Gotou swished the cape a little bit in front of the mirror, satisfied. "You know, I was kicking myself for two days when I told you you could pick out my costume," he called. "This isn't bad, this - this isn't bad." He caught the end of the cape between his fingers and grinned. He had been fully expecting something ridiculous when Masayoshi had sprung the event on him last week. It was a bit early in the season for a costume ball, but Kaname did his own thing anyway.

Masayoshi appeared in the doorway, wig in one hand, the other tugging at the skirt. "I don't think I realized how short this skirt is," he said, frowning. "This may be problematic."

Gotou stopped swishing his cape around for a moment and stared at Masayoshi. "Fuck," he said, and Masayoshi looked at him, concerned.

"Does it look really bad? I can't tell, there's not a full length mirror in the bathroom-" he twisted, tugging at the back of the skirt and unintentionally doing a full turn for Gotou.

"I've never seen you in a skirt before," Gotou said weakly.

Masayoshi paused, one hand still on the bottom of his skirt. "You've seen me naked," he pointed out, confused. "A little thigh should be nothing…?"

"Are you wearing panties?"

"What? No!" Masayoshi flushed bright red. "It doesn't matter what I'm wearing, you are a PERVERT, Gotou-san!"

"Ah," Gotou responded, a little disappointed.

Masayoshi thrust the wig at him. "Help me with this, I can't do it myself." He glowered at Gotou a moment. "Don't you dare try to flip up my skirt and check either, I'll kick you."

Gotou took the wig from him and smiled. "Understood."

Masayoshi got the pigtails caught three times before they made it into the costume party, but managed to not dislodge the wig at all. Gotou was a little proud of how well they'd pinned it, although it was hard to think of that when Mari was laughing so hard she couldn't speak while he tried to get Masayoshi untangled from a door hinge.

The costume party was a semi-private event, so of course there were people everywhere taking pictures. Gotou was even more pleased with his costume, with top hat and mask he didn't mind them so much; he didn't feel nearly as exposed as he usually did.

Mizuki was dressed up as Meowth, with rounded ears on her head and face paint, to accompany Mari and Moe's matching Team Rocket costumes. She hung back with Gotou, amused, while Masayoshi yelled about punishing villains and struck a pose for the photographers. "I can't believe he really dressed up as Sailor Moon," Mizuki said, readjusting her cat ears. "Did he lose a bet?"

Gotou shook his head and smiled. "He's just having fun. Was Mari upset that he beat her to the idea?"

"Nah, she'd never dress as another magical girl for a costume party, they're the competition now you know," Mizuki responded. She elbowed Gotou in the side. "You're staring at his ass."

Gotou quickly averted his eyes, instead looking around the crush of people wearing all manner of costumes. Masayoshi bounced over - in his heels he was a bit taller than Gotou, although the top hat hid that fact somewhat. "Come on, they want to get pictures of us together," he said, tugging on Gotou's hand.

"All right, all right," Gotou said, catching Masayoshi's arm before he could escape. "First, though." Masayoshi glanced back at him, confused, and Gotou yanked him close and dipped him, kissing him deeply.

Masayoshi gaped at him, face bright red, and Gotou licked his lips. "Okay," he said with a smirk, cameras still going off around them. "I think they'll like that one."