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Flash back/ Common Link

"RATCHET! What's happening? What's going on?!"
"Prime, it's Shadow. We found the fourth personality and a little more information on what happened to the sparklings."
"Ratchet are you okay, you sound like you're running?"
"That's the situation the personality is took control of the base's electrical system."

"That explains the black out. We thought that the generator short circuited and we were waiting for the back up generator to kick in."
Ratchet and the three younglings continued running in the dark. The cables were getting closer to them and Bumblebee was starting to flip.

"RATCHET! They're getting closer!"

"TRANSFORM! We can out run them!"

Both of them transformed into their alt modes and the twins activated their thrusters and the flew behind them. Soon the cables were out of their sight. They took a corned where they stopped to catch their breath.

"Is it gone?"
"I think we lost it."

"Prime where are you? We need to stick together."
The other end of the common link was static.

"Scrap. Bots, we stay together, try to communicate with the others, right now staying together is important."
They started opening com links trying to communicate with everybody in the base.

"Nothing, all the com links are dead."
"WAIT! I found one! Be quiet every one."
Everybody stayed quiet and no bot moved while Jetstorm tried to open the com link.

"GOT IT! Hello is everybody okay?"
There was silence until that same haunting voice answered.

"Hey there autobots. Looking for your friends?"

"Scrap. Guys she has them!"

Then in all of their com links they heard something whisper.

"And I have you too."

Then they were pulled by an unknown force and then darkness. With grate effort Jetfire managed to on lined his optics, a bright light hit him straight in the face and forced him to off line his optics. He waited for a second and then he on lined them again. This time the blur left and he could see normally. What he realized shocked him, because he found out that he was hanging upside down. He tried to move but he soon discovered that he was tied by a bunch of wires and cables. He began to fight his restrains but stopped when the cables started to squeeze him. He noticed that the rest were in the same situation but unlike him, they were unconscious.


He looked back at the others to see who was closest to him; Prowl.

"Hey, Prowl. Can you hear me?" he whispered.

Prowl remained silent.

"Prowl wake up!" He said a little louder.

Jetfire then said nothing and stayed still. He noticed that near him there was a screen that for the moment was off, on the floor there was a bunch of cables.

"Prowl! Please wake up! On line! Do something!" he said louder but it was still a whisper.

Prowl remained still, his optics were off line and he showed no sign of consciousness. Jetfire was about to try again when he heard something.

He tried to see who was making the noise.

"Psss, Jetfire, psss. Over here."

He turned his helm and he saw that the sound came from the ground.


"Sari! What are you doing here?" He whispered.

"I was here all the time and you just noticed? Anyway some thing's wrong with Shadow. What happened?"
"I'll tell you later, first help me get out of here."

"I'll see what I can do."

The whole room was filled with cables and wires. They were everywhere.

"Sari, there's a wire there, do you see it?"

"There's many wires, you'll have to be more specific."
The one that's right next to me, can you climb it?"
"I can try, don't move."

"I couldn't if I tried."

Sari started climbing up the wire and in a matter of minutes she was already at Jetfire's level.

"Okay what now?"

"Try to jump this way."

"Wait jump?"
"Yes jump. I can't take you here."
"Um… Is it safe?"
"Right now isn't the time to discuss this. You need to get me out of here."
"Well, I don't have something to cut the wires."

"Right now that doesn't matter. Just get over here."

"Where am I going to land? You're upside down."

"Here on my hand. I can move it so that you can land there."

"Okay…here it goes."
Sari closed her eyes and with a leap of faith, she jumped. She was about to fall off the edge, but she regained her balance just in time.

"Are you okay?"
"I'm fine, just a little shaken up."
"Well, you made it out alive."

"Yeah, but now how do we get you out of here?"
"That's why I need your help. In my wrist there's a secret compartment, in there, there's a blade. The blade when it's released spins in a circle and it'll cut the wires."

"Why do you need me?"

"Because I can't reach my wrists."

"Okay how do you open it?"
"It's easy. You see that small little red spot?"
"I'm looking for it. There found it."
"Okay don't touch it. It only needs to be touched to activate."
"Then how come we never saw it before?"
"I turned it off; it's an upgrade."

"Okay so what do I do?"

"At the count of three I want you to touch it, them I want you to duck immediately after you touch it. Okay?"


Sari touched the spot, closed her eyes and ducked, she felt the blade spin over her head and then she felt like she was falling.

"Hey Sari you can open your eyes."
Sari slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was looking straight at Jetfire's face.

"You did it."

Jetfire was hovering over the ground and Sari was on his servos.

"Okay, what now?"

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