

We transformed, but I asked Bumblebee if he could carry Shadow, and he did, we transformed and went to base, with Blitzwing following us from the sky.

* Shadow's POV *

Where am I? All I remember was pain and then I think I blacked out. I slowly opened my eyes and was welcomed by a bright light that made my eyes hurt. After getting used to the bright light, I saw that I was in a room, I tried to stand up but my body hurt, so I laid back in what I guess was a bed an closed my eyes. Then I heard some loud footsteps. I opened my eyes and saw the yellow robot called Bumblebee.

"What happened?"

"Well your memory circuits overloaded, so we took you here to get you all fixed."

"Wait you know I'm half robot!"

"Yeah, don't worry, it's cool!"

"How did I get here?"

"Well after you glitched, I drove you here to get you fixed up. By the way I'm Bumblebee."

"I'm Shadow and thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Is it weird that I'm a half robot?"

"A bit, but don't worry, you can stay with us, we can be friends!"

Before I could answer another big bot came in and he was caring Sari. He put her down on this huge 'bed' I was in and she came over. And I sat up, to be able to talk to her.

"Omg it's so cool, you're so cool, and you're a half robot! Do you half any awesome powers?"

"I don't know?"

"Why are so small for a bot?" Asked Bulkhead

"I don't know!" I started getting annoyed with their questions, but they kept bombarding me with them. They wouldn't stop and now they were talking at the same time, and I started to have a headache, until I shouted, "STOP!" I from my hands came this purple lasers, and they pushed everybody into the wall. I looked down at my hands, there was a purple circle in the middle of my hand and it was glowing. Then my hands changed back, I kept starring at them in horror. Then the rest of the autobots came in and Blitzwing. They stared at me in shock; I turned to face them and said, "What's happening to me?"